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this pedigree you wouldn’t expect anything Improve Your Play You may have noticed that I prefer card-

else) but the emphasis is on system and play books to bidding books. I find that the

convention rather than on judgment. If

at Trump Contracts latter don’t always instruct and, in any case,

by Ron Klinger, Master Bridge Series,

you are interested in how to launch much depends on basic system and style.

£10.99, ISBN 978-0-86587-2

cue-bidding and how assorted forms For me, much bidding is judgment (rather

of Blackwood work (and the book FOR ME, this is the than system or conventions) and, in any

includes variations such as Key-card, best of the three case, bridge matches are won, by and large,

Exclusion, Redwood and the like), then Klinger books here. In in the play of the cards. You may disagree

this may well be the book for you. How- format it reminds me with this view, in which case you will

ever, many players already have their con- a little of the 1962 probably have much in common with the

vention cards overburdened with systemic Ewart Kempson and author of the next book.

toys of all manner of description and what Paul Lukacs book of

many players really need, in my expe- single dummy prob - What Can Possibly

rience, is clear guidance on when to apply lems (yes, I really am Go Wrong?

these miracles of rare device. I can’t help that old!), but the by Alan Williams, Ralentango Books,

feeling that this book could do with an twist here is that all of these hands come £12, ISBN 978-0-957-16170-2

extra chapter or two explaining how a from real-life tournaments. That means

partnership might, early in the auction, you don’t have to work out which THIS IS a quirkily

assess their hands as being suitable for a perverted mind has sat up long into the written book about

slam (or not) rather than learning all these night thinking up evil twists to the play – the ‘Chilli’ system of

abstruse methods. all these deals are table dealt (oh all bidding, developed by

For dedicated partnerships only. right, computer dealt), where the actual the author over some

declarer failed to find the best line of time. Chilli is a Strong

When to Bid, play. The deals are challenging, the Club based system, with

When to Pass explanations and analyses are clear. It’s a strong emphasis on

by Ron Klinger, Master Bridge Series, time for an example deal; this one bidding majors (espe-

£10.99, ISBN 978-0-297-86772-2 catching my eye: cially hearts). As an

example of the off-centredness of the

THIS WAS originally Chilli approach to bidding, 1™ is the

published in 2002 and ´ 6 ´ AKJ92 system opening bid on these four hands:

is an updated version. ™ KJ9743 N ™ Q 10


It is a better book than t A7643 S t K5

the previous one – at ® 2 ® K 10 7 5 ´ A9873 ´ QJ93

least in my eyes – as it ™ KQJ8 ™ KJ94

covers a much more t J93 t Q85

pertinent part of the West North East South ® 5 ® K 10

game. It is well pre- 2´1 Pass 3NT Pass

sented, with a very 4™ All Pass ´ 4 ´ KQ75

good quiz-style format, forcing the reader 1 Weak two-suiter, black suits or red suits ™ K953 ™ 8653

to think about his action or inaction. t K3 t 3

Chapter 1, with its advice on opening bids, North leads the ´4. Plan your play. ® AQ8762 ® AK53

should prove valuable reading for many Did you cash the top two spades and

despite the slightly formulaic approach throw your club away? Yes, that’s what

(HLQTs, anyone?). There is, as well, some both declarers did in a match between This book is not intended for beginners –

sensible guidance in later chapters on Australia and Singapore in 2011. North it is intended for dedicated partnerships

overcalls. To round things off nicely (and ruffs and unkindly plays two rounds of who will have to work hard through it to

to make the package complete) there are trumps for one down. You have a stronger understand the nuances of the style and

deals from real-life tournaments where line – what is it? No, I am not going to tell the system. When I tell you that the

good players went wrong (often by bid- you – you’ll have to buy the book! terminology includes ‘The Sandpit’, ‘Raw

ding too much!). For intermediate players. For intermediate players and above. Bids’, ‘Compelled Bids’ and the like, you

Recommended. Recommended. can see that you are not in for an easy ride.

A word of caution. In an early section of

the book the author states: ‘The first phase

BRIDGE AND GOLF GIFTS DIRECT LIMITED of a Chilli auction tends to be mechanistic

– there is usually only one right bid, and

Large selection of bridge and golf gifts, and bridge accessories you should make it regardless of what

available online at might happen later. Nothing bad will

happen so long as you stick to the book.’

( 020 8954 8006 / 07853 066 582 To which I can only say: ‘Really?’ Anyway,

Fax: 020 420 7006 if you are intrigued by the title and the

E-mail: premises of this book then feel free to buy

it and give these methods a go. r December 2012 English Bridge 15


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