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COUNTY NEWS was appointed the new Chairman of the Philip Thornton Shield in the annual

Landmark Avon BBA. Liz Varga was elected as a new Berks v Bucks match was Berks. committee member, while the other In the national arena, Harvey Bengen

Promotions THE Avon County A

existing committee members remain – Nigel Wolfendale, teamed with a pair

unchanged. There still remains a from Hants, won the Welsh Senior Teams.

March 2013 – team won the Western

League. Congratulations

vacancy for Vice-chairman and for a Well done all!

new committee member. Some changes Please check our website for coming

June 2013 to all the many players

who contributed to this

have been made to the county events events.

calendar for 2013-14 season in order to


move a number of events to Sundays.

The ACBA Handicapped Pairs was won

The move will allow time to play more

Cambs and Hunts

LANDMARK by Gareth Evans – Mike Short with

boards in these competitions and also

Julienne Holder – Pat Clowes 2nd.

PROMOTIONS The League has now been completed

avoid clashing with local club nights.

THE County Swiss Pairs was won by

Diary date: Sept 12, Opening Pairs,

• There are currently four and the winners of League 1 were Robert

Covill, Robert Glass, David Jones, Jeremy

Wilstead, 7.30 pm.

Tapan Pal – Abdel Abdelmoneim (photo

below). The County Teams was won by

landmark promotions

Rickard, Aidan Schofield and Trevor Chris and Cath Jagger, Jonathan Mestel,

(Master, 5000 Master Ward. Leagues 2 and 3 and the No Fears Berks and Bucks Julian Wightwick and Paul Barden; the

Points; Regional Master, League were won by Wibberley, O’Brien Plate was won by Trevor and Marion

10,000 MPs including at and King respectively. The Knockout King and Chris and Christine Heames.

THE County Teams Cham-

least 25 Green Points; competition was won by Andrew, Cathy

pionship Knockout was won

The Cambs and Hunts League 2012-13

Life Master, 60,000 MPs and Ralph Smith and Steve Tomlinson. was won by Cambridge 2.

by Peter Hawkes (captain)

The Plate was won by the Page team. In the NICKO, Cambridge A (capt.

including at least 150 with Mike Perkins, Tim

In the EBU Spring Bank Holiday Swiss Chris Jagger) has reached the last eight.

Green Points; and Grand Teams, David Jones and Rob Lawy were

Rees, John Howards and

In the Plate, Cambridge E (capt. Peter

Master, 120,000 MPs Ian Reissmann.

in the team that came 3rd. In the Welsh Bhagat) are also through to the last

including at least 600 The League of Four was won by Chris

Seniors Congress, the Swiss Pairs was won eight, after beating Thursday B (capt.

Burley (captain) with Gary Jones, Ed

Green Points). When you by Nelson Stephens – Steve Tomlinson, Brian Copping) in Round 4.

Scerri, Dick Davey, Richard Bowdery

are promoted to one of who also came 2nd in the Swiss Teams. Chris and Catherine Jagger, Jonathan

and Simon Cope. In the League of Eight

Avon players have achieved notable Mestel, Paul Barden, Julian Wightwick

these four levels, you both Amersham teams finished in the

finished 4th in the Crockfords Cup. Cam-

success in national competitions. The

receive a good quality gift top three. New Amersham A were the

West of England A team (Tim Brierley, bridge won the Regional Final of the

and free entry into the runaway winners, with the B team

Robert Covill, Mike Elliott, David Jones, Garden Cities, and finished 4th in the

taking 2nd place; in 3rd place was the

Ranked Masters pairs. Alan Jones and Steve Tomlinson) proceed

Amersham Community Centre A Team.

National Final. Jon Cooke’s team

• All other promotions to the last eight of the NICKO. The West

of England C team (Irene Robinson, Tony

The Student League for 2nd year

finished 6th in the Spring Bank Holiday

Congress Swiss Teams.

enter a four-monthly students was won by the team captained

Gammon, Mike Huggins, Jeremy Rickard

Master Point draw with and Aidan Schofield) proceed to the

by Mary Pace with Pauline Priest, Anne

three prizes – first prize is Siddell and Sue Gammage. The new Channel Islands

semi-finals of the NICKO Plate.

