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Cities Trophy. Winners of the Mixed the Club Pairs Finals, with Malcolm

Congratulations to the Avon Pairs on March 11 with 59.4% were Paul Burch – Ken Butler of Five Aces second,

newly promoted Kilduff – Liz Talbot, while the Seniors’ and to Addis Page – Liz Hayton, winners

Pairs on March 25 was won by Bernard of the Mixed Pairs ahead of last year’s

Grand Master: CONGRATULATIONS to Lene Priess – and Margaret Eddleston with 62.1%. winners Sandra Belcher – Steve Gore.

Preben Schmidt for winning the Avon Well done to all concerned. The Seniors Pairs was won by World

Mr SVH Harding, Herts County Pairs, with the following equal Further afield, Alan Oddie and David Champion Colin Simpson and his wife

2nd: C. Cheek – D. Lewis, T. Brierley – Harris’s team were 2nd in the Swiss Juliana, with the defending champions,

M. Elliott, N. Stephens – M.Short. Teams competition at the Harrogate Carole Mueller – Richard Palmer, close

Congratulations to David Jones part- Congress held on February 28. behind. Margaret Bradshaw – Colin

nering Rob Lawy of Somerset for win- Diary Dates: June 27, Green-pointed Harris took the Veterans prize.

Master Point ning the Grand Master Pairs and congra- EBU Swiss Teams One-Day event, Vaux- There have been a number of good

tulations also to Ralph and Andy Smith,

promotions joint 3rd in the same event.

hall Recreation Centre in Luton (see performances in national competitions:

BBA website for more details). Graham Cheetham – Marilyn Murtagh

In the Regional Final of the National won the C flight in the Swiss Pairs at the

Avon Cambs & Pairs, the only Avon pairs to qualify were London Easter Congress; Simon Cope

3 Star Premier Hunts Sue O’Hara – Nelson Stephens; David Berks and Bucks was 4th in the Championship Pairs. Ed

Regional Master Life Master Jones partnering Miles Cowling of Scerri – Richard Palmer were 2nd in the

Mrs A Huddleston Dr I McDonald

Dorset and Brian Dyde – Peter Sherry Grand Masters Pairs and with Kevin

qualified in the two reserve positions. In WELCOME to all our new

2 Star Master Premier National Elstow – Phil Thornton won the Bed-

the National Final, David and Miles members! To coincide with

Mr D Savage Master fordshire Swiss Teams. Sally Brock was in

finished in 3rd place. your receiving your first

Master Miss P Leslie

the EBU team, with Simon Cope as NPC,

In the Gold Cup, the only Avon team copy of English Bridge we

that won the Lady Milne. Congratulations

Mrs P Morris 4 Star Regional to reach the last 32 is Steve Turner (Steve are holding an introduc-

to both of them.

County Master Master Tomlinson, David Jones, Trevor Ward, tory competition at all our

Mr M Brown Mr FJ Langford playing with Somerset team-mates). In 32 affiliated clubs. The top pair in each

Ms C Selway Tournament the Crockfords Cup, David Jones – Trevor club duplicate in the week commencing Cambs and Hunts

Ward, with London team-mates, are in June 14 will receive a Certificate, to be

Club Master Master

the last 16. In the Crockfords Plate, the presented by a BBCBA Committee rep-

Mr C Bushby Mrs C King

team of Andrew, Cathy and Ralph Smith, resentative, with commemorative glasses KIERAN Tilley represented England in

Mr K Griffin 2 Star Master

Steve Tomlinson, Steve Turner is in the going to the pair with the highest overall the Under-20 team for the Home Inter-

Local Master Mr KR Firth percentage. Do look on our website for nationals (Peggy Bayer Trophy); the team

final. In the NICKO, the only Avon

Mrs CA Oldroyde Advanced Master survivors into Round 5 are the team of our objectives and philosophy. finished 2nd. Cambs & Hunts has won

Mr B Shaw Mr P Dixon Irene Robinson, Mike Huggins, Robert The Improver Pairs was again run as the ‘A’ division of the Eastern Counties

