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– Charles Blackwell. Peterborough A Flood won the Second Flight from Brian Despite difficulties caused by the bad

Master Point won the qualifying heat of the Garden Colvin – Barrie Benfield, and Andrew weather, all the Winter League matches

promotions Cities. Crafts Hill Bridge Club has won

Div. 2 of the Cambs & Hunts League,

Leslie – Betty Golding won the Third

Flight, from Janet Heath – Margaret

have finally been played. East Midlands

White won Div. 1, well ahead of British

while University 3 is set to win Div. 4; Warner. Sunday’s Swiss Teams were dom- Rail A. In a very close contest, Ripley A

Cumbria Area Master results of Divs 1 and 3 are not yet known. inated by visitors with Paul Lingham, won Div. 2 with Chesterfield A in second

9 Star Premier Mr T Allsworth Ann Slee, Brigid McElroy and Ruth place. Allestree Red had a good lead over

Master Mrs K Young Edmondson winning. A 20-0 last round

Channel Islands Belper Yellow to win Div. 3. Allestree Blue

Mrs MA Harrison Club Master win catapulted Dave Mattos (Wade- pulled well ahead of Markeaton to win

Mr J Pietrzycki bridge) into 2nd position, but his team Div. 4. Matlock B also had an excellent

Derbyshire Mrs M Preston- (Steve Burnett, Mike Fithyan, Owen

WE had a One Day Green- win over Ringwood to head Div. 5.

6 Star Premier Jones Leigh) were all visitors.

pointed Event in Guernsey The Winter Plate winners were Mike

Regional Master Local Master Jenny Cant, Rob Mabley, Bill Thomson

and local pair Rudi Falla – Clayton, Amanda Sowter, Judy Lomas,

Mr DA Brooks Dr CS Nutt and Geoff Warren have won the County

Dick Langham led the field David Wright, Mike Heaney and John

2 Star Premier Knock-Out, from Dommie and Dave

Direct for most of the day but fell Sowter. Randy Curzon’s team was 2nd

Regional Master Boxall, Val Clifford and Jenny Vaughan.

away in the last two matches; the event and Malcolm Young’s team 3rd: all three

Mrs MA Beale Local Master The Liskeard Lot (Colin Pote, Mike

was won by Jersey pair John and Pat teams were well ahead of the field.

Tournament Ms A Davies Booth, Janet and Roger Putnam) have

Panter, with Robert Brouard – Howard Diary Dates: June 9, 1st round of the


won the Eastern League and the Shufflers

Dorset Walden joint 2nd with Alastair Kent – Summer Pairs for the Smedley Salver.

(Wendy Miller, Wendy Thornton, Wally

Mr JD Povah Mike Bane.

Premier Life Heaton, Jo Bryant) were winners in the June 23, Individual Championship for

5 Star Master Master We now know the finalists in the west. the Gerry Fletcher Cup. July 17-18,

Mrs PA Cardy Mr JD Gardner County Teams. In Jersey David Hole, Diary Dates: June 26, Jo Brown Nottinghamshire Green Point Event at

3 Star Master David Friswell, Howard Walden and Memorial charity event, Mount Charles Spondon (note changed date); July 21,

3 Star Premier

Mr R Wood Robert Brouard beat Mike Newman, Social Club, St Austell. Men’s Pairs for the Dodson Shield and

Regional Master

Advanced Master Mrs I Button

John Panter, Peter and Gill Pitcher, while

Ladies’ Pairs for the Corry Cup. July 22,

in Guernsey four teams came through

Mr JA Wragg 5 Star Regional Cumbria 1st round of the Two Counties Event.

the round robin to reach the knock-out

Master Master phase; there Dick Langham’s team (Rudi

Mrs A McLean

Mrs A Wedd Falla, Lynne Williamson, John Seymour, Devon

Mr J Watson 2 Star Regional Sean Galpin) beat Vera Babbe (Sylvia THANKS to all our supporters who

County Master played at our Congress at Windermere in

Master King, Pat Self, Cath Bott), while Robert

Mr P Knighton Mr PA Sayer Plumley (Susie Farnon, Lynda Mildon, March and made it another successful ON February 28, 28

District Master 11 Star Premier Alastair Kent) beat Ralph Laski (Clarice weekend. Congratulations to the winners pairs competed in the

Mr TJ Hanson Master Alder, James Fattorini, Mike Hancock). of main competitions: Ladies’ Pairs: 1. Bev Devon Pairs for the Julia

Area Master In the semi-final Plumley had a convin- Godfrey – Ros Wigham, 2. Sue Woodcock Chadwick Trophy. The

Mr MA McMorran

cing win over Langham by 47 IMPs. – Maureen McConkey. Men’s Pairs: first three pairs qualify

Mr R Woodcock 5 Star Premier

In the Guernsey District Open Pairs, 1. Gary Duddle – Bharat Thakrar, 2. John to play in the Corwen Trophy; congra-

Club Master Master Sowter – David Wright. Championship

Hugh Bacon – Martin Jones were the tulations to the winners, Brian Cook –

Mrs L Boadle Mrs JA Kellock Pairs: 1. Andrew Woodcock – Catherine

winners with Pat Merriman – Ian Graham Penny.

