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Mitchell’s team, Peter Clinch, Duncan season, Jean and Jessie Newton prevailed included Yorkshire players Peter Stocken,

Landmark Quibell, Philip Poulter, Per Lindsten in the Phillipps Final, closely followed Philip Mason, Stuart Davies, George

and Andy Ryder, and runners-up Mick by Nick Forward – Steve Allerston. Bak, Gill Copeland, Steve Blackburn,

Promotions Carrington’s team (Richard Fedrick, Suzanne Griffin – Neil Humphries Julia Staniforth, Gill Woodcock, Judith

Andrew Southwell and Ian Lancaster). headed Monica Parker – Ian Argyle in Biles and Stephen Pollard.

Mrs Allie Van der Lee Hastings Basic Bridge Pairs: 1. Stephen the Phillipps Consolation Final. In the Congratulations also to the following

Mrs M Varela and Katharine Kennedy, 2. Gerry Chairman’s Cup, Jan Francis-Smythe – on their successes in recent county

Mrs T Wallwork Stanford – Joy Mayall. Henfield Candles: Alison Thomson came 1st with Peter events: Yorkshire Mixed Pairs: Carole

Warwickshire 1. Yves Lebrec, Leon Northeast, Philip Goodgame – Stuart Harper 2nd. At Kelly – Stuart Davies. West Yorkshire

Hunt and John Williams; 2. Nigel national level, Pam Pearce, John Open Teams: Stuart Davies, George Bak,

Life Master Sansom, Joyce Skelton and Richard Gill Copeland and Steve Blackburn.

Osmer, Vida Bingham, Ros and Geoffrey

Mrs L Birch Wolfarth. Jephcott won the Hubert Phillips Plate. Leeds Swiss Pairs: Pauline Cooper –

Mr R Birch Diary dates: Please check the County The ‘new’ season has started brightly, Richard Hilton. Yorkshire Masters Pairs,

Regional Master Diary for all heats for Sussex Pairs, with our first and third teams winning Grade 1: Jack Stocken – Phil Godfrey;

Mr D Gough Mixed Pairs, David Pavey, Elizabeth both their first two matches in the Inter- Grade 2: Philip Cooper – David Brooks-

Mrs LL Tolbutt North and all Individual competitions. County Dawes League and our second bank; Grade 3: Brian Stones – Julia Baker.

team winning one. We wish the second Yorkshire Congress: Improvers Trophy:


team, who won the Porter Cup last Alan Chalmers – Ian Martin; Ladies

Mrs D Baylis Warwickshire season, success in the Inter-County Pairs: Angela Booth – Cheryl Duddell;

Sheila Doyle League Winners Final. The first compe- Men’s Pairs: Richard Winter – Stuart

Mr Roger Harris

tition of the season, the Seniors’ Pairs, Davies; Mixed Pairs: Michael Byrne –

Mrs M Johnson IN the first match of the was won by Stewart Fishburne – Mike Fiona Brown; Pairs, Moortown Cup:

Dr MJ Kingman 2013-2014 Inter-County Willoughby, with Jessie Newton – John Fiona Brown – Ollie Burgess; York

Mr P Lewis League all three teams won Turner runners-up. Mount Group Trophy: Basil Letts –

Mrs Jane MacKenzie against Oxfordshire: the 1st As usual the Malvern Congress will Simon Cope; Chairman’s Plate: David

Mr C Woolf team 18-2, 2nd team 12-8 be held at the Bank House Hotel in Stevenson – Liz Commins; Teams, Fell-

and the 3rd team 17-3. Bransford. This year it will be on Vincent Cup: Michael Byrne, Hugh

Westmorland Congratulations to John October 26-27. At the time of writing McGann, Ollie Burgess, Fiona Brown;

Regional Master Baxter – Carrolleann Philp on winning the brochure has just been printed and John Colley Trophy: Martin Stephens,

Mr A Farmer the Fledgling Pairs, and to Anne and the congress is proving as popular as Peter Stephens, Phil Stephens, Alex

Mrs C Farmer Nick Woosnam who won the Mixed ever, being already a quarter booked. We Wilkinson; Scarborough Trophy: Malcolm

Pairs. would encourage regular attendees to Caporn, Cedric Cockcroft, Richard

Wiltshire Division winners in the County book as soon as possible before it is fully Edwards, Bob Ross.

