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50 English Bridge August 2014

Andrew Petrie, Dave Debbage, which

finished 3rd in the Pachabo.

Madeline Berney Swiss Pairs: 1. Sue

Woodcock - Sue Fjortoft. Blackburn

Swiss Pairs: 1. Paul and Hilda Williams.

Diary dates: Aug 2, Northern Bridge

League, Round 1. Aug 3, Preston Pairs,

Preston BC; Aug 30, Northern Bridge

League, Round 2. Sept 1, LCBA Council

Meeting, Bolton BC. Sept 5-7, Bolton

Congress, Bolton BC. Sept 13, Northern

Bridge League, Round 3. Sept 21, LCBA

Mixed Pairs, Bolton BC. Sept 27,

Cumbria and Westmorland Swiss Teams,

Kendal. Sept 28, Cumbria and West morland

Swiss Pairs, Kendal.


THE 2014 AGM was

held in June. The com mittee

reports were

adopted, and officers

were elected as follows:

Chairman David Pollard, Treasurer

Henry Cooklin, General and Member ship

Secretary Pat Beasley, League

Secretary Richard Smith, Tournament

Secretary Neil Beasley, Fixtures Secretary

Dick Pathan, Webmaster John Thomp son,

Education Liaison Officer Simon

Stokes. Robert Northage, retiring as

General Secretary after twenty years, was

thanked for his significant contributions

to bridge in Leicestershire.

The guest of honour was Cliff Ault of

the Leicester University Club who pre sented

trophies to the competition

winners. These included: Gimson Trophy

(Pairs Championship) won by Paul and

Susan Bowyer; Joseph's Bowl (Cham pionship

Teams of Four) won by Tony

Odams, Paul Bowyer, Duncan Happer,

Jim Mason, Dick Pathan and Nick

Stevens; Butterworth Trophy (first round

losers in the Joseph's Bowl) won by

Simon Stokes, Yasser Haider, Tim Glover

and Peter Neville; Stanley Trophy (Butler

Pairs Championship) won by Dick and

Lucy Pathan; Leicestershire Cup (KO

Teams of Four - Aggregate) won by Paul

and Susan Bowyer, Duncan and Kerri

Happer, Jim Mason and Simon Stokes;

Leicestershire Cup Plate won by John

Myles, Len Clayton, Denis Davis and

Jackie Wilkes; Bucky Cup (Men's Pairs)

won by Duncan Happer - Jim Mason;

Olga Cup (Ladies' Pairs) won by Angela

Abbott - Joan Gibson; Joyce Cup (Mixed

Pivot Teams) won by Paul and Susan

Bowyer, Duncan and Kerri Happer.

Diary dates: Aug 28, League Forum.

Sept 14, Midland League v Lincs (away).

Sept 24, League - Round 1 matches. Sept

27-28, Green Point Swiss Pairs/Teams,

Spondon. Oct 1, Stanley Trophy Round 1.

Oct 15, Otto & Edith Cups, Mixed Pairs.

Oct 16, Pairs League Round 1.


AFTER our 2014 AGM our new County

Chairman will be Guy Grainger. He will

be taking over from Glynn Elwick who

has come to the end of his term in office.

Congratulations to the City of

Lincoln Bridge Club who qualified for

the final of the Garden Cities event by

pipping Coventry BC to the runners-up

spot at the Peterborough qualifier.

The 2014-2015 calendar of events will

be out in due course. May I take this

chance to ask members to support our

efforts and events during the next year.

Attendances have fallen to an all time

low. We need to 'use it or lose it' if we are

to continue with more than the bare

bones of a calendar. Do your best to play

in as many events as you can get to.



all who have done well in

recent events: at the Lon don

Easter Festival the

Championship Pairs was

won by David Gold - Susanna Gross, with

Andy Bowles - Shireen Mohandes 3rd;

the Swiss Teams was won by Paul

Huggins, Liz Clery and Ryan Stephenson;

and Tom Townsend - Mark Teltscher

were 2nd in the Swiss Pairs. At the

Schapiro Spring Foursomes Anita Sinclair

and Zia Mahmood were victorious, with

Andrew Robson and David Gold mem bers

of the runners-up team; and Tom

Townsend was a quarter-finalist. At the

Spring Bank Holiday Congress David Gold

was second in the Swiss Pairs. Gunnar

Hallberg and Robert Sheehan were

members of the winning team in the

Hubert Phillips Bowl; Alex Gauld won the

CICBA Mixed Pairs; and Heather Dhondy

won the Yorkshire Cham pion ship Pairs.

County results: Fox Shammon Seniors

Pairs: 1. Bernard Teltscher - Victor Silver -

stone, 2. Steve Eginton - Gill Hutchinson,

3. Malcolm Morris - Susi Berhmann.

London Trophy Pairs: 1. Peter Brook -

Roy Westwater, 2. Tim Pelling - Bill

Linton, 3. Chris Wright - Philip Watson.

