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August 2014 English Bridge


THE County KnockOut

was won by the

Oliver team and the

Plate was won by


County League 1

was won comfortably by the Hartley

team with Birt in 2nd place. League 2

was won by the Smith team even more

comfortably with the Chant team in 2nd

place but, in contrast, League 3 was won

after a very exciting finish by the Lihou

team on a split tie from Duncan.

In the last match of the season in the

Western League against Somerset, the

Avon A team won 14-6 but the other two

teams had a bad day, losing heavily.

Shirley Brown - Keith McIndoe won

the ACBA Mixed Pairs and Ralph

Smith - Steve Tomlinson won the Cham -

pionship Pairs.

Outside the county Andrew and

Cathy Smith won the Welsh Open Swiss

Pairs and David Jones came 2nd in the

National Pairs A Final. Trevor Ward,

David Jones and Rob Lawy reached the

quarter-finals of the Schapiro Spring

Fours and David also came 3rd in the

Spring Bank Holiday Congress 'A' Final.

In the Gold Cup, the team in which

David Jones and Trevor Ward are

playing has reached the last 16. The team

of Tim Brierley, Robert Covill, Mike

Davies, David Jones and Steve Tomlinson

reached the 6th round of the NICKO

before being knocked out.

Suzy Lawson - Aidan Schofield came

2nd in the Devon Congess Swiss Pairs and

Suzy was 2nd again in the York Northern

Easter Festival Mixed Pairs.

Congratulations to all our successful



WINNERS of the Cent enary

Cup, Swiss Pairs

competition, were Ron

Davis - Alan Oddie.

Congratulations to

Tudor Rose who won the

County Knockout competition; the team

consists of Ron Davis, Alan Oddie,

David Harris and Iain Roberts. They

went on to compete in the Pachabo Cup

and finished a very creditable 8th out of

32 teams. Ron Davis - Alan Oddie also

finished 12th overall in the Corwen

Trophy - well done to them, a great result.

The Charity Pairs held in aid of

Cancer UK Ltd was again a very good,

fun event. The lunch served was enjoyed

by all. £1,510 was raised for the charity.

Congratulations to Lorraine Curry -

Roger Gregory, who just pipped Ron

Davis - Lynne Emmett for 1st place fol lowed

by Julie and Steve Abley in 3rd.

Well done to Alan Shillitoe who as

NPC steered the England Juniors to 2nd

place in Finland recently. They won 6

out of 7 matches, but not by a high

enough margin to win.

Diary dates: Sept 13-14, Beds/

Northants Congress, see website for

details. Don't forget it will soon be time

to enter your team for the forthcoming

season of league and knock-out

matches. Watch out for details of our

upcoming Half Century Celebration,

being held on Sunday Oct 12, 12pm,

Wilstead, which will be a multiple

revolving teams fun event over two

sessions, with food and wine.

Berks and Bucks


held in Juy after this

magazine goes to press.

Chris Burley will be

leaving the com mittee after

many years of service. His

contribution has been outstanding - not

least will we miss his verbal announce ments

at our county events.

We have appointed a new Youth

Officer, Tony Aston, to be responsible for

bridge in schools and youths - welcome

to a challenging and exciting mission.

The leagues have finished and the Lo8

winners are Reading A, narrowly ahead of

New Amersham A, who were last year's

winners. Chris Mooney's team won the

Lo4 Brown Cup with team-mates Kevin

Elstow, Harvey Bengen, Callum McKail

and Bob Holder. The teams winning the

lower divisions were Parkinson, Green

and Pratt. Well done all! The County

Teams Championship was won by Peter

Hawkes, Mike Perkins, Tim Rees, John

Howard and Andrew Murphy.

Berks beat Bucks in two of the three

Lo16 matches to retain the Philip

Thornton Shield.

The Student and Graduate Leagues

have been run by the enthusiastic Nigel

Thompson. Winners were David

Gender's team (Peter Simon, Helen

Jennison and Anna Duncan) and Nirmal

Dutta's team (Joy Dutta, Marilyn Halton

and John O'Halloran) respectively. Good

to see new faces and names.

Outside the county borders Captain

Sally Brook, Barry Myers and two nonBBCBA

members won the prestigious

Hubert Phillips Bowl. At the EBU London

Easter Festival David Patterson - Brian

Geary came 7th in the Pairs in a strong

field; Richard Bowdery and Tim Rees

with two non-BBCBA players were the

runners-up in the Swiss Teams.

BBCBA event winners: Melvyn and

Thelma Tuson, Bradshaw BC, Club Pairs

Final. Tony Heatly - Shirley Bull,

Friendly Pairs.