Mr AJH Martin 1 Star Premier Draper, 2. A. Ellis – Sue Winder. Conso-

Monachan runners-up. Congratulations to Jette and Alan

Mr JDW Sewell Master lation Pairs: 1. David Latimer – John

In Jersey, the Winter Cup is run over a Bailey who won the Mixed Pairs at the

Local Master Mr A Cowley period of seven months and the average Robinson, 2. Paul and Hilda Williams. EBU Harrogate Spring Congress, and to

Ms S Simpson Master best five scores, each with a different part- Swiss Teams: 1. Peter and Linda Smith, Jim Grant – Stefan Lindfors who

Devon Mrs JF Tripp ner, determine the winner. The final Peter Mollart, John Halliwell; 2. Catherine

qualified for the National Pairs Final. At

leading positions were: 1. Brian Youd Draper, Andrew Woodcock, Keith Ash-

Premier National Essex the Cornwall Congress (March 26-28),

59.75%, 2. Marion Miles 59.15%, 3. Carl croft, Michael Prior; 3. William Thomp-

Master Life Master

John Beard – John Lankshear won the

Harrison 57.74%. son, Trevor Duddle, Gary Duddle,

Mrs RM Morgan Mr A Coral Bharat Thakrar. Special thanks to the Championship Pairs; Ann Slee, Richard

3 Star Regional hard working directors, Roland Bolton Lingham, Ruth Edmondson and Brigid

Premier National

Master Master

Cornwall and Ken Johnston, and to Congress McElroy won the Green-pointed Swiss

Mrs J Algar Secretary Janet Sheppard and her team Teams. At the North Devon Congress

Mr RP Register

Mr DL Clarke of helpers. Next year’s event will be at (March 19-21), held at Barnstaple,

2 Star Regional MANY congratulations to

13 Star Premier the same venue from March 18-20. Catherine and Malcolm Boyak won the

Master Wendy Thornton – Wally

Master Our Garden Cities Qualifier represen- Swiss Pairs and Sandra Bennett, Maureen

Mrs S Millins Heaton, who have won the

Mrs BA Carr tatives this year are Barrow (Babs and Baser, Ivor Moore and Colin Stares won

3 Star Welsh National Pairs at Tim Matthews, Glenda Lloyd, Peter the Swiss Teams. Thanks to Amos

6 Star Premier Tournament Llandrindod Wells. They Boardman, Colin Woods, Peter Thomp- Bridgman, Carol Ritzen, Richard Carter,

Master Master played 84 boards over two son, Dorothy Pritchard, Margaret Thorn- Brenda Martin and the Committee for

Mr M Smith Mr DF Clark days and won by 0.25%. ley). They won a close Inter-club Teams their hard work in making the weekend

5 Star Master 1 Star Congratulations also to of Eight competition with the Grange so enjoyable.

Mr KJ Wood Tournament John and Pauline Deal, who were 3rd club second. Congratulations to Warner and Louise

4 Star Master Master equal in the Swiss Teams at the Barn- Winter Simultaneous Pairs: 1. Ewan Solomon, who won the Swiss Teams play-

Mr GS Cassen Mr CW Read staple Congress. Maddrell – Carol James, 2. David Latimer ing with Christine and Richard Ray at the

3 Star Master 4 Star Master We have had another very successful – John Robinson, 3. Barry Ogden – Babs Wilts / Avon Green-pointed Weekend. The

Mr RR Davis Falmouth Congress. An impressive ten Matthews. Carol and Ewan are the first

Mr IC McLauchlan Devon Congress (April 9-11) was played

2 Star Master

tables contested the Newcomers’ Pairs, a winners of the new trophy in memory of

Mr T Wise for the first time as a three-day green-

Mrs PR Keane

new competition won by Y. and K. the late Dave Mullany.

3 Star Master pointed event. Congratulations to Jette

Sivathondan from Jock Turnham – Bill

1 Star Master Mrs S Mednick and Alan Bailey who won the Swiss Pairs

Dove. Both Friday competitions were

Mrs MC Riddoch Mr M Stares won by visitors: Geoff Wolfarth – Gary

Derbyshire and Alan Cook, Monica Lucy, Pauline

Advanced Master 2 Star Master Hyatt won from Howard Melbourne – Serby and Eleanor Rice who won the

Mrs PJ Haynes Ms EM Maczka Ros Wolfarth in the afternoon, while two PAUL Madden’s team, Swiss Teams. Thanks to Robin Barker,

Mrs MJ Tarry Col AGP Meagher Plymouth pairs, Joan Chandler – Ros which included John Terence Treeby, Steve Quinn, Don

Mr G Ward Mr RJ Merricks Morgan, and John Beard – John Squibb, Richard Edwards, Pearson for directing and to John

Master Mr IM Miller Lankshear were 1st equal in the evening. Ron McEwan, Steve Cave Lankshear and Terence Treeby for

Mrs JM Ley Mrs B Murphy Christine King – Steve Tomlinson were and Derek Brooks won organising the event.

County Master Mr SR Timmis the leading qualifiers for the Champion- the Eric White Cup, so will The County AGM will be held on June

Mrs J Barnes Mrs J Wallace ship Pairs, with Dick Andrews – Gaynor represent Derbyshire in the Pachabo Cup. 20 at the Isca Centre, Exeter. followed by

Mr TD Barnes 1 Star Master Wiseman 2nd. They were runners-up The runners-up were Peter Kelly, Alex Swiss Teams commencing at 11.45am;

Mr P Espig Mrs PE Skull again in the final with John Beard – John Hogg, Don Smedley, John Griffin and contact John Lankshear ( 01752 842

Lankshear winning. Phil Palmer – Jenny Howard Melbourne. 347. Please support your County.

48 English Bridge June 2010


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