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Charity Begins


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at Home . . .

Broadfields, Bicester Road,

Aylesbury HP19 8AZ Sally Bugden, Chairman

( 01296 317200 Fax: 01296 317220

Web site: IN THE June 2012 issue we set aside a great the rental income, i.e. we would suddenly

________________ deal of space in this magazine to provide have introduced a new cost of £20K to £40K

you with information on why the EBU from nowhere. This was unacceptable.

Editor: Elena Jeronimidis wished to register as a charity, what it meant We thought we could generate sufficient

23 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR

( 0118 926 2602 to you and what it would involve for our income for Option 3 by placing the Bridge organisation. You will remember that the Shop, Licences and Sim Pairs in the Inter-

Editorial Board Charity Commission does not recognise our national business. It is part of Charity Law

Sally Bugden (Chairman), international representation as a charitable that they would have to bring with them a

Jeremy Dhondy and Elena Jeronimidis objective and we had plans to set up a fair share of overheads. This would require

________________ separate company with only one purpose – another trading area, say Competitions, to

Advertising Manager to fund international representation. fund this and this in turn would bring more

Chris Danby at Danby Advertising I reported that we would be undertaking a overheads. So Option 3 was also financially

Fir Trees, Hall Road, Hainford, consultation with our counties about unsustainable and by the time we finished

Norwich NR10 3LXY

this change in the EBU’s structure and we the charitable EBU would look nothing like

( / Fax 01603 898678 did this, discussing it in detail at the County we originally planned. So it is with regret

________________ Chairmen’s meeting in July of this year. At that we find ourselves unable to complete

that meeting we also considered the our original plan.

Printing: Wyndeham Group difficulties we were facing in funding the So what next? We still want to develop

Internationals through a separate company everything that I set out in my editorial in

and we outlined another potential option June. We believe that our two charitable

INSIDE GUIDE which the Board needed to investigate and objectives are a core part of the EBU’s

that we would report back on at the Annual operations:

Christmas Quiz 5 n General Meeting in October. I would like to 1. The promotion of amateur sport –

Pairs Tactics 7 n take this opportunity to thank all of those which essentially is adult education;

Bridge Fiction 9 n who took part in the consultation about 2. The advancement of education –

Heather’s Hints 11 n registering as a charity and the support that which essentially is education for

Director, Please! 13 n has been shown for the project. younger people in schools, colleges

In a Nutshell 13 n The Board did fully explore both the and universities.

original and potential options and reported The first objective allows us to raise funds

Reviews 14-15 n

the following to the shareholders in for the development of bridge in England –

Overseas Congress Report 16 n

October. teaching new players, TD training, teacher

Traps for the Unwary 17 n Within the original option – registering training, club support and research on

Teams Tactics 19 n the whole of the EBU as a charity – there health benefits. The second objective

Top Table 20 n were three methods by which the Inter- allows the inclusion of our existing Youth

Ask Jeremy 21 n nationals business could be funded: and Education Trust.

Basic Cardplay 22-23 n 1. By a portion of the P2P membership We are investigating the best way to

Caption Competition 23 n subscription; achieve this with the Charity Commission

Prize Leads Quiz Qs & As 24-25 n

2. By placing Broadfields in the Inter- and we will report back to our shareholders

nationals business and the charitable and our members when we have more

Stage 2 Conventions 26-27 n

EBU paying them rent; definite news.

Club Bidding Quiz Test Hands 27 n 3. By trading activities. So we are still on track to achieve

EBU News and Diary 28-30 n We considered Option 1 to be inappropriate. charitable status for some elements of our

Bidding Quiz Test Hands 31 n It required Shareholder approval each work, which seems appropriate in this,

Letters to the Editor 33 n year for a split of the subscription, making the time of goodwill. I wish you all a

Play Technique 34-35 n long term planning very difficult for the joyful festive season and a happy and

The Debate 36-37 n Internationals business. healthy 2013. Until next time, enjoy your

Bidding Quiz Answers 38-39 n Option 2 would generate a tax charge on bridge. r

Around and About 30-41 n


County News 44-51 n

Instruction EBU News Features Laws & Ethics Reports

Local Master Promotions 52-53 n

Club Bidding Quiz Answers

Farewell, Max!




n n n n n n December 2012 English Bridge 3


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