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 The assessment, together with further information from parents/carers and professionals, is considered by the

Admissions Panel to determine whether Prior's Court School would be able to meet the young person's needs,

provide an appropriate peer group and enable the young person to progress.

 Failure to disclose information during the assessment process may affect the validity of the assessment and lead to

the process being terminated.

 A recommendation from the Admissions Panel is then made to the CEO and Executive team who confirm that the

admissions criteria have been met, that a place is available and that staffing in place before an offer of placement

may be made.

Admissions Criteria

 All pupils will have a diagnosis of autism. Referrals can be accepted for children and young people who are awaiting

diagnosis however a formal diagnosis may be required.

 All pupils will have moderate to severe learning difficulties (as specified in their Education Health & Care Plan).

 Pupils may also have associated conditions such as ADHD, epilepsy, OCD and/or other health or additional needs

such as but not limited to challenging behaviour which may be met dependent on Prior's Court School's ability to

provide the specialist support or specific environments required.

 The number of pupils requiring a staffing level of 2:1 or 1:1 at night is currently limited and at capacity. Staffing levels

are reviewed at the 3-month review of placement meeting which is held as part of our standard procedures and

good practice. Staffing is further reviewed on an annual basis.

 An appropriate age peer group and academic and social compatibility with the group is also taken into consideration

and an impact risk assessment undertaken. Where available places cannot be created in the appropriate peer group

this may mean that a place cannot be offered.

 The number of pupils in each year group is limited in order to minimise the impact of graduation on transition into

and out of the School.

 A placement may not be offered if parents/carers are not in agreement with the School's autism methodologies and

approach as outlined during visits and documents such as the prospectus and statement of purpose. Parents are

expected to sign a home/school agreement upon commencement of placement.

 The journey time will be taken into consideration when making a day placement. Prior's Court is committed to

equality of opportunities for students and aims to meet the needs of all by taking into account differences in gender,

ethnicity, cultural, social and religious backgrounds, as well as ability, needs and learning styles. All reasonable

actions and adjustments will be taken to meet these needs however there may be occasions when this is not

possible. For instance, not all areas are wheelchair accessible . Although the School has been carefully designed to

provide a safe environment it may not be sufficiently secure for young people with significant absconding

behaviours. Consideration may need to be given to young people whose physical vulnerability may put them at risk.

Decisions by the Admissions Panel will be guided by the SEN Code of Practice as to whether the School is suitable for the

child's age, ability, aptitude or his/her special educational needs, whether the placement would be compatible with the

efficient education of other children with whom the child would be educated and whether the placement would be

compatible with the efficient use of resources.

Oversubscription Criteria

When capacity is reached there is no flexibility to accommodate any oversubscription. Local authorities and parents/carers

are able to request that Prior's Court advise of any change to the availability of places.

Naming Prior's Court in an Education, Health & Care Plan

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