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competitors in the World Winter Simul- the fact that they had played everybody

Master Point promotions taneous Pairs. else except each other. Nevertheless, the

Warwks scored 12-8, 0-20 and 5-15 top three pairs were: 1. Brian Stanley –

Mr J.W. Gratwick 1 Star Master 1 Star Regional 1 Star Regional against Oxon, and 20-0, 15-5 and 19-1 Simon Harrison; 2. John Cattanach –

Mrs B. Hinnigan Mr P.L. Olive Master Master

Mr P. Hunt

against Leics, in the Dawes, Porter and Suzanne Griffin; 3. Joyce Skelton –

Mr T. Pilling Mr R.C. Rutter Mr C. Close

1 Star Master Mrs A.J. Varley Mrs J.M. Rutter Mrs D. Close Markham competitions. In the Midland Stewart Fishburne. The Teams was won

Mr D.A. Courtney Advanced Master 16 Star Premier Mrs G. Mapstone Counties Congress at Bewdley, the Mixed by Mike Theelke, Sue Lane, Ken Carpen-

Mrs J. McDermott Mr R.J. Charlesworth Master Regional Master Teams Championship was won by Dodo ter and Paul Hammond, followed by Bill

Mr R.K.. Slatter Mrs M. Hollingdale Mrs P.R. Moore Mr M. Rodgers Georgevic, Robin Ogg, Carolyn Fisher Everley, Tim Keates, Dick and Jane

Advanced Master Mr N.A. Sutton 13 Star Premier 29 Star Premier and Jane Hall; and Dodo and Robin, with Rutter.

Mr M. Hancock Master Master Master Peter Oldbury and Brent Wormald, were

Mrs E.M. Jefferies Mrs P.M. Barrow

An extraordinary occurrence arose at

Mrs A.L. Smallwood Mr T.R. Betts

Mrs J. Lowe Mrs T. Czernuszka second in the Championship A Teams. our County night at Holt Fleet. The

5 Star Premier 16 Star Premier

Mr A. Piper Mr F.J. Deakin Master Master

Well done Susan Goldman – Julian same board produced two contracts:

Mrs B. Piper Mr R. Evans Wernick on winning the Warwks Pairs,

Mr C. Enticknap Mr M. Porter one was 1♣ by East and the other was

Master Mr D.J. Heighway and Bryan Milner – John Nightingale, top

Ms B.A. Baker Mrs S.W. Hudson 3 Star Premier 12 Star Premier 7NT, also by East! (Incidentally, the 1♣

Mr M.E. Greenfield Mrs L. Jan Master Master of the Introductory Pairs. was one off, which fared better than the

Mr P.A. Hutley Mrs P.E. McHarg Mr C.R. Moore Mrs J. Beaumont At Sutton, Jeremy Fenwick and Nick 7NT that nose-dived to four down.)

Dr D.R. Moore Mr F. Vernon 1 Star Premier 8 Star Premier Woosnam retained the Whitehouse Cup,

Mr R.A. Wilsdon Master

Diary Dates: Apr 13, Garden Cities

Mrs J. Soan Master Nick won the Duval Cup, and John Pratty

Mrs A.P. Wright Mr G.B. Hill Mrs M. Johnson

Qualifier, Astley & Dunley Village Hall,

County Master won the Chantrill Cup. West Midland’s

Mr J. Boughey County Master Mr B. Sayers 5 Star Premier nr. Stourport. Apr 14, Veteran Pairs – each

Mrs D.B. Dalzell Mr N. Eyre Premier Master Master

Doyle Plate was won by Janet and Tony must be 65 (bring your Valium!), Holt.

Mr A. Finch Dr M.J. Kingman Dr M. Heard Mr D. Redfearn Cundy, with runners-up Anne Crow – May 19, AGM, Holt.

Mrs E. Pavey Mrs S. Mills Tournament Master Mr J. Rouse Steve Byrne.

