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Top Table Sally Brock PREMIER LEAGUE


AFTER SEVEN days of tough combat,

spread over three weekends, the Premier

SALLY BROCK is the Bridge Columnist League (2012) has just been completed.

The top two teams earn automatic rights to

for The Sunday Times, and a multiple selection for certain Home Internationals in

2013, while the top two teams in Division

world champion, having won the Venice 2 replace the bottom two teams in Division

Cup twice (in 1981 and 1985, repre- 1 next season. Full report: next issue.

senting Great Britain, in tandem with Division 1

1 HINDEN 123 VPs

Sandra Landy) and the Women Series at Frances Hinden, Graham Osborne,

Jeffrey Allerton, Chris Jagger

the World Bridge Games also twice (in 2 ALLFREY 118 VPs

2008 and 2012, representing England, Tony Forrester, David Gold,

Alexander Allfrey, Andrew Robson,

with Nicola Smith). She also has a Derek Patterson, Peter Crouch

3 EWART 112 VPs

collection of bronze, silver and gold Cameron Small, Phil King,

Jason Hackett, Justin Hackett,

medals from other European and world David Ewart, Gunnar Hallberg

cham pionships. Sally was pregnant 4 MOSSOP

Andrew McIntosh, David Mossop,

111 VPs

with her first son, Ben, when she won David Bakhshi, Tom Townsend,

David Price, Colin Simpson

her first Lady Milne in 1976, but took a 5 FEGARTY 106 VPs

Jonathan Mestel, David Kendrick,

break from international bridge from doesn’t leave time for much. But I like Catherine Curtis, Paul Fegarty,

1993 to 2000, while bringing up her entertaining, holidays, and eating and Jon Cooke

drinking. I go to the gym three times a 6 DE BOTTON 96 VPs

younger children, Briony and Toby. week. I read, and occasionally go to the

Norman Selway, Espen Erichsen,

Janet De Botton, Artur Malinowski,

theatre/cinema. Nick Sandqvist, David Burn


When did you start playing bridge? Bridge books: which one(s), if any, did Ben Green, John Holland,

Anita Sinclair, Fredrik Bjornlund,

My Mum and Dad taught me when I was you find useful? Joe Fawcett, Glyn Liggins

14. We had to be competent at whist, then I have a clear memory of staying up all 8 COPE 80 VPs

solo and then were allowed to progress to night to read Right Through the Pack by Dan McIntosh, Chris Cooper,

bridge. Robert Darvas. Andrew Murphy, Simon Cope,

John Howard, Andy Bowles

How often / where do you play? What do you like about bridge? Division 2

It varies. But I guess generally a couple of I think the best thing about bridge is that it 1 ROSEN 146 VPs

Neil Rosen, Martin Jones,

times a week. I’ve been playing more since is a little world all on its own. If you play Michael Byrne, Duncan Happer

I’ve got together with Barry Myers – we bridge, you never need be lonely, whether 2 PENFOLD 144 VPs

play weekends sometimes, and in county you just want to play socially, evening Sandra Penfold, Brian Senior,

leagues, knockouts etc. duplicates, bridge holidays, weekend tour- Nevena Senior, Alex Hydes

3 BELL 118 VPs

naments or internationally, either at top Mike Bell, Simon Creasey,

Do you always play with the same level or just in overseas tournaments. If Paul Gipson, Alex Gipson

partners / team-mates? What do you your job posts you abroad, you can just 4 DHONDY 115 VPs

expect of them? look up your nearest bridge club and Jeremy Dhondy, Alan Kay,

Heather Dhondy, Brian Callaghan

I mostly partner Barry or Nicola Smith but immediately make contact with like- 5 BOWDERY 96 VPs

sometimes play with other people: Simon minded people. It also gets you off your Richard Bowdery, Steve Root,

Cope, Richard Bowdery, Ed Scerri. backside and away from the television! Ian Draper, Jeremy Willans,

Andrew Southwell, Ian Lancaster

7 PRYOR 93 VPs

What do you do for a living? What’s the bridge success (so far) Malcolm Pryor, Marc Smith,

I have two distinct livelihoods. First, I have closest to your heart? Malcolm Lewis, Steve Auchterlonie,

my own desktop publishing business, That’s quite a difficult one to answer. I Alan Wilson, Nick Smith

mostly typesetting travel guides to exotic know most bridge players claim to be very 7 SEALE 84 VPs

Catherine Seale, Jerry Stamatov,

locations. Second, I teach (online on competitive but not me really. Of course Anne Rosen, Ian Pagan, Lyn Fry

BBO), play and write about bridge profes- it’s nice to win but I’m happiest when (and 8 HARRIS 26 VPs

sionally. it doesn’t happen often) I feel I’ve played Jonathan Harris, Steve Capal,

well. Perhaps the first is best. I cer- Barry Murray, Martin Pope,

Andrew Sobell, Jill Feldman

What are your hobbies? tainly enjoyed winning my first Lady

Bringing up two teenagers on my own Milne in 1976. r

20 English Bridge December 2012


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