Channel Islands

THE Lambourne Jersey Festival was held

in April-May, the best CI results were:

Jackie Rumball - Robert Brouard in the

Pre Congress Pairs; Peter and Gill Pitcher,

David Hole - David Friswell in the Swiss

Pairs; Eric Todd-Rob Ingram (winning

the Douglas Romain Claret Jug) in the

Senior Pairs; Graham Boxall - Sue Rankin

and Howard Basden-Smith - Chris Hill

winning the Stanley Trophy in the Mid week

Teams; Chris Hill - Jane Knight

winning the Mid-week Pairs; Peter and

Gill Pitcher (winning the Flitch) in the

Mixed Pairs; Don and Anne Babbe, Lynne

Williamson and Cherry McMillen in the

Swiss Teams.

The County Mixed Pairs was won by

Dan McIntosh - Alex Gauld from David

Hole - Marion Miles.

In Jersey four District events have

recently been completed: Ladies' Pairs:

1. Sue Rankin - Marion Miles, 2. Pat

Panter - Jane Knight. Men's Pairs:

1. Richard Christensen - David Waters,

2. Howard Basden-Smith - Chris Hill.

Open Pairs: 1. Stephen and Sharon

Halston, 2. Chris Hill - Jane Knight.

Unrestricted Pairs: 1. Chris Hill - Jane

Knight, 2. Brian Youd - Rob Ingram.

Highfield Bridge Club also held its

Men's and Ladies' Pairs. In the Men's Pairs

the first two were identical to the District

event, Richard and David win ning from

Howard and Chris. In the Ladies' event

Pat Panter - Jane Knight won from

Margaret Treacy - Ann Burnett.


BELATED congratulations

to Helston 2 (Val Clifford,

David Boxall, Sandra

Bickerdike, Linda Radford,

Stephen Crouch, Chris Bickerdike, Ray

Bliss, Colin King) who won the Teams of

Eight from Helston 1. And to Wendy

Brown who, three and a half weeks

before her death, won the County Swiss

Teams with Maureen Brinton, from

Colin Pote - Pat Meade.

Viv Mably - Celia Bishop won the John

Perks, from Jo Bryant - Bill Thomson,

tied with Brian and Elaine Relton. Jo, Bill,

Marijonas Rocius, Wendy Miller and

Geoff Warren won the County Knockout

and Double Entry (Jan and Ken Keast,

Mary and Mick Robson, Rob Jones) won

the Western League.

Obituaries: Margaret Warner played

bridge for 64 years, was a long-standing

member of the County Committee, and

represented Cornwall in the Pachabo

and the Corwen. Treasurer of Truro BC

for twenty years, she was its first Hon orary

Life Member. Highly compe titive,

she loved her bridge - and the sub sequent

analysis of each hand. Aged over

90, she liked to improve.

Eileen Rimmer and Bridie MacDonald

belonged to Truro BC but had not played

recently. Eileen presented the Bunny

Rimmer Cup in honour of her husband.

George Norman fought bravely with

cancer for twelve years. He loved his

bridge, played at four clubs and was

always ready to help newcomers.

Michael Casley, a founder member of

Godolphin BC, had played both in the

league and in county competitions.

Kay Jones was a headmistress on

Bodmin Moor and an inspector of

parachute manufacture before joining

her brother in a Bodmin estate agency.

She was a well-travelled 89.

Also, Sallie Green has died. Tribute to


Diary dates: Sept 7, AGM and

Speedball Competition, Ladock. Sept 21,

Green-pointed Swiss Teams, Liskeard.




March 2014 -

June 2014


to the newly promoted

Premier Grand Masters:

Mr R Bryant, Warwickshire

Mr RR Davis, Bedfordshire

Mrs AE Rosen, Middlesex

Mr E Scerri, Berks & Bucks


to the newly promoted

Grand Masters:

Mrs JA Abley, Bedfordshire

Miss C Dyer, Surrey

Mr JD Gardner, Dorset

Mr FH Wharton, Middlesex



• There are currently four

landmark promo tions

(Master, 5,000 Master

Points; Regional Master,

10,000 MPs including at

least 25 Green Points;

Life Master, 60,000 MPs

including at least 150

Green Points; and Grand

Master, 120,000 MPs

including at least 600

Green Points). When you

are pro moted to one of

these four levels, you

receive a good quality gift

and free entry into the

Ranked Masters pairs.

• The winner of the most

black points in each affil iated

club's events en ters

the Annual Prize Draw

for the Club Champions

with a first prize of £400.

• The annual local and

national awards



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