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Dimmie Fleming Awards 2012

8-9 Gold Cup Finals

West Midlands BC, Solihull

15-16 Senior Camrose trials


21-23 Junior Channel Trophy

Rosebery Hall, London

27-30 Year End Congress, London THE INTENT of the Dimmie Tom Garrett, Penny Riley,

28-30 Year End Congress, Blackpool Fleming award is to publicly Berks & Bucks Cambs & Hunts

n JANUARY 2013 recognise those people who

4-6 Camrose Trophy do not hold an official (i.e.

Northern Ireland EBU) office but have, for a

4-6 Midlands Congress

Bransford, Worcs. long time, worked hard for

5-6 Manchester Congress bridge, usually at County level

7-11 British Sims Clubs or for bridge development

19-20 Swiss Teams Congress

Hinckley Island Hotel (i.e. teaching).

25-27 Lady Milne trials Dimmie Fleming, who died

Young Chelsea aged 85 in 1995, was for almost

n FEBRUARY 2013 twenty years ‘Mrs Bridge’,

5-6 Bridge England Sims, Clubs running the English Bridge Tom has worked hard for county Besides being the county’s long-

6-12 Overseas Congress Union from her home, as bridge for over 40 years. He cur- standing Membership Secretary,


9-10 Tollemache Final

Secretary from 1955 to 1974. rently serves on the main com- Penny has contri but ed enor -

Hinckley Island Hotel She was only the second mittee as Membership Secretary mously to bridge in the area.

15-17 Junior Camrose/Peggy Bayer woman to play in a British as well as being an EBU share- While teaching at Chesterton

England holder and Regional Club Rep- School, she ran a lunch-time

22-24 Harrogate Spring Congress

open team.

Majestic Hotel While she was the EBU resentative for Berks & Bucks. bridge club, ferrying the team

Secretary, membership grew Tom founded the Chiltern to regional events.

n MARCH 2013 from 4,000 to 9,000. In the

Bridge League and was Chair- At club level, her many con-

1-3 Cornwall Congress man from 1968-1986 and Presi- tributions have included dupli-

Falmouth Hotel early days she was able to

dent ever since. Forty years ago mating for a number of clubs –

(NOTE change of venue) recite any member’s address he also created the very popular about 7,000 boards per annum –

1-3 Camrose Trophy from memory. To most ordi-

Republic of Ireland Chiltern Edge Bridge Club. Tom as well as providing county

2-3 Ranked Masters Pairs nary members, Dimmie is also a qualified EBU Director representation and conducting

Daventry Hotel Fleming was the EBU. and a successful bridge teacher. historical research.

3 Masters Pairs

Bradford, Richmond,

Solihull, Tunbridge Wells,

Welwyn Garden City

8-10 Cumbria Congress


Elaine Proctor, Lincs Judy Mitchell, Jackie Clinton,

9 Manchester GP Swiss Pairs

St Peter’s Assembly Rooms,

Staffs & Shrops Sussex


9 Young Bridge Challenge

Loughborough Grammar


9 Channel Islands GP event

St Martin’s Community

Centre, St Martin’s GY4 6RR

9-10 London GP Weekend

9-10 Suffolk/Norfolk GP Weekend

9-10 Leicester GP Weekend

9-10 Wilts/Avon GP Weekend

10 Bedford GP Swiss Teams Elaine was a member of the

Vauxhall Club, Luton County Management for many Judy has been a very active and Jackie learned to play bridge in

10 Merseyside & Cheshire years and for 35 consecutive enthusiastic member of the 1985 and by 1993 was serving on

GP Swiss Teams the West Sussex Bridge Club

Deva BC, Chester

seasons she was the County county Committee for many

11-15 Club Stratified Sim Pairs Master Points Secretary. years, and is always willing to Committee. She became the first

Clubs At local level Elaine has sup- take on the extra responsibility. female club Chairman in 1995

17 National Pairs Regional Finals ported the Lincon Eastgate Club Two of her most valuable con- (until 1998) and held the role

Bradford, Bristol, Leatherhead, tributions have been the orga- again from 2004 to 2007. Jackie

and within this she organises

Peterborough, Solihull

17 White House Junior Internationals and runs the Lincoln Wednesday nisation of the county’s annual has directed and duplimated for

Amsterdam Afternoon Bridge Club whose Congress and her joint role as WSBC for several years and has

24 Isle of Man GP Duplicate Pairs profits are donated to charitable County’s Competitions and been a great ambassador for the

Douglas causes or to support county League Secretary. club. She was elected onto the

24 Portland Pairs

teams in the Midland League. Judy has also played a similarly County Management Commit-

Various Clubs

29-31 Northern Easter Festival Elaine has always been a keen excellent part in the bridge at her tee in 2002 and became the first

Park Inn Hotel, York supporter of the game and has local Shrewsbury Bridge Club, female County Chairman (2007-

29-1 Apr Easter Festival of Bridge encouraged a great many people both as Secretary (1980-2004) 2012); she is now a Vice-

Royal National Hotel, London President of the County.

to take up bridge. and Treasurer (since 2010).

30 English Bridge December 2012


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