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Prior's Court School is on the DfE approved list of independent special schools that can be named by parents and local

authorities on Statements of Special Educational Needs and Education Health and Care Plans. Before naming a special school,

Local Authorities must consult the School who will consider whether the young person meets the school's admissions



The number of SEN and Disability Tribunal cases undertaken by the School is limited. The decision to accept a tribunal is

undertaken by the CEO and Executive who take responsibility for ensuring that the Trustees are kept informed.

Emergency Admissions

Due to the need our young people have for a planned transition, we do not take emergency admissions. However, we

endeavour to work as responsively as possible with local authorities and with families to provide a start date as soon as is

feasible, taking into account the needs of the incoming student and their families and balancing this with the needs of the

existing students.

Request to Stay on Criteria

In certain circumstances we are occasionally able to support young people staying on for a limited period beyond their due

leave date at 19 or 25.

 Each request to stay on beyond the planned leave date at 19 or 25 will be considered on a case by case basis on a

time frame set by Prior's Court.

 Consideration must be given to the 'wholly or mainly' under the age of 18 criteria in order to remain Ofsted

compliant within the Children's homes.

 The Young Person's next placement must be agreed with a clear transition plan in place and a new leave date must

be set

 The Local Authority must have a contingency plan for the young person from the new date if the next placement

falls through.

 The Local Authority must have confirmed agreement to fund the placement until this new date. The most recent

fees will be quoted including a subsequent academic year's fees if known. The placing Local Authority must agree to

any fee uplift.

 We can only consider a formal request made in writing by the key professional/case manager at the Local Authority.

 All requests will go initially to the Admissions Panel for discussion regarding availability of space in suitable peer

group place and any impact on other young people's current or planned places.

 As part of the consideration of the impact on other young people an impact risk assessment will be undertaken as

part of the process in the Admissions Panel.

 The final decision will be agreed by the Executive Team.

Overseas Pupils

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