Graduate League was won by Marilyn

two nights Dinner, Bed & The Smith team got to the last sixteen

Halton’s team consisting of Phillippa

Breakfast for two people of the Crockfords Cup. Rob

click Goss, Joyce Heath, Sue Stabler and Laura THE Lambourne Jersey Festival, held at

at a Puma Hotel. Lawy, David Jones, Tony

and Paddy Walker-Taylor – one man only the end of April, was a success with

Ratcliffe and Trevor Ward

• The winner of the most reached the final (see page 18). link

in this new generation of bridge players!

A successful Pro-Am event was organ-

numbers up on last year in all events. In

the Swiss Pairs CI players managed five

black points in each affil- In the Garden Cities Trophy, the

iated club’s events enters ised to mark the end of the season, and a half of the top seven places, the

Bristol A team (Bryan Dyde, Sue O’Hara,

following which the Student and Grad- winners on a split tie being Daniel

the Annual Prize Draw Rob Lawy, Michael Letts, Tony Ratcliffe,

uate Trophies were awarded. The McIntosh – Alistair Kent from Brian

for the Club Champions Peter Sherry, Nelson Stephens and

winners of the Pro-Am were Carolyn Youd partnering a mainland player. In

with a first prize of £400. Andrew Urbanski) won the Avon quali-

Leventon, Joyce Heath, Sue Stabler and the Multiple Teams John and Fiona

fier and then the Regional Final.

• The annual local and Darina Scott (no pro in their team!).

371 pairs competed in local heats of

Honey, Paul Reed and Mike Newman

won the Stanley’s Trophy. Ken and Hilary

national awards

Bedfordshire Club Pairs with 58 pairs in the final for Wise won the Seniors’ Teams with part-

continue. the Waller Bowl. Ed Scerri – Chris Burley ners from the UK. Special congratulations

were the worthy winners and went on to to them as they put an extraordinary

THE Charity Pairs event represent the County in the Corwen. amount of work into the Festival. In the

returned to Wilstead in Liz Clark – Elaine Lloyd won the May Mixed Pairs John and Fiona Honey came

Congratulations April, organised and run Friendly Pairs. The overall winner of the 2nd overall and won the Flitch prize.

by Janet and Derek

to the newly promoted Marsh, and was a great

Premier Grand Masters: success with 13 tables in

play. £912 was raised for the nominated

Mr MG Byrne, Manchester charity of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Miss PS Davies, Wiltshire Winners on the day were Liz Varga – Les

Mr P Fegarty, Cambs & Hunts Calver.

Andrew Mason – Peter Malpass were

Mr J Harouni, Middlesex

1st nationally in the EBU

Mr N Sandqvist, Middlesex Spring Sim Pairs played on click

7th May (photo on page 54).

Congratulations For those who qualified, the link

Champions’ Trophy was held in

to the newly promoted June and the winners were Liz Varga –

Grand Masters: Les Calver. ‘Tudor Rose’ have won the

2012-2013 BBA League Div. 1 while the

Photo: Cambs & Hunts CBA

Mr PI Clinch, Sussex ‘Clangers’ have won Div. 2.

Nr E Erichsen, Kent Further afield at the Jersey Congress,

Mr W Hodgkiss, Surrey Brian and Maureen Stairs won the Pre-

Congress Pairs; runners-up were Alan

Mrs B Kerr, Oxfordshire

Cooke – Maris Sheppard. Brian and Cambs & Hunts County Swiss Pairs winners

Mr ACR Maddocks, Devon Maureen also won the Seniors’ Pairs. Tapan Pal and Abdel Abdelmoneim.

Mr SR Norris, Lancashire At the recent AGM, Michael Collins

46 English Bridge August 2013


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