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52 English Bridge August 2014

William Crook and Sandy Fulton also

won the County Pairs (Journal Cup).

Among their other good results, Kyle

Lam - Simon Spencer were in the 2ndplaced

team at a Junior International

event in Finland in June. The Retford

Open Swiss Teams was won by John

Rolph, Gerry Franklin, Sandy Fulton

and Rob Atkinson.


AT the AGM, players were

congratulated on their

success over the past year.

President's Cup winners

were Sandra Claridge,

Stephen Brown, John

Williams and Chris Wilson, who repre sented

the county in the Pachabo.

Congratulations to Esme Alden and Roy

East who were presented with OBA

Distinguished Service awards by County

President, Evan Harris.

Kathy and Denis Talbot, Robert

Procter and Nick Smith won the Chester

Cup. Wallingford A won the Wessex

League in Div. 1; Banbury, Div. 2;

Aylesbury C, Div. 3; Blewbury, Div. 4;

Wantage B, Div. 5.

Other prize-winners not previously

featured were Helen Lawton-Smith -

John Slater (Mixed Pairs); Alan Wilson

(Pairs Ladder); Dinah and Andrew Lin tott

and John Williams (Teams Ladder);

Sadler Seniors' Salver: Keith Goswell -

Dale Thomas retained their title and

Aleksandar Lishkov won the Premier ship


Henley Café Bridge winners were Jeff

Millard - Jean Ingham-Johnson (N/S)

and Beryl McGreery - Prue Porter (E/W).

There have been some excellent

results for Oxfordshire players in EBU

competitions. At the London Easter

Festival, Chris Wilson - Aleksandar

Lishkov won the Swiss Pairs A Flight and

Freddie Illingworth was 3rd. Pete Mc Allister

- Rob Dixon came 2nd in the B

Flight. Lorna Swadling - Alastair Gidman

won the Spring Bank Holiday Congress

Swiss Pairs and Alastair came 2nd in the

Swiss Pairs at the Shropshire Congress.

Stuart McPhee came 3rd in the Jersey

Festival Swiss Pairs, and Kathy and Denis

Talbot won the Seniors' Teams.

The Oxfordshire Congress was a great

success: Swiss Pairs winners were Janusz

Adamowicz - Roman Gembicki; Swiss

Teams winners were Paula Leslie, Laura

Porro, Richard Bowdery and Steve Root.

Pat Lewis - Miriam Seaver retained the

Sandra Landy Trophy.


At the AGM held in June

changes to the Committee

were announced. Mike Whit taker,

who has been Chair man

for six years, stepped

down as did Bob Warrender

(who has served for twenty years), Colin

Simcox, David Porter and Daphne

Patrick. They will all be sorely missed.

The new members are Eric Cummings

and Caroline Mac pherson. Gina Howard

is the new Chair person; we wish her

every success.

The Swiss Teams held after the AGM

was won by Ken and Ann Bawdon,

David Howard and Wendy Miller.

The Percentage Pairs was won by

Mike Powell - Eric Cummings.

Diary dates: Sept 7, Paul Jones Wool avington.

Oct 3-5, West of England

Congress, Weston-Super-Mare. Oct 10,

County League (1). Oct 12, County

Mixed Teams of Four. Oct 17, Paul

Bowyer Seminars. Oct 24, County

League (2).

Staffs and Shrops

JUDY Mitchell organized

another successful Con gress

at a new venue, the

Park Inn, in Telford. Pairs:

1. Stuart Mathews - Mark

Weeks, 2. Alistair Gidman - Martin

Jones, 3. Tracy Capal - Mike Pownall.

Teams: 1. Dan Crofts, Barbara Hackett,

Edward Levy and Mike Goldsmith; 2.

Darren Evetts, Martin Taylor, Justin and

Paul Hackett; 3. Dave Weller, Ben

Briton, George Barrett and Mike Ralph.

Another successful No Fear tourna ment,

this time Teams, was organized at

Wolverhampton BC: 1. John Withers,

Val Lupton, Paul Keightley and Barrie

Tykiff; 2. Geoff Thomas, Stan Jarvis,

Sally and Gerald Griffin; 3. Pauline

Campbell, Audrey Clarke, Rose Jessop

and our webmaster, Anne Sleightholme.

The Ladies' and Men's Pairs were held

on the same night at the same venue.

Roma Smith - Annette Lucas and Ron

Stevenson - Trevor Freeman were res pective

winners with Judi Stevenson -

Alma Richards and Brian McLaughlin -

Mike Cornes 2nd, and Gillian Allsop

with our County Secretary, Pat Poxon,

and Norman Jones - Roger Turner 3rd.

Monica Scott - James Vickers won

the County Mixed Pairs ahead of Mike

Cornes - Annette Lucas and Sue

Yardley - John Pugh; the Flitch winners

were Peter and Helen Lees.

In the tightest of finishes, Paul Hackett,

Dan Crofts, Edward Levy, Graham Weir,

Barbara and Justin Hackett won the

League by 1 IMP and the Cup by 9 IMPs.

