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 The school has an adapted environment to meet the needs of the cohort of pupils. Reasonable adjustments to the

provision have been made to create a safe environment for living and learning. There may be instances however

where pupils' special needs include challenging behaviours such as significant damage to property or absconding

where the environment would require further significant adjustment which would be incompatible with the efficient

education of other children in the school or the efficient use of the Local Authority's resources.

 Pupils attending on a weekly board placement will be required to return on a Sunday evening or as arranged by the

Director of Care.

 Following a successful settling in period, an interim 3-month review will take place to assess the placement, progress

and staffing levels.

Appealing against an admissions decision

To appeal an admissions decision made by the Trustees of the School, parents/carers or local authorities should write to the

Admissions Panel outlining the reasons for appealing the decision. Thereafter, the process will follow that outlined in our

Complaints Policy, available from the website or from reception.

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