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LETTERS CONTINUED from page 27 Good The Poor

for a laugh Man’s

What a hand! PLAYING at the bridge club, Duplimate

my LHO opened the bidding

AT our Newent club, this hand to find that 5t doubled, is with 1® and the bidding went: IN your April issue, Jeremy

was played at eighteen tables virtually cold. I doubt many Dhondy makes a very good

and I think I’ve heard seventy- pairs would find the lead of a W N E S case for computer-dealt hands

two views on how it should be small heart to the king and a 1® Pass 1™ Pass but then goes on to say that

bid! club return. Some elected a 5™ 1NT Pass 2´ Pass the main drawback is the cost.

overcall which again some - 4™ All Pass Not so! I have used computer-

Love All. Dealer South. times ended the auction. Some dealt hands at my club for two

´J8 Norths decided that having no I led and won the first trick. years and don’t have a dealing


defence to 5™, they’d sacrifice I noticed that dummy had machine! See below . . .


® Q J 10 9 6 5 in 6t, which is an excellent four spades but only ™A-K-10 Most clubs would like to

´AKQ43 ´ 97652 result for N/S costing at most so I assumed that they pre- have computer dealt hands

™ A Q 10 8 4 3 2 ™ K 7 6 100 if doubled. ferred a 5-3 fit in hearts rather with print-outs but are put off

t6 W



t 8 At this point some Easts than a 4-4 fit in spades. by the cost of the dealing

® Void S ® 7432 decided that having said no- As I also had four spades, I machines. At my bridge club,

´ 10

™J thing throughout and if West led one, everyone followed and the Darley Club in Troon, I

t Q J 10 9 7 5 4 3 could bid 5™ without the king declarer won the trick. have found a neat solution. I

®AK8 of hearts, they would bid 6™. I won the third trick so I led have purchased ‘Dealmaster’

Again, excellent judgment another spade for my partner software (only £32) and we

South variously opened 1t, giving E/W a good score. to ruff but she followed. make up the hands manually

2t (weak), 3t or 4t. What- The red mist was beginning When we had finished play- from the computer print-out.

ever your preference, there is to descend and so a couple of ing the hand I asked my RHO The members like them and

some merit in each of these South’s took their cue from why she had bid 2´ when she hence won’t be thrown when

bids and I think you could North and sacrificed in 7t – had only two spades in her they meet computer-dealt

spark a lively debate over the an excellent result for N/S hand. ‘It tells my partner that I hands in tournaments. As well

opening bid alone. Most Wests costing at most 300 if doubled. have exactly 11 points after he as getting a print-out of the

then either made a take-out The E/W top went to the has bid 1NT,’ she replied. ‘Only hands, they get ‘Deep Finesse’

double or an intermediate or pair who bid 7´ after N/S bid if I opened 1NT’, replied LHO. computer analysis showing the

strong jump-overcall. One to 7t. South was on lead and, Even though the opposition number of tricks that can be

player ‘took a view’ and bid convinced that North must got a top, my partner and I made with best play on both

6™, and a couple used a hold four diamonds to bid could only laugh. sides.

Michael’s Cue-bid to show 5-5 seven and therefore one oppo- Edward Newman, Luton If the hands are suited by the

in the majors. nent (probably East, as he bid members at the end of a

North then bid some num- 7´) was void in that suit, he session, it takes about forty

ber of diamonds ranging from

a simple raise to a triple jump

led the ‘safe’ ace of clubs. Two

minutes later, after drawing Support minutes to make up twenty-

four boards. If a non-playing

(1t, Double, 5t), most of trumps and unblocking the member of the club isn’t avail-

which silenced East. South then heart king, East couldn’t sup- IN response to the April ‘Chat able, then you simply find a

generally raised to game, unless press a wry smile as he dis- with the Editor’, I thought I’d bright teenager who wants to

already bid by North. carded his losing diamond on send a quick note to say well earn some pocket money! The

Some Wests, not having had the fourth heart. done on the design of the alternative is to have two sets

any support from East, made a Now that’s what I call a hand! cover for the February issue. I of boards: get the members to

disastrous penalty double only Brian Dorey, Newent thought it was excellent. Yes, it make up the boards for the

would have been even better if following week’s session – no

there’d been a ‘who’s who’, but one remembers a single card!

that’s very minor in the scheme (Note: this is illegal! — Ed.)

Submission No. 1 of things. Give it a try at your club, you

I also agree with your com- won’t regret it. Once your

At 4.49pm on 1st April the EBU received

ments about covering the members get used to more

their very first Pay To Play submission.

Premier League, and competi- exciting hands with the print-

Welwyn Garden City Bridge Club had a ten-table

tiveness. Regarding your third outs, they will never want to go

duplicate in the morning.

topic, all I can say is that it’s back to the old ways. After all,

Congratulations to Susan Early and Nora Cherry (North-

rather sad if people write abusive has any club who introduced

South) and Michael Pearce and Ann Kaplan (East-West)

messages to the editor of a bidding boxes ever gone back

for winning the first session of the new era.

bridge magazine. to silent bidders?

Tim Warren, Chobham Ian Dalziel, Troon r

28 English Bridge June 2010


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