Dr J Shaw Master Covill and Aidan Schofield. two separate events; the A flight was won League (see page 40). Chris Jagger – Ian

Ms L Snell Mrs C Gunthorpe In the Avon / Wiltshire Swiss Teams, the by Roger Garstang – Arthur Johnson Pagan won the National Pairs.

highest-placed Avon teams were Jeremy and the B flight, for those new to dupli- Norman Hutchinson won the County

Bedfordshire District Master

Rickard, Robert Glass, Huw Oliver, Tony cate, by David and Sandra Jones (photo Individual, followed by Mike Clydesdale

4 Star Premier Mrs M Doyle below). and Ted Shaw. The Novice Pairs Tourna-

Gammon (2nd), and Alan and David

Master Ms SJ Paine Congratulations to Stuart Townsend ment was won by Catherine Poulson –

Jones, Andrew Urbanski, Trevor Ward,

Mrs JE Malpass Dr C Winfrey 3rd equal with Mike Short, Steve Turner, – Jim Roy from Loddon Vale, winners of Juliet Gadney; 2nd place went to Pat Pett

2 Star Premier Club Master Nelson Stephens, Steve Tomlinson.

Master Mr A Hunter County Knock-Out: 1. Andrew, Cathy

Mrs MM Jones Miss MS Mitchley and Ralph Smith, Steve Tomlinson,

Mrs P Roberts Local Master Steve Turner, who will represent Avon in

Mrs KK Hampson the Pachabo. County Mixed Pairs: 1. Andy

Berks & Bucks and Cathy Smith; 2. Marjorie Williams –

National Master Channel Oli Noel.

Ms A Flintoft Islands David Jones and Trevor Ward (with

1 Star Regional National Master Mike Letts in the qualifying round) have

Master Mrs G Pitcher won the Gloucestershire Knock-Out Teams

Mrs PA Brown Mr P Pitcher Championship.

5 Star Master 2 Star Regional

Miss M Julius Master Bedfordshire

3 Star Master Mrs J Knight

Mr BB Haggis 2 Star Master THE Inter-club Teams-

Mr WA Irvine Mr C Borny of-8 on February 28 was

Mr JV Roy contested by twelve teams


2 Star Master and won by a team from

Premier National

Mrs M Brown Milton Keynes (Lynne

Photo: David Beever


Advanced Master Emmett, Ron Davis, Ros

Mrs M Warner and John Bateman) with a score of +58

Mrs ML Collins

Mrs I Hart

5 Star Master IMPS. A team from Wardown Club took Sandra Jones and David Jones are presented with the Berks & Bucks


Mrs RE Carter second place. Milton Keynes will now Improver Pairs Trophy by Chrys Poole (centre)

2 Star Master represent Bedfordshire in the Garden

Mrs BE Brogden

Mrs P Crepin Mrs PM Davies

Mrs PA Elwell Mrs A Mason


Mr SD Handa Mr F Jelbart

THE much-appreciated increase in the numbers of EBU members since April 2010 means that in future (see

Mrs J Paxford Advanced Master

article on page 35 on ‘Rewards and Recognition’), because of space constraints, we will be reporting only

Mrs N Pendered Mrs GB Lovegrove

four Landmark promotions: Master, Regional Master, Life Master and Grand Master. These will appear in

County Master Mr S Stratton

the April, August and December issues of English Bridge. All other promotions will be published on the EBU

Mr M Jackson Master

website and in the Member’s personal areas. In addition, each bridge club will receive a list of all their

Mr R Sassoon Mrs CM Owen

members’ promotions every four months and we hope that the clubs will recognise their members’ Master

Area Master County Master

Mrs RM Stewart

Point achievements by announcing them at a playing session and in their newsletter and on their website.

Mr G Lynch

Counties who want to recognise the achievements of their members can request a report from Karen

Club Master District Master

Mr B Sharma Mr Jim Barton

Durrell at Aylesbury. June 2010 English Bridge 47


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