Café Bridge Tonsleys: 1. Simon Prager -

chris.duckworth@lineone.netFlint - Pamela

Reiss, 3. Susi Berhmann - Malcolm

Morris. Home Counties League: 1. Mid dle

sex Blue, 2. Surrey Purple


7pm, venue TBA; come along and have

your say in the running of the

Association. Sept 18, Café Bridge Abbe ville

Rd, SW4, 11am; pre-entry essen tial;

contact or

enquire on ( 0207385 3534. Sept 28,

Mixed Pairs Championship, 1pm, Wim bledon

BC; entries/enquiries to Susi


or ( 020 7585 1911.


FIVE Manchester players

were selected for the

European Championships

in Croatia this summer.

Catherine Draper played in the Women's

team, Jason and Justin Hackett in the

Open team, and Paul Hackett and John

Holland in the Seniors team. Alan Mould

also went, as coach to the Scottish Ladies.

Team Mayhem (Peter Foster, Neil

Thomas, Jean and David Keen) won this

year's Higson Cup; Tricksters (David

Matthews, Ann Thorn ton, Kevin Higgins,

Richard Sinton) won the Plate. Curry

Eaters (Justin, Barbara and Paul Hackett,

Martin Taylor and Darren Evetts) won

their first League title for ten years

finishing just ahead of St Titus.

At the County AGM held in May all

the current officers were re-elected.

Selectors for 2014-15 are Barbara Lewis,

Michael Newman, Peter Jones, Ken

Hassell and Ben Beever.

At the EBU Oxford Mid-week Con gress,

Justin Hackett - Martin Taylor

won the Pairs. At the Yorkshire Congress

Michael Byrne - Fiona Brown won the

Mixed Pairs, and Michael also finished

second in the Champion ship Pairs with

Hugh McGann; in the Teams final David

manchesterleague@gmail.comeve Mattin son

and Pauline Lang finished 2nd.

The Merville Goldstone Trophy was

won by Michael Byrne, Michael New man,

John Holland, Rodney Lighton

and Alan Mould. The same team with

Gary Hyett replacing Alan Mould then

represented Manchester in the Pachabo

and finished runners-up. This was Man chester's

best-ever performance in this


Manchester Bridge Club finished 2nd

in the Garden Cities final. Manchester

were the only team to beat the winners,


The Manchester League starts again

in September but entries need to be

sorted before mid-August. Contact Kath

Nelson at

or ( 01619291849.



to Paddy Murphy, Barry

Jones, David Stevenson

and Liz Commins who

won the final of the Cambria Cup, the

WBU National Mixed Teams event.

The annual match v Dublin for the

Cantor-Dowling Shield resulted in a win

for us. Our team was Dave and Jean

Keen, Alan Stephenson, Stuart Matthews

(Open); Pam Edwards, Shirley Webster,

Joan Marray, Beth Wennell (Ladies);

Geoff Cowie, Cameron Boyd, Wyn

Williams, Sheila Shea, Dave Edwards,

Peter Richmond (Club); Ted Reveley,

Mike Swanson, Paul Roberts, Julian

Merrill (Officials).

In the Killarney Congress Ted Reveley

had an outstanding week, winning the

Pairs, Men's Teams and Mixed Pairs. He

was also 2nd in the Congress Teams and

3rd in the Mixed Teams - all with

different partners. Well done also to Jean

Keen who was in the winning foursome

in the Ladies' Teams.

The Merseyside League end-of-season

Pairs event was won by Peter Hall -

Danny Miller. The County Mixed Pairs

for the Andrew Rosebowl resulted in a tie

for 1st place between Ann Davies- Roger

Arnold and David Stevenson - Liz

Commins. The County Green-pointed

Pairs event for the John Armstrong Trophy

was won by John and Pauline Rudolf.

Mr I C Kemp

Mr C Mark


Mr Howard Atkins

Margaret Bromwich

Mrs S Burnay

Mr Terry Butfield

Bob Cozens

Mrs Gwen Cozens

Mr AG Hooker

Mr MJ Hunt

Paul Kemp

Mrs Sally Lewis

Mr N Robinson

Ms Vicky Salmon

Chris Surey

Mrs Marion Watkins

Mr Tony Watkins


Life Master

Mr P Gibbons

Regional Master

Mr JS Chapman

Mr DR Ellerby

Mrs S Scott

Mr CM Wall


Mr Craig Cooper

Mrs DL Erzen

Mr MA Field

Mr JL Gibbons

Mr MC Heigham

Mrs S Norvill

Mr E Skjetne

Mrs MA Webster

Mr D White


Regional Master

Mr C Colson

Mr N Sutcliffe


Mr Andrew Cafferky

Valerie Goldberg

Mr H Hitchen

Mrs L Hitchen

Mr Brian Smythe

Kathleen Swarbrick


Regional Master

Mrs K Happer


Mr R Baxter

Mr Graham Clarke

Mrs P Dignan

Mrs P Gibb

Mr W Gibb

Mrs PA Harris

Dr G Jenkins

Mr AR Medlock

Mr B Norton

Mrs M Pointon

Mr BK Smith


Regional Master

Major KM Jeffery


Life Master

Mr EG Paul

Regional Master

Ingar Kofoed Hansen

Shahzaad Natt

Ms A Sinclair


Mr R A Bowley

Mr AA Bowman

Mr GP Lane

Ruth Masri

Mr L McBride

Ms C Ray


Life Master

Mr NE Southern




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