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n AUGUST 2013


9-18 Brighton Summer Meeting

Hilton Metropole Hotel


12-14 Really Easy Congress – Novices

and students THE L&E has reviewed its publications and such bids are made against you, you

Hilton Metropole Hotel, published new editions online effective from may give some of your hand away to

Brighton August 1st. opponents or put partner in a tough

12-15 Seniors Congress

The new publications are: position. If you don’t ask, there is no

Hilton Metropole Hotel,

Brighton 1. The Blue Book: This replaces the Orange reasonable way of knowing. We already

13-15 Next Step Congress and Tangerine Books and is half the alert opening bids above 3NT, so the

Hilton Metropole Hotel, length of the previous Orange Book. regulation will become alerting any suit


23-25 Junior Teach-In

There were sufficient different versions bid on the first round (there is a defini-

Loughborough University of the Orange Book floating around that tion of this to ensure that if we alert

27-29 Telford Midweek Congress a decision was made to have a clean 1NT – Pass – 4™ we will also alert

Telford Hotel & Golf Resort, break and a new colour. Pass – Pass – 1NT – Pass – 4™). We are


2. The White Book: This is about fifty not going back to alerting Blackwood.

n SEPTEMBER 2013 pages shorter than the previous version.

6-8 Isle of Man Congress It contains some material transferred 3. Regulations for opening strong arti-

9-13 EBU Autumn Sims, Clubs from the old Orange Book and is aimed ficial two-of-a-suit bids: No change.

14-15 Bedford Congress

Milton Keynes at Tournament Directors, Clubs and

16-29 41st World Team Organisers. 4. Alerting of doubles: No change.

Championships My thanks go to all the volunteers who have

Bali, Indonesia

commented on, contributed to, and proof- 5. Level 3: Scrapped. No EBU tourna-

20-29 Guernsey Congress

La Trelade Country House read our new publications. ments have been held for some time

Hotel using this level. For clubs who have

28-29 Essex/Herts GP Weekend What are the Major Changes used this level and wish to continue to

28-29 Surrey GP Weekend

28-29 Derbyshire GP Weekend

Affecting Players? play something simpler, the Blue Book

EMBA, Spondon includes a short list of agreements

29 Cornwall GP Swiss Teams 1. Announcements: These have been which might be excluded for a simpler

White Hart Hotel, extended, so that you will now announce game. Clubs, of course, are free to deter-


29 Westmorland GP Swiss Pair a natural 2NT opening (by saying the mine their own regulations for agree-

Castle Green Hotel, Kendal range) and the responses of 3® ments, although the vast majority prefer

(assuming it is normal four-card Stay- to stick to a published level.

n OCTOBER 2013 man) and 3t/3™ (assuming they are

4-6 West of England Congress

5-6 Felixstowe Congress transfers). The pattern will be the same 6. Agreements: There are some minor

5-6 Great Northern Swiss Pairs as for a 1NT announcement. It won’t amendments to what is allowed. This is

Hilton Leeds City Hotel apply to overcalls, again exactly like the tidying up for greater consistency and

5-6 Premier League 1st w/e

scheme relating to 1NT openings. clarity rather than a substantial change.

Manchester Bridge Club

7-11 British Sims,Clubs The second change is announcing

9-15 Overseas Congress Lake Garda short minor-suit openings. If 1® or 1t The new White Book also includes a revised

Grand Hotel Gardone can be two, one or no cards, then you victory point scale for teams events which

12-13 Premier League 2nd w/e

Div. 1 Richmond

will announce by saying e.g. ‘May be applies to all EBU-run events from

Div. 2 Wimbledon two’. The reason for this extension is September 1st onwards. Counties and Clubs

18-20 Autumn Congress because a lot more people are playing are likely to wish to switch to this sooner

Stratford-upon-Avon five-card majors with a short club than rather than later. The common scales are in

25-28 Really Easy Autumn Break

Wroxton House Hotel, Oxon were when announcements started. If the diary and on the EBU website. There is

26-27 Malvern Congress 1® is strong, forcing and artificial – a also, on the website, a facility to enter any

26-27 Lancashire Congress Precision 1® for example – then it will number of boards so a scale can be deter-

26-27 Kent Congress

continue to be alerted. mined for matches of an unusual length.

n NOVEMBER 2013 The change results from the World Bridge

1-3 Seniors Congress 2. Alerting: There are minor changes to Federation introducing a new scale for its

Daventry Hotel alerting over the level of 3NT. You will events, which the EBU has decided to follow.

8-10 North East Congress

now alert any suit bid on the first round In a standard Swiss Teams match of, say,

8-10 Premier League 3rd w/e

West Midlands BC, Solihull of the auction so that in auctions such seven boards, the amount needed to obtain a

15-17 Seniors Camrose Trials as 1NT – Pass – 4™ showing spades, as 20-0 score will rise from 30 to 36 IMPs.

Richmond Bridge Club well as 2™ Weak from the opposition – There are also scales which include decimal

16-17 Middlesex Congress, Barnet

23-24 Tollemache Cup Qualifier

4® (overcall, showing clubs and places but these will only be used initially for

Daventry Hotel spades) the 4™ and 4® bids will now be such events as trials and international

alerted. Although you can ask when matches. (Jeremy Dhondy)

30 English Bridge August 2013


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