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Green won the Swiss Teams and Ben was new Chairman and Irene Davies as Shropshire Congress, the teams event was

Landmark also 3rd in the Swiss Pairs. Alan and Vice-Chairman. won by Dave and Jean Keen, Liz

Olivia Woo won the Pairs at the Oxford The Higson Cup was won by Isolated Commins, David Stevenson. Only 1 VP

Promotions Midweek Congress. The Young Chelsea Menaces (Bernard and Rhona Golden- behind were a team containing three

team won the Garden Cities Regional field, John Holland, John Hassett). The M&CBA players: Marks Weeks, John

Master Final. David Wing won the HIOW One- Higson Plate was won by a large margin Hampson and Paddy Murphy. The

Mrs MJ Mangion day Swiss Teams, and in the Kent Swiss by Upper Cut (James Shephard, winners of the Preece Rosebowl were

Mr N Patchett Teams Tim Chanter, Helen Wildsmith, Michael Wymer, Chris Hine, Stephen Lollo Murthwaite – Pat Crossley.

London Mandie Campbell and Ben Hackenbroch Ward). St Titus (Michael Byrne, Merseyside League: with the season

won, with Graham Pollack – Paul Michael Newman, Alan Mould, Gary completed, the winners were: Div. 1,

Life Master

Chapman 2nd. Hyett, Rodney Lighton, Mike Bell and Sutton; Div. 2, Green Team; Div. 3, High

Mr K Barnett County results: Ian Gardiner Final: Sarah O’Connor) won their 4th Man- Hopers. KO Cup: Sutton. Consolation

Master 1. Fredrik Bjornlund, Anita Sinclair, chester league title in the last six years. Cup: Acolytes. Swiss Teams: Dusty

Mr M Alishaw Glyn Liggins, Ben Green. London The annual MCBA Player of the Year Millers. Blue Pairs: Richard Davies –

Mr E Gozdowski Championship Pairs: 1. John Pemberton – Award for 2012-2013 was a three-way Stuart Scholes.

Ingar Kofoed Hansen Stephen Popham, 2. Susanna Gross – tie in the Expert category between In the Armagh Congress in late April,

Mr N Leaver Barry Myers, 3. Victor Silverstone – Rodney Lighton, Mike Bell and John David Stevenson – Liz Commins firstly

Mr T Nonnenmacher Brigid Battiscombe. Fox Shammon Holland. The Intermediate category was won the Mixed Pairs title and then with

Mr S Prager Seniors Pairs: 1. Gilly Cardiff – Simon won by Nicholas Greer. NI internationals Robin Burns – Ian

Cochemé, 2. Rolf Alexander – Steve Jeff Morris, John Hassett and John Lindsay, finished at the head of the field

Manchester Eginton, 3. Mark Davies – Julia Holland. Holland with Clive Owen (North East) in the Teams event.

Premier Grand Master Home Counties League: 1. Surrey have reached the final of the EBU The County Teams for the Lady

Mr MG Byrne Orange (Tony Richards), 2= London Seniors Knockout. Jeff Morris’ team Connell trophy was won by Dave Shaw,

Regional Master Red and Middlesex Black. Newcomers (John Hassett, Mike Bell and Sarah Bernard Krasner, Steve Downes,

Mrs A Thornton League: 1. Improbables, 2. Concentric. O’Connor) had a stunning fourth- Richard Davies, Chris Raymond and

London League Div. 1: 1.Young Chelsea 5, round victory in the Gold Cup beating Stuart Scholes. The consolation event

Master 2. Young Chelsea 3. the 12th seeds by 107 IMPS. for the Cheshire Salver was retained by

Mrs Y Barnes Diary dates: Sept 12, AGM, 7.00pm, Well done to Kath and Alan Nelson Barbara Serres, Gareth Thomas, Peter

Mrs J Crowhurst Young Chelsea BC at The Queen’s Club, who won the Punchbowl at the Spring Richmond, Roger Allison. The May Day

Nicholas Greer Palliser Road, W14 9EQ. Sept 15, Mixed Fours and to Michael Byrne who won Swiss Pairs was won by David Howe and

Mr C Hine Pairs, 1pm, Wimbledon Bridge Club. the Pairs at EBU Spring Bank Holiday Chris Whaley.

