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August 2014 English Bridge

CONGRATULATIONS are due to all our

international teams playing in the Euro pean

Championships. The Seniors won

the Gold Medal, their first medal in this

event, the Women continued their run of

success with a fourth consecutive medal

(Silver this time) and the Open team won

Bronze, their first medal since 1991.

Congratulations to all three teams who

qualify to go to the World Cham pionships

in Chennai next year.

With this issue comes the EBU Diary. We

have listened to feedback from last year and

moved the publication date back to August.

The diary is printed in this country (in

Scotland, so only definitely this country for

the moment!) and a deal has been struck

which makes it marginally cheaper to

produce than last year. We have removed

some infor mation about events because the

website is a better vehicle for this and those

com petitors who wish up-to-date infor ma tion

as to venue or start time will typically

use that rather than the diary. There will still

be a page on the website with changes to the

diary and this will have a 'last updated date'

on it. Some changes are inevitable if you go

to press up to twenty months ahead of

events. The changes have allowed us to ex tend

the time the diary is valid by adding

more pages to the weekly calendar.

Feedback is welcome. Some people have

indicated that they do not wish to be sent a

diary and may be surprised to receive one

anyway. If you are in that category then,

before you put pen to paper to object, I

should tell you that it is significantly cheap er

for the EBU to do this than arrange a

separate delivery (see page 30). If by next

year the total of those who do not require a

diary exceeds 1000, then we will honour

those requests and do so econom ically. For

those of you who use the electronic world to

organise your calendar there will be a

Google calendar available for download

which should also import into applications

such as Outlook.

Along with changes to the diary there will

be some changes to the magazine from

October. We are well aware that many

mem bers value a printed magazine and

although they may look at the online

version they quite want the copy to read in

the bath and, of course, dropping a tablet in

the bath is very much worse than dropping

a maga zine. To keep the printed version

going is expensive and the most significant

element is postage. We already use a firm

called 'One Post' to organise delivery, al though

Royal Mail deliver for the last mile,

and this saves sev eral hundred pounds per

issue. The cost goes up each year by rather

more than the rate of inflation and we have

decided to change the size of the magazine

as from the October issue. The magazine

became A4 size in 1984 when it succeeded

EBU Quarterly. It will become smaller (not

as small as the old Quarterly) but there will

be more pages to compensate. We will save

a five figure sum each year because Royal

Mail charge on the basis of both size and

weight. These changes will mean the future

of a printed magazine is secured for some

time to come unless, of course, Royal Mail

change the pricing structure once again!

That is always a risk.

Once you have received a copy of the new

size magazine we would be happy to hear

from you if you have any constructive

comments to make.

Two pieces of news to end on. The scope

of the NGS has been expanded, so that from

now it includes teams games (multiple and

Swiss teams) at club, county and national

level. Secondly our Autumn Sims this year is

in aid of the new bridge charity EBED

(English Bridge Edu cation and Develop ment).

Hope to see you playing in a heat. r

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Cover photos: Simon Cochemé,

Anna Gudge and Peter Hasenson


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