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Well done to all players who have re- bers, and Andrew Urbanski from the

Landmark presented Dorset this season. EBU, enjoyed a wonderful evening of Herefordshire

Hampshire Green Point Swiss Teams: bridge, cake and champagne.

Promotions Helen Ackroyd, Ann Sharples, Krzysztof We have a new President this year:

IT’S the end of the season, and the

Ginda and Mark Hooper finished 4th. Alan Wearmouth, supported by Jim multi-round competitions have been

Master EBU Spring Bank Holiday Congress: Simons, his deputy, is looking forward

Mr G Batey concluded.

Eugene Sheehan – Robin Wright and to steering the county towards good The Inter-club Teams of Four were

Mr C Butt David Gill – Mike McMorran reached results and a range of competitions for

Mr M Forrest won by Wyeside B (John Thacker, Cathy

the B final in the Championship Pairs. all our members. England, Dave and Sarah Weller). The

Dr V Rushton Lynne and Ron Heath and Janet Smith – Congratulations to the team of

Mr E Wilkinson In-house League Div. 1 winners on a

Lesley Lewis finished joint 8th in the Kambites, Chamberlain, Butland and split tie were Chris Chowney, Ben

Devon Swiss Pairs. Margot Wilson, John Kinloch who won the Div. 1 League this Britton, George Richardson and Paul

Gardner, Kelly Courtney and Janet year and to Harrison, Lilley, Schofield Smith from John Thacker, Mike Ralph,

Grand Master Smith finished 4th in the Teams. and Wignall who won the Div. 2 League.

Mr ACR Maddocks Cathy England, Dave Weller and Nick

Diary dates: Aug 18, Weymouth & Norah Allen won our Individual com- Duberley; Div. 2 was won by Martyn

Life Master Hardwick Cups, Cup Multi-Teams (Blue petition and Megan Davis was 2nd. The

Moxley, Neville Shorrick, John Crowe,

Mrs P Gowland Pointed), Fordington, Dorchester. Sept first competition of the new season, the

Brian Meadows, Judy Eaton and

Mr IM Walsh 8, Men’s & Ladies’ Pairs Championship, Champions’ Cup, was won by Joe and

Daphne Whittaker. The winners of the

Mrs G Wiseman Romsey. Oct 13, Flemmich Cup (Mixed Wendy Angseesing.

Restricted Section were Ruth and Fred

Regional Master Teams), Allendale BC, Wimborne. The Monday night Autumn season

Stott, Henry Watson, Michael Green

Mrs B Golding will kick off with the Men’s and Ladies’

and Dinah Johnston.

Mrs JC Keith Pairs on September 2, followed by the

Essex Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams on Sept 9

The Knock-out Cup was won by Dave

Mr J Pietrzycki Weller, Nick Duberley, Paul Ford and and 16. The first weekend event is on

Mrs J Whitlam Guy Van der Gucht; and the KO Plate by

ESSEX and Herts have a September 1st and it is the first round of

Master Chris Chowney, Ben Britton, Sue Shore,

new Green-pointed Pairs the Ace of Clubs, a Club Players’ Cham-

Mr J Davey George Richardson, Paul Smith and

event on Saturday Sept- pionship for those with a rank below

Mr George Delafield Bob Underhill.

ember 28; this is the day National Master.

Mr John Dick In other events, the Avocet Teams was

before the regular Green-

Mr David Kaye won by Chris Chowney, Ben Britton,

pointed Swiss Teams on

Bill Luscombe September 29.

Hants and IoW Paul Smith and George Richardson, and

in the Next Step Pairs (Restricted), the

Ms AM Smith The Club Pairs is a new event for club winners were Andrew Davis – John

Dorset members who are not members of the

THE AGM was held on Duvall.

Essex squads. Winners were Eric Field –

Life Master June 2nd. Our Chairman, This has not been a great year in the

Dave Brace, 2. Jon Ward – Alan Aylot,

Mr Nick Forrest Jeremy Baker, retired and Western League. The A Team rescued a

3. June Brown – Angela Fenton.

so did Lillian Craigen who measure of respectability by ending the

Regional Master Essex Expert event for the Warboys

has worked on the Com- season with two wins after five losses,

Mr Kryzysztof Ginda Cup: 1. Yvonne Dias – Alan Greenstein,

mittee for many years as Treasurer, then finishing 7th out of eight. The B Team

Mr DR Wooldridge 2. Richard Register – Alan Cohen, won four and lost three but also

Events Secretary. Our thanks to both for

Master 3. Graham Foster – Simon Moorman. finished 7th out of eight. The C Team

all their work for the county. We welcome

Mr J Holland The Essex League First Division won three, lost three and drew one,

Andy Hughes as our new Chairman.

cham pions are South East Essex – finishing 5th.