Mrs P.K. Tredinnick Mrs S.A. New Mr N. Constable

Mr M.L.H. Pick 3 Star Premier Diary Dates: Apr 9, BGB Spring Sim

Mr R.J. Turvey

Mr J. Sparkes

Mr A.D. Gilmour Master Pairs, Moseley. Apr 13, WMBC’s Gres- Yorkshire

Mrs P.T. Warren Mrs C.A. Gilmour

Mr J.A. Thornby Mr A. Fell wolde Bowl Swiss Teams. Apr 14-19,

Mr A.C. Wickens 4 Star Master

District Master Mrs C. Wiggins 2 Star Premier County Sim Pairs, clubs. May 4, Arden

Mr A.B. Cullen Master PRIDE of place goes to

Mr W. Bourne District Master Mr C.R. Gamage Charity Swiss Teams. May 8, County

Mrs A.M. Cartwright Miss L. Bridson Fiona Brown and Steve

Mr M. Causley 3 Star Master Ladies’ and Men’s Pairs, Moseley. May 11,

Mrs S.M. Cox Mrs Collie Premier Master Raine, members of the

Mr J.R. West Mrs J.C. Orme Mr M. Olive Warwks Green Point Swiss Teams, successful England team of

Mr R.D. Hollands

Mrs E. Hornsey Club Master 2 Star Master 3 Star Tournament WMBC. May 14, EBU Sim Pairs, Moseley. six in the Junior Camrose

Dr M. Howes Miss E. Potter

Mr A.F. Adams Master Entries to County events to Mr D. Evetts, home international competition.

Ms H.A.T. Lott Mrs J. Hicks 1 Star Master Mr D.P. Brown

Mr D. Smith

53 Murcott Road East, Whitnash, Warwks Congratulations also to Jim Proctor

Mrs P.M. Bussell

1 Star Tournament CV31 2JJ, 01926 429 039. and David Lewis, winners of the Yorkshire

Ms J.F. Tickner Westmorland Mr D.A. Cope


Mr B.J. Walker Advanced Master Pairs Trophy, which is the county’s most

4 Star Master Mr J.M. Kitteridge

Mr E. Wallbutton Mr P. Greaves prestigious pairs event. The leading five

Club Master

Mr K.J. Walker


Tournament Master Wiltshire

2 Star Master Mr M. Loveridge pairs will represent the county in the

Mr C. Haywood Mrs V.A. Bettis

Mr D. Hewer Mr A.F. Wallis 5 Star Master Corwen Trophy later in the year. The other

Advanced Master County Master Mr J.A. Digby THE winners of the qualifying pairs are Frank Littlewood –

Mrs S. McKenzie

Mrs P. Tarbuck Mr M.H. Ollerton Ms H. Collier

Mr R.C. Davies 2 Star Master Championship Pairs final Stuart Fletcher, Sandy Davies – Tom Gis-

Master Mrs R. Ritchie held in February in Dev- borne, David Robinson – Peter Water-

Warwickshire Mr J.G. Holton

Prof P.J. Harrison Miss M. Watson

Mrs S. Parsons izes were Roy France and Sam Sloan. man, and Mark Bratley – Paul Brereton.

Premier National County Master Mr W. Parsons 1 Star Master

Master Mr P. Jeffreys

Congratulations also go to Roy France John Hayton and Philip Clark achieved

District Master Mr K. Atkinson

Mr C. Lang Club Master Mr R. Hill and Kathy Hodgson for winning the an outstanding result by finishing second

Mrs M. Packwood

National Master Mrs A. Howe Mr R.A. Price Mrs E.J. Holland Mixed Pairs final at Devizes in January. in a very strong field in the Swiss Pairs at

Mrs M.D. Parker Mrs G. Talbot Dr J.H. Little Round 7 of 9 in the Premier League is the EBU’s Spring Congress at Harrogate.

6 Star Premier Yorkshire Advanced Master now completed and it looks like a close In junior bridge, the Yorkshire Schools

Regional Master Wiltshire Premier Life Master Mr B. Brugger run finish between the Davies team and Pairs was won by Tom Copeland and

Mr P.J. Burton 5 Star Regional Mrs B. Boaler Mr K. Pope

Mr M. Cantor Mrs M. Walker the Samter team, both on the same score. Simon Weinberger of Lawnswood

Premier Regional Master

Master Mr P.A. Bennett Life Master Master Wiltshire are currently in the overall School, Leeds. Winners of the MiniBridge

Mr J.P. Wernick 3 Star Regional Mrs J. Stevenson Mrs G.E. Angell top position in the Western League with Pairs were Sam Smith and Daniel Asher of

3 Star Regional Master Premier National Mr A. Gembicki three games to play. St Robert’s Primary School, Harrogate.

Master Master Mr R. Gembicki There is teaching at the Salisbury The Sheffield team of Glyn Foley, Peter

