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Overseas Congress Report

Marmaris Scores High

by Roy Garthwaite

THE 2012 Autumn EBU Overseas ‘Turkish’, ‘Italian’ and ‘Fish’. The last of Turkish Delight bought at half the initial

Congress was held at the Mares hotel a few these was the only one which incurred a asking price was definitely a ‘delight’ until

miles from Marmaris in Turkey. small supplement; it was situated on a you found out that someone else had paid

Remarkably, only twenty years ago, platform over the sea and had a three- only a quarter of the first-quoted price.

Marmaris was a small fishing village piece group playing music suitable for A visit to Turunç, a lovely resort, where

situated on the Mediterranean about fifty dancing between courses. the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean

miles north of the island of Rhodes. Now was rewarding. One could travel some ten

it is a large thriving holiday resort. miles by road or better still by water taxi

The big plus point of the Mares was its for under £6. The countryside is very hilly

setting by the sea with its own landing and covered by forests of pine trees.

jetty. From here it was possible to walk to One of the bridge talking-points was

Marmaris or to Içmeler in about an hour this deal:

in the other direction. Both places could

be accessed by inexpensive water taxis

direct from the jetty. Love All. Dealer North.

Good weather always makes for an ´ K J 10 9 7 4

enjoyable holiday and this we had in ™ QJ8

abundance, unbroken sunshine from t 10 6

breakfast until dusk with temperatures ® 93

approaching thirty centigrade. ´ — ´ —

The package was all inclusive; tea, ™ 653 N ™ 10 7 2


coffee, soft drinks, snacks and local wines t AQ987 S t KJ5432

and spirits were available all day long. One of the organised excursions was to ® 10 8 7 5 2 ® QJ64

All meals were buffet style. This could a Turkish restaurant in Marmaris which ´ AQ86532

involve walking considerable distances to participants enjoyed so much that some ™ AK94

collect the food. In addition to the main returned two days later. t —

restaurant where there was an immense Just outside the hotel down by the sea ® AK

choice for all three meals, there were three was a large sea water pool in which it was

excellent à la carte restaurants which could possible to swim with dolphins.

be pre-booked for dinner and had welcome The nearest town, Içmeler, had a market West North East South

waiter service. These were designated where the price of all items was negotiable. 2t 3t 4t

5t 5´ Pass 7´

All Pass

USA RETAIN BUFFETT CUP The 2t opener was Multi. Those Souths

THE BUFFETT CUP, held every two years, is a tournament fashioned after the Ryder who ‘knew’ that partner must have a weak

Cup in golf and usually held in the same area soon after the Ryder Cup. This year, two in hearts got a lucky large score when

though, the fourth Buffett Cup was played in Omaha, the hometown of Warren they jumped to 6™ or 7™. Although the

Buffett, the tournament’s namesake, before the Ryder Cup. diamond force had to be taken in the long

The Buffett format echoes that of the Ryder Cup, with individual, pair and team trump hand, they made thirteen tricks

events. Each team has one women’s pair and five men’s. This year’s line-up was: because of the 3-3 trump split.

Europe: Sally Brock and Nicola Smith (England); Michel and Thomas Bessis (father With good weather, pleasant playing

and son, France); Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes (Monaco); Paul Hackett conditions, convivial socialisation and

(England) and Tom Hanlon (Ireland); Kalin Karaivanov and Rumen Trendafilov excellent bridge management from the

(Bulgaria); and Ricco van Prooijen and Louk Verhees (Netherlands). usual team – complemented by Lindsey

USA: Jill Levin and Jenny Wolpert; David Berkowitz and Alan Sontag; Curtis Cheek from Bridge Overseas – this Autumn

and Marc Jacobus; Joe Grue and Brad Moss; Bob Hamman and Justin Lall; and John Congress was a pronounced success.

Hurd and Joel Wooldridge. Perhaps the Grand Hotel on Lake Garda

The USA had won two of the previous three Buffett tournaments and has added

in 2013 will live up to its name and be

another win this year, beating Europe with a score of 107-103 Buffett points.

even better – but before that there is

Fuerteventura in February. r

16 English Bridge December 2012


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