Essex Congratulations to Pauline Serby –

Barleylands (Peter Oake, Rob Elliott, Full results of all county competitions

John Moore who won the Beck Cup

Life Master Bernie Harrison and Dave Duffy.) West are on our website.

(Oxford CBA invitation pairs) and also

Mr P Mattacks Essex: Loughton Collier (Peter Scotting, Diary dates: Sept 6, Annual General

came 2nd, with team-mates John Jones –

Master Phil Collier, Sandy Riach, Michael Meeting, 7pm, Hampton Bishop. Oct

Adrian Fontes, in the HIWCBA Green

Mr AR Anstey Watson and Jacek Lapszys.) 11, Inter-club Teams Round 1, 7pm,

Point Swiss Teams, where Helen Ackroyd,

Peter Bailey Essex Mixed Teams of Four: well done Ledbury. Oct 19, Ladies’ and Men’s

Ann Sharples, Krysztof Ginda and Mark

to Margaret Curtis, David Sherman, Ian

Mrs S Lowe Hooper finished 4th. Pairs, 10.30am, Tarrington.

Moss and Frank Morrison who came 1st.

Mr R Strudwick County league and Knockout events

Essex Championship Pairs: 1. Chris

winners: HICKO: Swanmore A Isle of Man

Gloucestershire Megahey – Alaric Cundy, 2. Margaret

(Richard Green-Wilkinson, Ted

Master Curtis – David Sherman, 3. Ian Moss –

Quincey, Bob Wilson, Liz Borrow).

Mrs EM Devereux Mike Graham. Consolation Final: 1. Ted THE Manx Bridge

Solent Cup: Richard and Christine Ray,

Mrs Carole Foulkes Cockle – John Williams, 2. Peter Oake – Union’s 2013 AGM was

Bob McRobert, Richard Harris, Steve

Mr RG Miles Simon Moorman, 3. Jacek Lapszys – held in May. 2012-2013

Tearle, Keith Bennett, Brian Anderson,

Mr M Siejka Manny Marks. had been a satisfactory, if

John Shergold, Chris Kinloch. League

Sandy Riach – David Clark were 2nd slightly quiet year, and

Hants and I.O.W. winners, Div. 1: Guy Lawrenson, Chris

in the EBU Spring Congress Swiss Pairs, the Union’s finances remained healthy.

Bradley, Karen Dewar, Mac Lowcock,

Master Cecil Leighton was 4th. Sue and Chris Jack Jowett, who had served as the

Adrian Fontes Mike Gwilliam; Div. 2:

Mr Martin Church Taylor came 5th in the Oxford Midweek Union’s Treasurer for many years,

Madeline Lawson, Sula Turpin,

Mr John Foster Congress Swiss Teams. retired with the members’ thanks for his

Eleanor Rice, Stuart Strachan, Phil

Mr Tim Howard Diary dates: Thurs Sept 26, Daytime long services. He has been replaced by

Downham, Mac Nurmohamed; Div. 3:

Mr Peter Lang Pairs League. Sat Sept 28, GP Swiss Paul De Weerd. Two additional members

Liz Madeley, Gill Weeks, Ann

Mrs B Manners Pairs. Sun Sept 29, GP Swiss Teams. were recruited onto the Committee:

McMahon, Val Moules, Michael Beer.

Mr David McCulloch Finale Pairs: Open Div. 1: 1. Macushla Tim Eyre and Mike English. It will be

Mrs Vera Orlandini Gloucestershire Stewart – Gwyn Evans, 2. David good to have their input. After some

Mr Rob Paton Dunhill – John Fairhurst. 3. Dave discussion the AGM agreed to keep all subscriptions and the P2P levy

Mr CA Patrick Willis – Lesley Lewis; Div. 2: 1. Mary

Dr N Silk CONGRATULATIONS Lucas – Sandra Ruffell; Div. 3: 1. Char- unchanged for the coming year and the

Mr MJ Sullman are in order for Glou- mayne Hoey – Gill Vaughan. evening concluded, appropriately, with

Aubrey Welterveden cestershire: GCBA has a Diary dates: Sept. 8, Ladies’ & Men’s a friendly game of bridge.

75th Birthday this year Pairs. Sept 20, Candover Mini Swiss The Committee has published its

Herefordshire and we plan to cele- Teams. Oct 6, Simmons Trophy (Mar- programme of events for 2013-2014, as

Regional Master brate it with a Youth Bridge event in a ried Pairs) & Lincoln Plate (other Mixed follows:

Mr J Crowe local school in November. Pairs). All to be held in Romsey starting • Island Individual Championship

Mr N Duberley Newent Bridge Club also has a Birth- at 2pm. 4th August 2013

day, its 40th; in celebration the mem- For entries, see yearbook. • Isle of Man Congress

48 English Bridge August 2013


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