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THERE are six divisions in

the Sussex league; congratu lations

to all the winners

especially the winners of

Div. 1: Dave Franklin, Gerry

Stanford, Jeremy Willans

and Ian Draper.

Andy Ryder was elected as the new

Chairman of Sussex Band; we wish him

all the best during his period of office.

Congratulations to Graham Sadie

who came 2nd in the Easter London

Cham pionship Pairs with Patrick Shields.

In the Jersey Festival Jeremy Willans - Jill

Skinner won the Swiss Pairs the first

weekend; they also won the Midweek

Teams Jersey Tourism Trophy with Ian

Draper and G. Davies - a successful

week in the sun, well done.

An excellent result for Sussex

Eastbourne Club at the regional final of

the Garden Cities held at Richmond:

they won! Team members were Alan

Hobden, James Hobden Matthew Read,

Michael Keep ing, Tom Brogan, Mark

Denny, David Benjamin and David

Howard- Houston. In the National final

they were a very credible 6th.

In the Kent Green-pointed Swiss

Teams Jeremy Willans was in the team

that came 1st; Geoffrey and Ros Wolf arth

were in the team that came 2nd.

Basic Bridge Pairs at Hastings: 1. Avril

Strong - Elizabeth Hornsey, 2. Brian

Cook - June Sangster. Henfield Candles:

1. Yves LeBrec, Peter Brown, Philip Hunt

and Neil Watts; 2. Dave Franklin, Gerry

Stanford, David Gritt, Andrew Southwell.

Diary dates: Sept 12-14, Autumn

Congress, Old Barn Way. Sept 19, Golf

/Bridge day, Haywards Heath. Oct 22,

Mid Week Pairs, Henfield.


AN amazing result from

C&NW BC saw them

retain the EBU's Garden

Cities Trophy for teams of

eight. This is the 5th time

in 10 years that the club

has won the competition.

Congratulations to George Cuthbert son,

Ian Handley, Steve Green, Martin Jones,

David Jones, Gary Watson, David

Kenward and Roger Bryant.

The final of the County's Mixed Pairs

was won by Caroline Coombs - John

Hind from Sutton BC. The Inter national

Replay has been completed with the

winners being Steve Green - Martin

Jones. In the Inter-counties League all

three teams head their respective divi sions

after two matches - keep up the

good work!

The Goodman Qualifier for 2014-15

will be a K.O. event. Entries must reach

the Competitions Secretary no later

than Sept 30.

The WPL and BPL have just com pleted

the current series. Congratu la tions

to Leslie Reece - Chris Lewis for

winning BPL Div. 1 and to Terry Parkes -

Peter Heatherington for winning Div. 2.

WPL winners: Div. 1, Ian Handley -

George Cuthbertson; Div. 2, Caroline

and Harvey Brown.

September sees the start of a new

series of WPL and BPL: anyone inter ested

in joining please contact the Com -

pe titions Secretary. The CPL series 2

starts in September; any pairs wishing to

join should contact John Pyner on

( 02476 693785 for more details.


AFTER another very

suc cessful season in

Wilt shire that saw

entries to county events rise for the

third year running, it was also gratifying

to have for the first time in the county's

history a team (Pat Davies, Chris Dixon,

Roger Karn, Norman Botton, James

Dunlop, Hugh Gross, Valerie Austwick

and Taf Anthias) qualify for the Garden

Cities national final where they came

7th out of eight having faced some very

stiff competition. Our Pachabo team

(Pat Davies, Chris Dixon, Valerie Aust wick,

Taf Anthias, Katharine Hodgson

and Keith Williamson) also did very well

coming 10th out of 32.

Once again there is a full programme

of events for the upcoming 2014-15

season. Wiltshire is a small county

compared to some, only 500 members,

but we provide a full and varied series of

competitions for those who wish to play

county bridge. These include events for

experts and non-experts alike, as well as

three teams-of-four leagues that run

through the whole season, a teams-offour

knockout competition, and a green

point weekend!


THE 2013-2014 season

has drawn to a close and

the remaining competi tions

have been com pleted.

Eddy and Jette

Blackburn, and Dick and Jane Rutter

won the final of the Closed Teams and

went on to represent the County in the

Pachabo Trophy. In the Charity Rubber

Bridge Competition, Brenda Anderson -

Linda Wheater narrowly defeated

Martin Gill - Paul Slater in an enjoyable

and closely-fought final.

The new season has started with

David Thomas - Simon Harrison win ning

the Seniors Trophy and Heather

Westcott - Jennifer Romer winning the

Veterans Trophy.

There have been a number of

adjustments to the county competitions

which are aimed at making them more

accessible to, and enjoyable for, new comers

to county bridge. The Pairs

Ladder offers players the opportunity to

be matched against those of similar

abilities and the next heat is on Aug 18 -

pairs do not have to pre-enter, simply

turn up on the night. The Grand Prix

Teams is also designed to exclude the

County First Team players from the

standings, and has enjoyed great pop ularity

over the years. The next heat is on

Sept 1 and, again, teams can simply turn

up on the night with no need to pre-enter.