Geoff Davies's team was the unlucky

2nd on both occasions; Geoff's team

were Robin Adey, John Day and Geoff


Join Newcastle BC on Fri Sept 26 for

a bridge coffee morning in aid of

Macmillan Cancer Support.


THE 2014-15 Eastern

Counties League season

opened with a home match

against neighbours Essex.

The 'A' team were the only winners (146

VPs) with 'B' losing 2-18 VPs and 'C'

losing 0-20 VPs.

At the AGM Trish Littell stepped

down from the committee and Paul

Rickard was nominated from the floor

and elected. Otherwise standing officers

and members were re-elected and the

committee remains at full strength.

Malcolm Carey and Rick Hanley were

elected as EBU shareholders. Nick Farr

continues as Accounts Examiner. The

new season of Suffolk Bridge then

started with the AGM Pairs which was

won by Bim Wilson - Sam Wilson; 2nd

were Norman Less - Helen Mason and

Roger and Jill Tattersfield were 3rd.

Bogdan Talaga, Simon Riley, Dave

Walker and David Willson scored 58

VPs to retain the Suffolk Pivot Teams

beating Hanley, who were also last year's


Rounds one and two of the Suffolk

Championship Teams were played back

in December and four teams qualified

to the knock-out stage. In the final Eric

Newman, Mike Sherer, David Morran

and Julian Lang were behind at the half

but won both the third and fourth

quarters to take the final of the 2013

Championship Teams by 34 IMPs from

Rick Hanley, Peter Sutcliffe, Debby

Sutcliffe, Maria Allnutt, Peter Gemmell

and Chris Chambers.

Diary dates: Wed Sept 17, Ladies' &

Men's Pairs, 7pm, Clare. Sat Oct 4,

Felixstowe Congress GP Pairs, 1pm,

Felixstowe Leisure Centre�Sun. Sun Oct

5, Felixstowe Congress GP Teams, 11am,

Felixstowe Leisure Centre.


INCLUDED in this issue is

next year's calendar. Please

do not throw it away!

Congratulations to

Maxine Julius who with

an out-of-county player won the Cham pionship

Pairs B Flight at Bournemouth.

Two near misses to report this

month: Frances Hinden - Graham

Osborne were runners up in the A flight

of the Bournemouth Championship Pairs

by 0.16% behind the winners. Peter

Lee - Bob Rowlands continued their

recent great run of form as runners-up

in the Corwen by only 0.18%.

The Mary Edwards Cup for Club

Champions was won by Jill Cook -

Colin Bailey from Yateley and Hawley.

The AGM Swiss Pairs was won by Surrey

President Graham Osborne playing

with Jeffrey Allerton. The winners of the

Leagues were: Novices: Mick Edwarf.trebble@ntlworld.comiz Friend, and Ann Pressey;

Div. 1, Frances Hinden's team; Div. 2,

Jane and Tim Green, Tim Rees, Graham

Davison and Keith Wilson; Div. 3, Jenny

Breeden, Barbara Beaumont, Joan

Clancy, Gesa Coleman; Div. 4, Rosemary

Vase, Mary Webster, Carol Clisby,

Pauline Finn.

Diary dates: Sept 27-28, Green Point

Weekend, Guildford - entries via the

website only. Aug 25, Bank Holiday

Monday Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs, 1pm,

Banstead. Enter via the Surrey website

or contact Frances Trebble ( 01252

679883 or

Mr R Buller

Mrs Leah Goddard

Mr K Lloyd

Mrs AM Zimmermann


Regional Master

Mrs M Sheppard


Mrs L Arnold

Mrs C Ewing

Mrs CM Gray

Mr Martin Illingworth

Mrs M Kettle

Mr PM Kettle

Mrs B Lewington

Mr J Lowen

Mrs EA McGivan

Dermot Paddon

Mr J Van Maanen



Mrs DJ Farley

Mrs D Hart

Mrs Sue Hornsby

Mrs DJ Lill

Mrs R Lockley

Mr MJ Wigmore

Mr JH Woodman

Staffs & Shropshire


Mr M Beach

Mr Roy Clifford

Mrs D Pollard

Mr Henry Ramsay

Mrs P Ramsay

Mr P Tallon


Regional Master

Mr S Riley


Mrs AM Bradshaw

Mr Carl Ib

Mr G Masding


Grand Master

Miss C Dyer

Life Master

Mrs BP Stephens

Regional Master

Mr DP Dawson

Hema De Zoysa

Miss M Julius

Mr JH McKimmie

Mr Cornelui Rimboiu

Mr AN White


Mrs Frances Balmer

Mr John Bilsand

Mr AM Bonner

Mr Terry Chivers

Mrs PJ Cowling

Mr Christian Dahoui

Mr Roger Deeley

Mrs Rhona Kelly

Mr BJ Lewis

Mr Peter Mackey

Mrs Won Mcdevitt

Mr Mike Nunn

Mr DG Parr

Mrs Jeanne Penny

Liz Plumtree

Mrs JA Searle

Ms R Snelling

Ms Louisa Spawls

Mrs Elizabeth Taylor

Mr F Taylor

Mr Bob Tyler

Mr H van Raaij



Mr HT Brett




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