Mr P Kos Enquiries/entries to lmbaentries@gmail. Congress at Bournemouth. The County GP One-day Swiss Pairs

Mr G Marsden com. Sept 17, Café Bridge Clapham, More players are encouraged to enter was won by Pete Foster – John Roberts.

Mr NP Pearce 10.30am, Newtons, Abbeville Road, SW4. the Manchester League which starts The Deva team were 2nd in the

Mr R Saleh Enquiries/entries to lmbaentries@gmail. September. There are eight divisions so Northern Semi-final of the Garden Cities

Mr J Straffon com all standards are catered for. Contact Trophy and so qualify for the National

Mr JS Thomas league secretary Kath Nelson ( 0161 Final (details on our website)

Dr M Wadsworth 9291849, email manchesterleague@gmail. Diary dates: Aug 3, NBL Round 1.

Manchester com before August 20 if interested. Aug 31, NBL Round 2. Sept 1, Anniver-

Merseyside & Cheshire sary Pairs. MBC Lady Connell heats in

Master AT the County AGM a Merseyside/Cheshire Oct 8 LBC, 11 Deva BC, 17 MBC.

Mr I Blackhurst presentation was made

Mr FEW Evans to retiring chairman Middlesex

Mr PE Mathews Kevin Comrie (photo THE winners of the

below), marking 24 years of involve- North Wales Spring

Mrs A Pinnington

Mr L Stone ment in county bridge organisation. He Teams Congress were CONGRATULATIONS to

Mr Brian Yale was thanked for his role in setting up Ted Reveley, Bill Niccol, Artur Malinowski, Nick

Mrs S Yale and making the Manchester Congress Stuart Matthews and Sandqvist, Janet de Botton,

so successful and for his diplomatic Alan Stephenson. The annual Charity David Burn and Thor Erik

Middlesex chairing of the association over the last Pairs event at Merseyside BC was won Hoftaniska who have won

Premier Grand Master five years. Bob Cooke was elected as the by Joan King – John Griffith. At the the prestigious Schapiro

Mr J Harouni Spring Foursomes. Nevena

Mr N Sandqvist Senior was part of

the team that came 2nd. Well

Regional Master click

done to Ian Panto who won

Mr SA Goldstein

the Crockfords Cup (page 18).

Mr JD Harris CBE link

Congratulations to Simon

Mr B Letts Cope who won the Spring Bank

Master Holiday Championship Pairs. Simon was

Mrs C Barley also part of the team to win the Swiss

Miss L Boyd Teams; Neil Rosen was in the runners-

Mr J Chase up team.

Mrs D Golend In county news, congratulations to

Mr Dinesh Nathwani Artur and Marilyn Malinowski, Nick

Kala Paresh Shah Sandqvist, Janet de Botton, David Burn

Mr Nandlal P Shah and Thor Erik Hoftaniska who defeated

Mr Rumeet Dayalji Shah Jacqui Tobias, Steve Root, Jerry Harouni

and Uday Hegde in the Middlesex Cup.

Mrs S Shah

The Middlesex Plate was won by David

Mrs Saroj N Shah

Arundel, Vic Martin, Lawrence Powell,

Norfolk Ron Seymour, Ian Budden and the late

Regional Master Ken Drane. The runners-up were Judith

Mrs VC Barrett Haring, Sylvie Grant, Janet Cohen,

Photo: Manchester CBA

Mrs AD Brown Vanessa Clarke and Trevor Morris. The

Championship Pairs was won by Harvey

Master Bengen – Harold Schogger, with Jerry

Mr IM Brackenridge Manchester’s Kevin Comrie and his wife, Celia, Harouni – Ray Robinson 2nd. The

Mr RL Claridge celebrate Kevin’s retirement from county bridge administration. Committee Cup was won by Peter

Hasenson, Jeff Alper, Artur and Marilyn

50 English Bridge August 2013


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