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THE Laws and Ethics Committee have agreed some minor

changes to the Blue and White Books to take effect on August 1st.

After the first year in their new formats there are, thankfully, very

few changes to either publication.

In the Blue Book there are NO CHANGES TO PERMITTED

UNDERSTANDINGS in section 6 (Level 2), section 7 (Level 4)

and section 8 (Other permissions).

There are some changes to detail to make things clearer. In

particular we have changed a few words in 7C1(iv):

7 C 1 (iv). Any combination of meanings that show either or

both of:

1) At least five cards in a suit, specified or not,

which must not be the suit opened, and/or

2) At least 5-4 in two suits, either or both of

which may be specified or not, but both of

which must not be the suit opened.

(Words in bold indicate the changes)

In section 9 (Level 5) a couple of minor changes have been made

to bring the regulations into line with EBL and WBF regulations.

The full list of changes is available from the website

together with updated versions of both books for down loading.

There will not be a reprint of the Blue Book this


In the White Book the changes are mostly to clarify existing

regulations/advice and to correct some typos. However, we have

made a change to one of the correction periods detailed in #2.5.1

and #2.5.4. This concept of 'Gross and Manifest scoring errors'

(which no one really understood) has been replaced by:

Later scoring errors: This is the period referred to in Law 79C2

within which certain scoring errors can be corrected. No request

for a change in score will be entertained once this period has

expired under any circumstances. The only errors which will be

corrected in this period are errors introduced by the officials, and

errors which have an impact on multiple scores (such as players

sitting in the wrong direction in a Swiss match). This does not

cover errors such as entering a wrong score, which should have

been found by checking at the time.

A complete list of all the changes plus a new edition is

available from the website.

The International Laws of Contract Bridge

Members may be interested to know that the Portland Club, which

regulates rubber bridge, has published a new code of laws replacing

the 1993 ones. The new laws took effect on April 1st and are

available from the bridge shop (£5) - make sure you ask for the

green book. These apply to rubber bridge ONLY. The Laws of

Duplicate Bridge 2007 (red book) remain in force for ALL


28 English Bridge August 2014

EBU News

Changes to the Blue

Book and White Book


CONGRATULATIONS to Coventry & North Warwickshire Bridge

Club (represented by Stephen Green, Roger Bryant, David Jones,

Garry Watson, George Cuthbertson, Ian Handley, Martin Jones,

and David Kenward) who successfully defended the Garden Cities

Trophy, and claimed a fifth win in the last ten editions of this event

for club teams-of-eight.

New Championship

THE EBU is pleased to announce the introduction of a new

competition, the Player of the Year Championship.

Players will gain points based on finishing in the top places of

the most prestigious events on the EBU calendar. The player

accumulating the most place points in the year (1st October to

30th September) will win the prize of £1000.

The events for which points are available include knockout com pe

titions and congress tournaments, and the first event will be the

Two Stars Pairs at the Autumn Congress in October (see below).

While this competition will appeal to those battling for the top

prize, we also hope that it will prompt some friendly rivalries

amongst those lower down the points list as they vie for bragging

rights amongst their club-mates. Previous experience indicates

that the prize money will be covered by an increase in entries.

The full list of competitions which will make up the Cham pionship

Series, and the points that can be scored in each, will be

available on our website at

70th Autumn Congress

THE Autumn Congress will be held in Peterborough on 17th to

19th October (see page 18). This will not only be the first congress

which will award points in the new Player of the Year Champion ship,

but is also the 70th year of the congress. The main event, the

Two Stars Pairs, has been won by some of the greats of the English

game since the first competition in 1945 and the list of winners

can be seen at

To mark the anniversary, the new venue, and the start of the

Player of the Year Championship, the Two Stars Pairs will follow a

new format. The qualifier on Friday is a 12 x 4-board Swiss Pairs,

scored by match-points (not VPs). The top 20 pairs qualify for the

Two Stars Pairs, the next 20 for the Satellite pairs. Those who don't

qualify and those choosing not to play on Friday will play a Swiss

Pairs on Saturday, with 9 x 6-board rounds scored by VPs. So two

different, independent, Green Pointed Swiss Pairs events are on

offer, plus the main finals for those who qualify. We also have our

two-session multiple teams event on the Sunday.

Join us for this anniversary event in Peterborough, try to add

your name to the illustrious list of winners, and also use the free

time in the schedule to visit some of the local attractions, such as

Burghley House or Peterborough Cathedral. r






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