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CI News: the final the CI Mixed Pairs Multiple Teams, Barrow. Nov 17, Pro- Mardlin; Devon Knockout Teams Plate:

Landmark was held on the first Friday of the Am Teams, Eden Club, Carlisle. George Simnett. Western League: Div. A:

Festival; winners were Marion Miles – Devon 3rd; Div. B: Devon 3rd; Div. C:

Promotions David Hole from Martin Jones – Cherry Devon 2nd. East Section League: Div. 1:

McMillen. Derbyshire Tom Cook; Div. 2: Terry Cannon; Div. 3:

Avon Jersey News: the District Men’s and Nigel Richardson. South Section League:


Master Ladies’ Pairs were won by David Div. A: Tim Walton; Div. B: Geoff

Mr M Brown Waters – Paul Reed and Jackie AT the recent AGM the White. North Section League: Div. 1: Neil

Rumball – June Le Blancq; runners-up following officers were Marsden; Div. 2: Dena Sells.

Mrs Jan Duncan

were Howard Basden-Smith – Chris elected: President Judy Congratulations to Ann Slee for once

Mrs Margaret Diane Randell

Hill and Sue Rankin – Marion Miles. Lomas, Chairman Arnold again winning the Kevin and Ann Slee

Mr Peter Martin Randell

Highfield Bridge Club has also held its Chandler, Secretary Mick Trophy (Victor Ludorum) and to John

Bedfordshire version of the same events and these Gavigan, Treasurer John Boxall, Chris Bray, Audrey Grzesiak,

Life Master were won by Chris Borny – John Panter Sowter, Competitions Secretary Mary Roger Luckham for winning the

Mr DJ Marsh and Sue Rankin – Marion Miles; 2nd Marshall, Tournament Director Richard Graphic. Overall first in the Winter Cup

were Harold Walden – Brian Youd and Edwards. were Ann Slee – Peter Bowles, with

Regional Master The county teams were very success-

Mr T Pearce Jill Amy – Jane Phelps. Mike Smith – Norman Massey, Geoff

Guernsey News: the District Indivi- ful last year, the 1st team winning the and Nethie White, Jacek Pietrzycki –

Master Dawes Trophy; the 2nd team were 2nd in Mike Orriel closely behind. The DBA

dual was won by Sue Corbet from

Wg Cdr Peter Flippant the Porter Trophy, and the 3rd team were AGM Swiss Teams was well attended;

Jacqui Crispini. The IBC also held its

Mr R Gower 5th in the Markham Trophy. The DCBA congratulations to Andrew Leslie,

Individual and this was won by John

Mr ED Lowther individual competition for the Gerry Betty Golding, Norman Massey and

Seymour, followed by Don Babbe.

Fletcher Cup was won by Pym Berry. The Don Pearson for coming first.

Berks. & Bucks. Diary dates: EBU Guernsey Festival

DCBA Mixed Pairs was won by Gitte Lee Once again we must thank Paul Ains-

Life Master September 20-29, La Trelade Hotel.

– Tony Haywood. The Summer Swiss worth for organising the local Charity

Mrs L Hayton Teams continues and after six sessions Sim Pairs for the Devon Air Ambulance.

Master Cornwall Brian Elliot’s team is leading, followed by The event raised just over £1620,

Mrs Irene Ashby Mary Marshall’s team. bringing the total given to the charity

Mrs Fiona Bennett The Three Counties competition with over the last four years to over £5,000.

CONGRATULATIONS to Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire has

Mrs J Fretwell the county B team, who Remember that the League com-

Ian Heavyside been changed to a Swiss Teams format mences in September and the Winter

won their league, and then and commences on July 18, followed by

Mr P Holman went on to play in the Cup on the first Tuesday in October.

Gay Jefferson further sessions on August 15 and

National Final in Solihull. Team mem- September 12.

Mr SD Manocha bers are Alan Biggs, Ian Edwards, Viv Dorset

Mr Gordon Maxwell Mably, Celia Bishop, Chris and Sandra

Mrs SM Mullally Bickerdike, Stephen Crouch, Richard Devon

Mr Ian Ovenden Draycott and Jean Law. GEE Trophy: Won by

Mr Bill Pocock The Green-Pointed Knockout Teams CONGRATULATIONS Janet Smith, Kelly

Mr J Robotham was won by Brian and Elaine Relton, to Ann Slee – Richard Courtney, Alastair

Mr R Sassoon Mark Reeve and Dave Mattos. (Josh Lingham who came Cow ley and Matt

Mr JM Tattersall Saitch played in earlier rounds.) They 2nd in the Corwen Phillips on count back after tying with

Mr IR Valentine beat the holders, Jan and Ken Keast, Jo Trophy and missed Anne Allerston, Alan Wilson, Mary

Bryant and Wendy Miller, by 15 IMPs, winning by 0.2%. Well done also to Clews and Maggie Kerr.

Cambs & Hunts having led throughout the match. Warner Solomon, Alex Maddox, Peter Udall Trophy: Won by Christine and

Premier Grand Master The Shufflers (Wendy Miller, Wendy Bowles and Mike Orriel who have Terry Edwards, Inga-Lill Button and

Mr P Fegarty Thornton, Wally Heaton and Jo Bryant) reached the last sixteen of the 2013 Gold Doris Hutchinson (photo below).

Regional Master have again won the Western League. Cup by beating a seeded Bristol team; Western League: Dorset have again

Mr M Anderson The Jo Brown Memorial was won by we wish them the best of luck in the won the overall league with the A team

Mr SB Goodwin the holder, Brian Colvin, playing with next round. finishing 2nd, the B team finishing joint

Mr B Hope Steve Flavell. Alan Rohrs – Marcia Cloke Devon Knockout Teams: Robin 3rd and the C team finishing joint 2nd.

Mrs A Lloyd were 2nd. £249 was raised for the

Cornwall Leukaemia Trust.

Master Please note that we have a new venue

Ms Karen Blacklock for the September’s Green-Pointed Swiss

Dr PA Russell Teams, the White Hart Hotel, Launces-

Channel Islands ton. A buffet tea will be included in the

entry fee.

Life Master

Diary dates: Sept 8, AGM and

Mr H Walden

Individual Competition, Ladock. Sept

Regional Master 29, Green-Pointed Swiss Teams, White

Mr PA Reed Hart Hotel, Launceston.


Mrs SEM Conoops



Regional Master

THE team representing Cumbria in the

Mrs VC Pitman

President’s Cup on June 29-30 at

Master Bradford are Ian Reeves, Ken Johnston,

Mrs I Parkin Colin Woods, Graeme Walker, Adam

Cumbria Aitken, Ian Smith, Tony Bartlett and

Simon Smith.


We shall be holding our AGM on

Mr JR Robinson

August 11 at St Herbert’s Church Hall,

Mrs M Stoker

Photo: Dorset CBA

Keswick, and the AGM Pairs will be held

Derbyshire directly afterwards.

Regional Master Diary dates: Sept 8, Imp Pairs, St Dorset’s Udall Trophy winners, from the left: Inga-Lill Button,

Miss A Craig Herbert’s, Keswick. Sept 22, Simple Christine Edwards, Terry Edwards and Doris Hutchinson.

Systems, Eden Club, Carlisle. Nov 3, August 2013 English Bridge 47


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