Mr A.F. Harvey

Mrs A. McKenzie Mrs G. Greetham

Mr M.R. Morriss 2 Star Regional Bridge Club. Please contact Phil Philbrick Camm, Janet Whiteley and Janet Thom-

Mr S. Hanslip

Regional Master Master National Master Mrs S. Hill 01722 322823 for more details. son were victorious in the Yorkshire

Mr P. Randall Lt.Col D.G. Mrs G. Copeland Mrs A. Hughes

Mr A. Jarvis

Diary Dates: May 11, AGM and Trophy teams event for players ranked

Mrs D.M. Thorne Thackaberry Mrs M. Proctor

Mrs M. Thackaberry 7 Star Premier Chairman’s Cup, Nursteed Centre, below regional master.

6 Star Premier Mrs I.M. Uttley

Master 3 Star Master Regional Master Mr P. Wallace Devizes. Sue Logan and Tony McNiff of Brad-

Mr R.G. Coggle Mrs M. Giles Mrs M. Ingham County Master ford were winners of the county-wide

Mrs P.A. Cooley Mr R. Giles 6 Star Premier Mr J. Blackett Margery Cartwright Simultaneous Pairs.

3 Star Premier 1 Star Master Regional Master Mrs E. Cooper


279 pairs from sixteen clubs took part in

Master Mrs S. Dickinson Mrs E. Hirst Mrs A. Mortimer

Mrs S. Needham the event.

Mr D. Gough Mr R.D. Moore 4 Star Premier

Regional Master Mrs R.M. Ringrose WE are proud of Marian Diary Dates: Apr 6, Yorkshire League

Premier Master Advanced Master

Mr C. Harris Mrs J.F. Brennen Mrs P.M. Jackson Mrs F.T. Snee Wilcox and Paul Tapster (seventh series). Apr 11-13, Scarborough

Mrs W.R. Tydeman Congress. Apr 20, West Yorkshire Swiss

Mr A.S. Hickman Master 6 Star Regional who won the Swiss Pairs at

Tournament Master Mrs G. Coltman Master District Master Teams (Bradford). Apr 27, Castle Swiss

Mrs A.M. Bright

the EBU Overseas Congress

Mrs H. Foster Mrs J. Etheridge Mr P.C. Morris in Lanzarote. Pairs (Huddersfield). May 6-7, Bridling-

Mrs D. Western Mr J.D. Bright

5 Star Master Mrs C. Moore ton Congress. May 11, Yorkshire Mixed

Dr W. Simpson

Mrs C. Count The play-off for the Worcestershire

Mr J.H. Holland 4 Star Regional


Mrs L. Franklin County Mixed Teams Cup was Jimmy Pairs (Bradford). May 18, Yorkshire

Mrs P. King Mrs E. Hodson

3 Star Master

Worcester Mrs P. Townend Ledger, Maureen Hannah, David Thomas Masters Pairs (Grade 1 at Harrogate and

Mrs D. Kilbey

Mr A. Rose 1 Star Premier 3 Star Regional Mr C.R. Mullins and Susan Sharpe against Sue Page, Grades 2 & 3 at Doncaster).

Mrs S.V. Watton Regional Master Master Mrs S.A. Segal Simon Harrison, John Turner and Brian

2 Star Master Dr D. Sheerin Mr G. Heane Club Master Stanley – and the former won.

Mr B..J. Cave 2 Star Regional 2 Star Regional Mr D.M. Coats

Master Master

The County tried, as an experiment, April 23 is the closing date

Mrs E.M. Cave Mrs M.D. Hudson

Mrs S. Vinn Mr A.G. Boyes Mr S. Mapstone Mr D.M. Mogilnicki to hold two-session Swiss Pairs and

Swiss Teams events. It was felt that the for the submission of county

numbers were insufficient in both pro- reports for the next issue of

ceedings to sustain them. For instance, English Bridge. Please e-mail:

STOP PRESS: in the 2008 Camrose Trophy Ireland retained the title.

Don’t miss our report on the second and final weekend in the the final Triple in the Swiss Teams was

peopled by three teams with giant scores

June issue. A report on the first weekend is on page 7 in this issue.

who attended this section by virtue of April 2008 English Bridgee 49


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