Premier Grand Master League were: Div. 1, Moseley C (Wood); booked. Affiliated Clubs Teams: Beauchief

Miss PS Davies Div. 2, Griffins (Galvin); and Div. 3, West (Jacqueline Starsmore, Stan Haywood,

Master Midlands I (Oddy). Anyone interested Yorkshire Janet Thomson, Gary Heane). Wadding-

Mr LC Ladle in forming a team to play in the League ton Shield: Bill Townsend, Tony McNiff,

next season should contact the League Sarah Teshome, Richard Winter.

Mr HW Raimes

Mr Tony Reed Secretary Ron Birch ( 0121 384 4850 WARMEST congratulations Yorkshire Trophy: Nick Woolven, Martin

or email to YCBA President Hubert Edge, Alan Brosgill, Robin Jepson,

Judy Shewring

Initiatives to encourage juniors and Castle, who celebrated his Adam Dickinson, Phil Morrison.

Mrs Shirley Sterry 100th birthday on May 24

newcomers are currently run at Cov- Diary dates: Sept 1, Huddersfield

Mr RJ Thorpe entry BC and in the near future also at (see page 43). Rose Bowl. Sept 15, Garforth Swiss

Worcester West Midlands. Coventry BC run The YCBA and Bradford Bridge Club Teams, Collingham. Sept 19, Kath Grim-

lessons and a game for juniors every hosted the friendly international match oldby Simultaneous Pairs.Oct 5-6,

Regional Master

Saturday at 2pm. Newcomers aged 5-18 between England and Ireland for the Great Northern Swiss Pairs, Hilton

Dr S Forward

are welcome. Please contact Frank Corn Cairdis Trophy. The England teams Hotel, Leeds. r

Master Deakin ( 024 7633 8668 or email

Mr DL Heard for details.

Mrs June Smith Starting September 14, West Mids BC

Mrs F Wade are running a Junior Club on Saturday

Mr D Waide afternoons from 2-4pm For more

Mrs Y Waide information contact Christine Killeen

or Beryl Latham, enquiries@westmid


Life Master Diary dates: Wed Sept 25, Moseley

Mrs B Bramall Bowl (teams), 7.15pm, Mos. Sat Sept 28,

Mr A Jarvis WCBA Teachers Workshop, 11.30am,

Regional Master WMBC. Tues Sept 30, closing date for

Miss L Bridson Goodman entries.

Mr S Knight

Master Worcestershire

Mr M Akeroyd

Mrs MK Cooper

Mr P Cooper THE County AGM took

Mr F Ellis place at the end of May.

Mr TD Fenton Our grateful thanks go

Capt. S Ledger to retiring Committee

Members, Richard Jeph-

Mr RDM Munden

cott and Nick Forward – we hope to be

Dr I Newman

welcoming them back soon when their

Mrs Anne Scott other commitments permit! We also

Photo: Richard Jephcott

Mr A Stephens thank outgoing Chairman David

Mr K Struggles Thomas who, we are pleased to say,

Ms SK Thorpe remains on the Committee as Vice- Worcs CBA Grand Prix teams winners; from the left: Sue Evans, Mike

Mrs MP Whitehouse Chair, and offer our best wishes to the Willoughby (County Chairman, presenting the Cup), Dennis Loynes, Jessie

Mrs G Wooler rest of the new Committee. Newton, Jean Newton. John Turner, also in the winning team, was on holiday!

In the final competition of the ‘old’ August 2013 English Bridge 53


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