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Edmondson and Brigid McElroy. come top in the country. This is the

Landmark Diary dates: Sun Dec 9, Torquay third time they have came first in these Hants and IoW

Swiss Pairs, Torquay Bridge Club; con- events.

Promotions tact Pat Haynes ( 01803 293903. Tue Well done in the Bedford Swiss Teams

Jan 8, Devon Winter Pairs. Jan 12-13, to Essex pair Chris and Sue Taylor (with CONGRATULATIONS to

Derbyshire John Woolcott Weekend, Isca Centre, team-mates) who after a bad start came Pauline Serby – Eleanor

Master Exeter; contact Terry Cannon ( 01395 3rd. At the Herts GP Swiss Teams Pat Rice, together with Berks

Mr Janusz Adamowilz 266448. Mon Jan 21, first of the Devon Johnson’s team came 2nd; well done and Bucks partners, who

Mr J Boadle Pairs (Julia Chadwick) heats (see Pat, Remi Tatur, Tony Verran, Peter came 2nd in the Bell Cup

Mr Marius Dros calendar/website). Sun Jan 27, Devon Scotting. At the Surrey GP Swiss Pairs at the National Women’s Teams.

Clubs Teams of Eight Championship, John Williams – David Cooper won all Two teams from HIOW had some

Mr GE Flood Isca Centre, Exeter; contact Jeanine their matches to come a very close 2nd good results at the Guernsey Congress:

Mr MJ Haynes Keith ( 01404 812201. Sun Feb 3, Richard and Christine Ray, Mike

(by one point).

Devon Dartington Glass Hospice Swiss There was a clean sweep for Essex at Fithyan and Warner Solomon came 3rd

Life Master Teams, Filleigh Village Hall; contact the Felixstowe Congress: on the Saturday, in the Multiple Teams, won the Senior

Neil Marsden ( 01271 860302. the Championship Pairs was won by Teams (with Ian and Clare Fearon,

Mr KG Nelson

Martin and Sandy Smith, the Consola- Danielle Sissingh, Sula Turpin coming

Ms V Peters

Dorset tion Pairs was won by George and 3rd) and were 2nd in the Swiss Teams

Ms C Ritzen (Ian Fearon’s team coming 3rd again).

Maureen Vede, and the Open Pairs was

Regional Master In the West of England Congress John

won by Robert Elliott – Sandy Riach.

Mr D Pearson WEYMOUTH Cup: 1. On the Sunday, the Swiss Teams was Jones – Adrian Fontes were 6th and

Master Dave Latchem, Rod won by Val Mollison – Brian Davies Lesley Lewis – Dave Willis 7th in the

Mrs J Barnes Marks, Andy Kittridge, with Paul Mollison – Bernie Hunt, 2nd Pairs; Lesley and Dave were also 7th in

Mr TD Barnes Robin Wright; 2. were Chris and Sue Taylor with team- the Mixed Pairs; in the Swiss Teams John

Angela Walters, Tony Lawrence, mates, and 3rd were Peter Oake – Simon and Adrian came 6th with Berks &

Miss Magdalena Cisek

Matthew Phillips, Janet Smiths. The Moorman with Sandy Riach – Robert Bucks team-mates, Lesley and Dave

Mrs B Emerson Weymouth Cup (for teams under with Andrew Bennett – Dave Hinkin

Mrs VG Irish Elliott.

National Master) was won by David and Diary dates: Dec 9, Christmas Party. 11th, and Madeline Lawson, Mac

Mr S McKibbin Isabel Marr and John and Marion Nurmo hamed, Bo Deyal, Mike

Fri Jan 25, National Pairs Heat. Feb 3,

Dorset Howitt. Gwilliam 17th.

Swiss Pairs. Feb 9-10, Woodham Ferrers

Championship Cups (Joint competi- County results: Ladies’ Pairs: 1. Helen

Life Master Congress.

tions with Hampshire): Ladies’ Pairs: 1. Kinloch – Madeline Lawson, 2. Georgie

Mr AD Kittridge Judy Petran – Lynne Heath, 2. Helen Dalton – Sonia Blandy. Men’s Pairs:

Regional Master Ackroyd – Ann Sharples. Men’s Pairs: 1. Gloucestershire 1. Jeremy Baker – Fred Hotchen, 2. John

Mrs J Petran Miles Cowling – Martin Brook, Sherringham – James Guiton. Mixed

2. Ron Heath and Robin Wright. Pairs: 1. Mark Hooper – Helen Ackroyd,

Mr R Wright

Flemmich Cup: 1. Nick Forrest, Sally CONGRATULATIONS 2. Ken and Penny Haines (winners of

Essex Cairns, Edward Leatham, Bryan Cross; to Janet Wheeler – Jean the Simmons Flitch for the best married

Life Master 2. Janet Smith, Kelly Courtney, John Hughes who won the pair). Candover Teams: 1. Keith Bennett,

Mr AD Cundy Gardner, Margot Wilson; 3. Anne first round of the Club Chris Kinloch, Tracey Adams, Steve

Dr JC Williams Allerston, Mary Clews, Alan Wilson, Players Championship Tearle; 2. Helen Ackroyd, Chris Guy,

Master Mary Stebbing. from Ted Phillips – Mary Portman. It Pauline Serby, John Moore.

