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John takes on


the role

of bridge expert

‘There seem to be a lot of new faces here announced it as 17 to 20 in an effort to be Mike Swanson

tonight,’ observed John. helpful. John then alerted Julie’s 2™ bid,

‘Yes, it is the first night of competitive which prompted East to ask what it

duplicate for the people who have been on meant.

the latest round of classes, so they might ‘It’s a transfer bid showing at least five E/W Game. Dealer North.

not be au fait with all the current rules and spades,’ replied John. ´ 10 5 2

regulations,’ replied Julie. ‘We have been told that we must an- ™ Q82

‘I’ll do my best to help them then. After nounce transfers, so why did you alert?’ t Q92

all, I have more experience of that side of asked East. ® 8632

the game than most,’ said John. ‘Because it was a transfer response to a ´ QJ96 ´ K873

‘But only because you are always getting 1NT overcall. Announcements of strength, ™ J 10 6 N ™ A943


things wrong!’ said Julie with feeling. Stayman and red-suit transfers only apply t J76 S t A843

when it is a1NT opening bid so technically ® AQ7 ® 10

Julie should not have even announced the ´ A4

Love All. Dealer West. strength of my 1NT overcall,’ replied John. ™ K75

´ 10 9 6 3 2 ‘How confusing. I would have thought t K 10 5

™ Q7 that it would have been easier to have the ® KJ954

t AJ3 same regulations for both,’ observed East

® 10 8 6 before passing.

´ J87 ´ A4 West wanted to lead a heart but he was John examined his rather nice 14-count

™ J 10 9 6 4 2 N ™ K5 worried that the opponents might make a and opened 1NT, giving Julie the chance


t 82 S t Q 10 6 5 4 fuss if he did so, given that his partner’s to announce the strength. ‘That’s 12 to 14

® 95 ® KQ32 question had drawn attention to the suit; points, but what a shame that John isn’t the

´ KQ5 therefore he opted to lead his partner’s dealer,’ said Julie in an exasperated tone.

™ A83 suit with the eight of diamonds. John, The Director was called and he explained

t K97 worried that the lead might be a singleton, that West could accept John’s opening bid

® AJ74 rose with the ace and led the ten of spades out of turn but, if he didn’t, John’s 1NT bid

and, when East played smoothly, he decided would be cancelled and the bidding would

that the jack of spades was more likely to revert to Julie who would have to pass

West North East South be in West hand and so he rose with the throughout, though John could bid what he

Julie John king of spades and then played the five of wanted. West felt he needed every advan-

Pass Pass 1t 1NT spades from hand in the hope that the ace tage playing against an expert so he didn’t

Pass 2™ Pass 2´ was doubleton, which of course it was. accept the 1NT; after North and East had

Pass 3NT Pass 4´ East was now endplayed and John eventu- passed, John had to decide what to do and

ally emerged with ten tricks and a near he opted for the aggressive course of action

When John overcalled with 1NT, Julie top. by bidding 3NT. This was not a success and

West was impressed with all that John he eventually emerged with four tricks and

had done and so decided to ask for some a bottom.

WANTED advice. ‘Would it have been alright for me

to lead a heart when my partner asked

‘Now you have seen John in a true light,’

said Julie. ‘One minute he’s the expert and

Life Master seeks about the alerted bid?’ the next he’s the village idiot. Still, I have

SAYC-playing partner

‘So long as the heart lead is a clear cut to admit it’s never dull!’

of same or higher rank

for congress circuit. choice, which I think it is on this hand,’ John wasn’t quite sure whether Julie was

Contact Tugrul Kaban replied John authoritatively. He could feel paying him a backhanded compliment or himself growing in stature and was full of not. He decided to keep his head down,

optimistic enthusiasm as he took out his concentrate harder, and not offer advice to

cards from the next board. strangers for the rest of the evening. r June 2010 English Bridge 13


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