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CI pairs and teams were: Swiss Pairs: 9th leading flower shows. John came to won by David Taylor, Liz Hall, Mike

Landmark Gill and Peter Pitcher; Pivot Teams: 8th Cornwall fifteen years ago and con- Douglas and Paul Knighton. In a close

Mike Allen, Andy Hall, Tuula Lehtinen, verted from Precision to Acol. He finish Paul Madden, John Squibb, Steve

Promotions Mike Bane; Ladies’ Pairs: 2nd Rosemary became a club director and took very Cave and Derek Brooks came 2nd.

Pallot – Fiona Honey; Men’s Pairs: 5th successful beginners’ classes, bringing David and Mary Marshall took top

Avon Martin Jones – Hugh Bacon; Mixed many new players into the game. He is place in the Edgar Foster Cups event

Premier Grand Master Pairs: 5th Fiona and John Honey; greatly missed. hosted by Worcestershire; Howard and

Mr DS Jones Multiple Teams: 2nd Marion Miles, Sue Diary dates: Dec 2, Men’s Pairs and Annice Morton, and Ian Hall – Gary

Regional Master Rankin, Fiona and John Honey; Seniors’ Ladies’ Pairs, Ladock. Jan 6, Falmouth Flood were their team members. The

Mr GA Birch Teams: 8th Marion Miles, Sue Rankin, Salver Pairs, Falmouth BC. Jan 13, Star team won the cup for the best county

Lynne Williamson, Liz Thompson; Swiss Masters and Tredova Cup, Ladock. Jan performance.


Teams: 4th Sean Galpin, Daniel 27, Teams of Four, Ladock. Don Smedley – John Griffin were the

Mrs J Martin McIntosh, Alistair Kent, Robert best placed Derbyshire pair in the GP

Bedfordshire Plumley. Shell Trophy (for the best CI Pairs at EMBA in 7th place; playing

Cumbria with Roman Gembicki – Cedric

Regional Master pair over the two Swiss events): Marion

Mr J Bateman Miles and Sue Rankin. Cockcroft they came 3rd in the GP

Jersey results – Victoria Club: Mixed Teams.

Mrs RB Bateman THE first event of the season was the The new DCBA Membership Secre-

Pairs: 1. Sue Rankin – Graham Boxall,

Master Autumn Simultaneous Pairs which was tary is Liz Hall and the club represen-

2= Rosemary Pallot – Norman Le Cocq,

Mr Chris White won by Simon Smith – Rosemary tative on the regional committee is Mick

and Catherine Rynd – Carl Harrison.

Jackson; 2nd were Chris Hamilton – Gavigan. Contact details are on the

Berks. & Bucks. Teams: 1. Jane Knight, Chris Hill, Sue Wad Davies.

Rankin, Gill Hall; 2. Jackie Rumball, DCBA website.

Life Master Christine Skellon – Trevor Ward won

Marion Miles, Howard Basden-Smith, Diary dates: Dec 5, Spare date for

Mr N Wolfendale the Cumbria Imp Pairs and the runners- playing deferred team matches. Dec 12,

Meredith Case. Highfield Club: the up were Ken Johnston – Ian Reeves.

Regional Master Summer Cup was won by Pat Panter, Xmas Party. Dec 19, Spare date for

Mr KP Colling Congratulations to all the winners. playing deferred team matches. Jan 12

narrowly from husband John; 67 players Diary dates: Feb 17, Green-pointed

Mr D Faria played the required six times. and 13, County Pairs Qualifying, Final

Championship Pairs, Eden Bridge Club, and Consolation Final. Jan 16, National

Mr S Mian Guernsey Results – St Martins Club: Carlisle; entry forms are to be found on

Master British Autumn Simultaneous Pairs: Pairs Qualifying Round.

the county website. Mar 8-10, 57th

Mr Michael Brent Peter Keeling and Ralph Laski came 4th Cumbria Congress, Windermere Hydro,

Mrs MD Bullen overall. Bowness on Windermere. Devon

Other news: at the EBU Overseas

Mr C Franklin Congress the Jersey Team of Howard

Dr I Haigh Basden-Smith, Sue Rankin, Jane Knight Derbyshire GUERNSEY Congress:

Mrs LD Haigh and Chris Hill won their section of the Warner Solomon had a

Miss EH Lacquiere Pivot Teams. Chris and Jane also came www.bridgewebs/derbyshire successful week, win-

Clive Lewis second in the Mixed Pairs. JOHN and Amanda ning the Pre-congress

Mr R Sutton Diary dates: Sat Mar 9, CI Green Sowter won the Smedley Pairs with Robert Plum-

Point Event, Guernsey. Salver for the DCBA ley, winning the Senior Teams with Mike

Dr M Zwieflhofer

Summer Pairs Champion- Fithyan, Christine and Richard Ray, and

Cambs & Hunts ship; Don Smedley – coming 2nd in the Swiss Teams.

Grand Master

Cornwall John Griffin came 2nd. Cornwall Green Point Teams: congra-

Mr JL Cooke Peter Kelly’s team, which included tulations to the winners: Nethie and

Regional Master THE new season began Sheila Kelly, Alex Hogg, Cedric Geoffrey White, George Simnett and

with a resounding 74.17% Cockcroft, Andy Wells and Malcolm Jacek Pietrzycki, and the runners-up:

Mr E Humphrey Caporn, won the DCBA Summer Swiss Jan Plumb, Graham Broach, Duncan

win in the County Indivi-

Channel Islands dual for our new Tourn- Teams for the British Rail Trophy after Hamlyn and Christine Maunder.

Life Master ament Secretary, Dommy twelve hard fought rounds. John The Plymouth Congress Pairs was

Mr J Seymour Boxall, from County Griffin’s team was the runner-up. won by Andrew Leslie – Betty Golding

Secretary, Chris Bickerdike. The DCBA Multiple Teams Cham- (photo below); the Swiss Teams by

Regional Master

Brian and Elaine Relton pionship for the India Cup has been Richard Lingham, Ann Slee, Ruth

Mr M Newman

won the Falmouth Swiss Pairs, from

Mr JH Robert

Mike Booth – Jenny Cant, a new

Master pairing, who won all six matches. Geoff

Dr R Endean and Nethie White, last year’s winners,

Mrs SE Le Sueur again won the Wadebridge Green-

Mr ER Todd Pointed Swiss Teams, playing this time

with George Simnett – Jacek Pietrzycki;


2nd were a Liskeard-Plymouth team,

Life Master Jan Plumb, Graham Broach, Duncan

Mr DN Boxall Hamlyn and Christine Maunder, who

Regional Master lost only their final match. There was a

Mr IC Edwards very tight finish in the Mixed Pairs, with

Master Val Clifford – Dave Boxall winning

Mrs M Buckingham from Rod Bell – Dommy Boxall (after a


Mrs Irene Culshaw

Congratulations to Jenny Vaughan,

Mr APB Rohrs who has passed the rigorous EBU Tourn-

Mr J Saitch ament Directors’ Course at Coventry –

Mr N Trenaman with a distinction.

Cumbria John Ridding, chairman of Bude BC,

has died – quite suddenly – aged 63.

Regional Master

Photo: Ruth Edmondson

John was a flower expert. He wrote

Mrs R Jackson several books, and held a Royal Horti-

Ms DH Pritchard cultural Society’s Gold Medal from the

Master Chelsea Flower Show for his fuchsias,

Mr Simon Smith on which he was the national authority; Plymouth Congress Pairs winners: Betty Golding and Andrew Leslie.

he had won over 250 Gold Medals at December 2012 English Bridge 45


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