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n JUNE 2010

5-6 Corwen Trophy



12-13 Pachabo Cup Details plus Q&A are on the EBU website

Daventry (NEW VENUE) THE new 2010 White Book has

19 Garden Cities Trophy Final MASTER Points are the mea- n ament Committee and the been published. It is only avai-

Solihull lable electronically from the

22-3 Jul 50th European Teams surement of an EBU member’s Editorial Board, the following

Championships (Ostend) lifetime achievement for play- was agreed: EBU website (Laws and Ethics

Publications page).

26 One-Day Green-pointed


ing duplicate bridge. We want • From 1st April, there will

The White Book is for tour-

Northants to ensure that our members are be four landmark promo-

26-27 Oxfordshire Congress recognised locally, amongst their tions (Master, Regional nament directors and organ-

Steventon fellow players, as well as nation- Master, Life Master and isers, and has commentaries on

27 One-Day Green-pointed the laws updated to take into


ally. So we will be providing Grand Master). When you

our clubs, three times a year, are pro moted to one of account the 2007 Lawbook. It

Dorset, Beds

with their primary members’ these four levels, you will also has victory point scales and

n JULY 2010 MP promotions so that the club receive a good quality gift, a wealth of other information

1-3 European Transnational Pairs such as how to split a tie or give


can use this infor mation to and free entry into the

2 -4 English Riviera Congress announce their players’ achieve- Ranked Masters pairs. a weighted ruling.



Summer Seniors Congess

ments in the club, in the club • All other promotions

newsletter and on the club will enter a four-monthly


11 National County League website. We also hope that our Master Point draw with NICKO &

Finals counties will re cog nise the three prizes – first prize is

West Midlands BC, Solihull achievements of their members two nights Dinner, Bed & GARDEN CITIES

17-18 Notts Green-pointed

weekend and publicise their MP promo- Breakfast for two people at

THE National Inter Club

Derby tions on the county website and a Barceló Hotel.

Knock-Out competition is spe-

18 Sussex One Day Green-

pointed Swiss Teams

in the county newsletter. • The winner of the most

cifically aimed at EBU affiliated


Universal Membership will black points in each affil-

clubs, and we want to ensure

24-25 Essex / Herts One-Day Green- bring to the EBU up to 25,000 iated club’s events will en-

pointed Events

that the competition is truly re-

new members. Many of these ter the new Annual Prize

Ware presentative of clubs and their

players will consistently win Draw with a first prize of

25 One-Day Green-pointed players. In the past eight years,

Event Master Points in the future. All £400. The annual local

however, there has been a sub-

Manchester this means that in the first two and national awards will

26-27 BGB Summer Sim Pairs stantial decline in entries. The

or three years after 1st April continue.

29-1 Aug Scarborough Summer Festival Tournament Committee thinks

2010 we can expect a large The EBU website will be used

this is because the competition’s

n AUGUST 2010 number of MP promotions – to publicise all MP promotions

ethos of attracting bona fide

6-15 Brighton Summer Congress 25,000 each year or possibly with English Bridge used more

Hilton Metropole Hotel club players has become cloud-

more. The current framework selectively. Individuals will be

9-11 Really Easy Congress ed. In order to reverse the trend,

Brighton was designed for incremental able to view their promotions

we are looking at a proposal to

9-12 Brighton Seniors Congress increases, not for a sudden in their personal area on the

10-12 Brighton Next Step Congress ensure that any player repre-

change of this magnitude and website.

27-29 Junior Teach In senting a club has played in that


simply cannot sensibly cope. We intend to review the

club a certain number of times

28-29 Premier League After many months of consul- scheme within a year. Send

(reserve weekend)

– twelve has been suggested – in

tation with Aylesbury, the Tour- your views to

the preceding year. We would

n SEPTEMBER 2010 like to hear from our clubs to

4-5 National Women's Teams The EBU proudly congratulates our England and find out why they do or do not


9-12 Isle of Man Congress

EBU Teams that have won the Camrose and enter the NICKO – and what, if

11-12 Premier League the Lady Milne. Reports on pages 10 and 16. anything, would revitalise it for

11-12 Bedford Congress them. We will not be making a


decision until October at the

13-14 EBU Autumn Sim Pairs

13-16 Warren Buffett Cup earliest, when playing patterns

Cardiff, Wales CHANGES & WARNINGS will be clear and you will have

17-26 Guernsey Congress & BRIGHTON: The Brighton Summer Congress will take place had time to tell us your views.

Seniors Congress from 6th to 15th August. See page 34 for new dates and details

25-26 Premier League The Garden Cities Trophy is

of the Really Easy Congress as well as the Seniors Congress,

Manchester Bridge Club for the winners of each county

25-26 One Day Green-pointed

and page 36 for the new Next Step Congress.

association’s inter-club teams of

events !!! WARNING !!! The first weekend of the Brighton Congress

Glos / Herefordshire, takes place at the same time as the Gay Parade, so you are eight competition for affiliated

Derbys, Surrey advised to book your accommodation early. clubs. It would be subject to si-

26 One Day Green-pointed FEBRUARY 2011 OVERSEAS CONGRESS: This will take place milar conditions as the NICKO.


in Antalya, Turkey, from 9th to 14th February 2011. See page E-mail

Herts, Cornwall,

Westmorland 36 for details of the October 2010 Overseas Congress in Crete. by the beginning of September

and give us your views. June 2010 English Bridge 35


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