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New Rebar Socket

Combisafe has developed an innovative socket for use with its edge protection posts or traditional scaffolding

The socket is fixed at a junction of the rebar mesh before further reinforcements are added and the concrete poured. The use of the robust hook and anchor ensures the socket to secure will not move while the casting table is oscillated or vibrated,  or while the concrete surface is being keyed.

"The socket comes complete socket with a hook and anchor to enable precast manufacturers to secure it rigidly to the rebar without the need for wiring or spacers."

It’s a simple yet highly effective solution that will save precast manufacturers both time and effort. Finished floor/wall slabs can then be delivered to site pre-prepared for edge protection to be fitted before being craned into position.

Sockets are hooked and tightened securely to the rebar prior to concrete being cast. These sockets have been fully tested to EN 13374, including the effects of high winds.


Unique features:

Complies with EN 13374 class a

Comes as a complete unit: socket, hook, nut and cap

Tested to 1000Nm in both inward and outward directions

Can be positioned 200 mm from corners and the leading edge*



Anchoring hook to rebar eliminates need for wiring or spacers

Integral flanges hooked under crossing rebar prevents lateral movement

Secure fixture ensures socket will neither twist nor move during casting process

Quick and easy to install

Pllastic cap prevents concrete ingress during casting offers a more cost-effective solution


*Refer to technical Information Sheet for product specifications.


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