Mr Frederick Cross Other notable results: was held at Chipping Campden whose Diary dates: Dec 2, Bloxham Swiss

John Gardner – Margot Wilson club took the early lead in the club Teams. Dec 3-7, Charity Duplicated

Mr R Green featured in many competitions in the competition. The next round will be Pairs (in clubs). Dec 16, Yuletide Mini-

Gloucestershire Guernsey Congress, winning the Multi- played on January 13 followed by the Swiss Teams. Jan 13, Midwinter Mini-

Master ple Teams and John winning the Men’s No Fear Cup on March 3. Remember Swiss Teams. Jan 27, Candlestick Swiss

Mr T Jones Pairs. Ron and Lynne Heath did well in that these events are for non-experts; Pairs (1pm). Feb 4-8, IBM Cup Dupli-

the Seniors and Swiss Pairs. they all start at 2.15pm and finish by cated Pairs (clubs). All the above will be

Mrs PA McCulloch Janet Smith – Geoffrey Bailey 6pm, and include a tea and an expert held at Romsey, starting at 2pm unless

Mrs Dorothy Windeatt (Surrey) finished 8th in the Surrey otherwise stated. Enquiries and entries

commentary on the hands played. You

Hants and I.O.W. Green Point Swiss Pairs. Rod Marks

can play in as few or many as you to Lilian Craigen ( 02380 254276 or

Regional Master finished 2nd with Bill Rowe

wish – the more you play the more

(Somerset) in the West of England

Mr J Fairhurst Congress Swiss Pairs. Helen Ackroyd –

chances of winning points for yourself

Mrs JA McMahon Mark Hooper won the Hampshire

and your club. Herefordshire

Master Lincoln Mixed Pairs. The Cotswold Cup was won by Angela

Mr Tony Brook Diary dates: Dec 9, Chope Salver Hall, Peggy Phillips Mike Wignall and

Paul Lilley narrowly ahead of John WE started the new season with the first

Mr S Crawford (Mixed Pairs), Dorchester. Jan 6, round of the Inter-club Teams, a peren-

Knight Cup (Pairs) at Hamworthy Councer, Angelos Agathangelou, Mary

Mr Phil Hickman nially popular competition. Leading after

Club, Canford Magna. Feb 3, Frost Jones and Cynthia Moore – a good after-

PV Lewis the first round are Hereford A, followed

Rose Bowl (Teams) at Allendale Bridge noon with good food and money raised

by Ross A and Wyeside A. But it’s early

Miss H Perkin Club, Wimborne. Further information for charity. Why not make a New Year

days in this five-round event.

Herefordshire at resolution to come next year and make The Ladies’ Pairs was won by the

it a bigger success? Worcestershire duo of Pam Pearce – Sue

Life Master

Well done to Norah Allen – Anne Evans, closely followed by Evie

Mr P Watts Essex Swannell for winning the County Ladies Whitfield – Jane Morton (dual mem-

Hertfordshire Pairs and Tony Hill – Alan Wearmouth bers are invited to enter most of our

Life Master ESSEX won the Metropol- the Men’s. county events). The Men’s Pairs

Mrs BC Baldock itan Cup B Flight with a Want to get over the Seasonal unfortunately had to be cancelled

team of A Kitchin, A Festivities? Then come to the County because of insufficient entries.

Regional Master

Hartley (Capt), S and M Mixed Pairs and Flitch on Monday At the AGM, Ben Britton, Chris

Mrs PM Quayle January 7 – it’s the usual 7pm start.

Smith, C Leighton, M Chowney and Bob Underhill were re-

Mr RG Reed Krim goltz, P Scotting, Another date for your diary is elected as Chairman, Secretary and

Master M Watson, D Valtisiaris, J Sutcliffe, Sunday February 3, for the Lesley Treasurer respectively. Peter Watts has

Mrs R Barlow M Wren, C Chorley. Everett Cup – a team of four event; retired as County Captain after six years

Iain Climie In the EBU September Sim Pairs, Alan usual 2.15pm start at Cheltenham of sterling effort; his replacement will be

Coral – David Sherman have once again Bridge Club. George Barrett. Full results of all county

46 English Bridge December 2012


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