The Malvern Congress is now fast

approaching. As usual the format is

Green-pointed Swiss Pairs on Sat Oct 25

and Green-pointed Swiss Teams on Sun

Oct 26. To try to avoid a waiting list for

the Congress, as has occurred in pre vious

years, we have been able to book a

slightly larger venue than hitherto.

However, we would still advise booking

early to avoid a last-minute panic.


THE Sheffield team of Tom

Gisborne, Sandy Davies,

Dave Robinson and Mike

Pomfrey reached the final of

the EBU's Hubert Phillips

Bowl in which they lost narrowly to Sally

Brock's team. Con gratulations to them

on this achie ve ment, and to the fol lowing

on their fine results in recent

events: Janet and Ted Latham (Jersey

Congress Mixed Pairs winners); Gill

Copeland - Steve Black burn (Yorkshire

Mixed Pairs win ners); Sandy Davies -

Tom Gisborne (Leeds Swiss Pairs win ners);

Yorkshire Indi vidual: 1. Graham

Read, 2. Julia Stani forth, 3. Graham

Jepson; Jack Stocken - Phil Godfrey

(Stratified Pairs winners)

Yorkshire Congress: Improvers Pairs:

Mike Dunne - Mary Norman. Ladies'

Pairs: Shelagh Flett - Agnes Baxter.

Men's Pairs: Richard Winter - Stuart

Davies. Mixed Pairs: Michael Byrne -

Fiona Brown. Moortown Cup: Heather

Dhondy - Bill Gardner. York Mount

Group Trophy: Carole Kelly - Geoff

Kenyon. Chairman's Plate: Nick Woolven

- Martin Edge. Fell-Vincent Cup: Simon

Cope, Basil Letts, Shivam Shah, John

Atthey and Nick Sutcliffe. John Colley

Trophy: Don and Richard Hilton, Mike

Tomlinson and Nick Sutcliffe. Scar bor ough

Trophy: Heather Dhondy, Bill

Gardner, Sue and Chris Taylor.

Affiliated Clubs Teams: Sheffield

(David Nor cross, Terry Jacobs, Graham

Jepson, Mick Lindley). Waddington

Shield: Heather Hobson, Roy Garthwaite,

Pearl, Denis Murphy. Yorkshire Trophy:

Robin Jepson, Alan Brosgill, Dominic

Pinto and Adam Dickinson. Midweek

Teams Knockout: David Musson, Graham

Jepson, Sandy Davies, Tom Gisborne,

Frank Littlewood. Golf Clubs: Moor

Allerton A (Terry Homburg, Melvyn

Cohen, Brian Ziff and Martin Edge).

Diary dates: Sept 7, Huddersfield

Rose Bowl. Sept 21, Garforth Swiss

Teams, Collingham. Oct 4-5, Great

Northern Swiss Pairs, Hilton Hotel,

Leeds. r

Mr Don Bywaters

Mrs SC Fitton

Mr Ken Ingate

Mr David Manthorpe

Mrs S Porter

Mr Ivor Richards

Mr R Stevens

Mr Mike Wood

Ms EA Wyatt


Premier Grand Master

Mr R Bryant

Regional Master

Mrs N Bainbridge

Mr JF Drake

Mr P Owen

Miss AI Waterhouse


Anthony Baylis

Mary Buckeridge

Mr P Cottrell

Mrs Patsy Fuller

Mrs P Gadd

Mr PI Hardstaff

Mrs S Hull

Neil Mackay

Mrs Jean Perry

Mr John Phillips

Mrs PM Rawling

Mr B Sidney

Mr RG Spencer

Mr John Sreeves


Life Master

Mr M Rothwell

Mrs S Rothwell


Life Master

Mr R Samter

Regional Master

Mrs FI Ind

Mr RD Moore


Mr David De-Saxe

Mr RJ Drummond

Mr Tom Hanwell

Mr Donald Hodgson

Mr A Holmes-Mackie

Mr DA Jacklin

Mr Ian Lund

Mrs Flocky Sanders

Ms E Scarisbrick

Dr J Seddon


Life Master

Mr Chris Davies


Life Master

Mr RJB Hilton

Mrs C Quigley

Miss GM Woodcock

Regional Master

Mr PT Belsten


Mr T Childs

Mrs H Cooper

Mr R Cornfield

Mr Ian Foote

Mr DJ Ford

Carl Haigh

Mr P Jordan

Mrs A

Mrs V Newsome

Mrs J Prescott

Mrs M Riley

Mrs R Roope

Mr Toni Sales

Mr JH Scott

Ms Fiona Sutherland

Mrs E Waring

Mr PA Woodford

Ms Christine Young




August 2014 English Bridge

AUGUST 20th is the closing

date for the submission

of county reports for the

next issue of English Bridge.

Please e-mail:


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