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Simons winning Div. 1. Div. 2 was won

Master Point promotions Essex by Pam Pearce, Lesley Harrison, Roy Collard, Paul Lilley, David Hope, while

Advanced Master Tournament 7 Star Premier 12 Star Premier Div. 3 was won by David Atthey, George

IN the EBU London Easter

Mr T Burney Master Master Master Congress, Peter Oake and Barrett, Alison Pritchard, David Hauser.

Mr G Edmonds Mr PL Keogh Mr PA Allan Mrs L Goldsmith Gad Chadha, together Congratulations to all on their success.

Mr R Griffin Mrs PM Keogh 6 Star Premier Mrs CJ Whyman with their team-mates, Congratulations also to the Glouces-

Master 2 Star Master Master 4 Star Premier achieved 2nd place in the tershire team of Anne Swannell, Richard

Mrs J Brown Mrs EM Archer Mr HP Quayle Master Swiss Teams event. Martin Harris, Patrick Phair, Peter Waggett on

Mr D Greenbaum Mr KS McArdle 4 Star Premier Miss A Disbury and Sandy Smith finished in overall 4th coming second in the Oxfordshire Beck

Mr P Mamelok 1 Star Master Master Tournament place in the Portland Pairs, and the Cup.

Mr MH Rand Mrs S Henderson Mrs MA Moore Master Loughton team of Wendy Coldham, It was with great regret that Glouces-

County Master Mrs S J Oliver 3 Star Premier Mrs PA Alcalay Patrick O’Gara, Pat Watson and John tershire players learned of the death of

Mr M Songhurst Master Mrs EA Fox Mansfield have reached the last 32 of the Peter Thompson, who was well known

Advanced Master

District Master Mr B Carroll Mrs PE Hughes NICKO. to many through the work he did for

Mr CT Broughton-

Mrs D Bransbury Mr IAM Grant 5 Star Master Prize-winners in the EBU Master Point Bridge in the County over many years.

Pipkin Ranking List for 2009 were Ann Morgan

Mr G Chasmer Ms R Windler Mrs AH Carney Obituary on page 46.

County Master (level 4), Sharon Glover (level 5) and

Area Master 1 Star Premier 4 Star Master

Mrs Brit Kitson Fran Alexander (level 6).

Mr JF Burke

Mrs ACP Traill Master Mr NM Allen

The Switch Cup was won this year by

Hants and IoW

Mrs J E Paul Mrs S J Barnett Mr RJ Smith

District Master the team of Martin and Sandy Smith, Val

Mr J Siddle 2 Star Tournament 3 Star Master and Paul Mollison who beat the team of

Mr C Douglas THIS year HIOWCBA has

Club Master Master Mrs PA Barker Catriona Lovett, Mike Harbour, Albert

Area Master run several fundraising

Mrs P Dufton Mrs MM Goodwin Mr JR Couldridge Kitchin and Bernie Hunt in the final.

Mrs R Carter events in aid of Leukae-

Local Master 3 Star Master Mr JR Heckscher Results of other recent Essex compe-

Club Master mia Research; the amount

Mr R Bransbury Mr DM Bunday 1 Star Master titions are as follows: reached is £1624.98, for

Miss B Mills Mr PMA Codd Spring Seniors Pairs: 1. Margaret Curtis

Gloucestershire Local Master Mrs BC Hollick which sum a cheque will be presented at

2 Star Master Advanced Master – David Sherman, 2. Chris Taylor – the AGM in June. Thank you all who

1 Star Premier Mr D Andrews Albert Kitchin, 3. Chris Chorley – Mike

Mr M Cramer Dr HK Hogarth have taken part and donated generously.

Master Rand. Seniors Trophy (best results from

Herefordshire Ms CE Garretty Mrs BJ Ide HIOW members did well at the

Mr JW Polhill all three Seniors events): 1= Margaret

Mr J Penrose Mr MJ Trewavas Devon Congress held in April in Torquay.

4 Star Master Premier National Curtis and David Sherman, 2= Graham

Master Mrs A Tovee County Master Joint Swiss Teams winners were Pauline

Mrs J Simon

Mrs JR Weitz Mr AW Everitt

Foster and Richard Register. Gwen Herga Serby and Eleanor Rice with Berks and

2 Star Master Mr JH Thacker Trophies: Ladies: 1. Margaret Curtis – Jill

1 Star Master Mr RS Lambert Bucks team-mates (cup winners after a

Mr RW Moore 5 Star Premier Tattersfield, 2. Jill Hair – Yvonne Dias, score-back process) and Dave Hinkin,

Mr S Southworth Local Master

Mrs F Morris Master 3. Sue Taylor – Sandy Smith; Men: Ken Benjamin, Keith Bennett, Andrew

Advanced Master Mr JL Gibbons

1 Star Master Mr PJ Bellamy 1. Sandy Riach – Robert Elliott, 2. Chris Bennett. Two other teams were also in

Mrs SM Fleming Lancashire Chorley – Michael Wren, 3. Ian Moss –

Mrs L Ocana Gil 4 Star Premier the top twenty. In the Pairs event Miles

Mr PH Lunoe Frank Morrison. Helliar Trophy: 1. Collier

Mrs M Sutton Master 3 Star Regional Cowling – David Jones were =5th with

Mr M Moxley Master Master Row (Sandy Riach, Robert Elliott, Ann Dave Hinkin – Ken Benjamin, and


Mr TG Hails Mrs D Gilbert

and Terence Clark), 2. Hutton A (Ray Madeline Lawson – Adrian Fontes 7th.

Mrs S Greenwood 2 Star Master

Mr CJ Pullen Cornell, David Clark, Simon Moorman Congratulations also to Christine and

District Master Mrs J Porter 20 Star Premier

Mrs PG Taylor and Ray Clarke), 3. Waltham Forest Richard Ray who were part of the win-

Dr J Zhang 1 Star Master Master

County Master (Winnie Godber, John Stimson, Laurie ning team at the Bath Congress in March

Club Master Mrs D Heslop Mrs A Stephens

Mr JM Duthie and Stephanie Burtt); Lingwood BC and to the following winners of county

Mary Ann Advanced Master 4 Star Master qualified to represent Essex in the Garden

Mrs J Evans

Mr AJ Moorhouse

events: IBM Sim Pairs: 1. Barbara and

Mrs S Silcock Mrs VS Archard Ms R Giovannini

Cities Trophy. Bill Boswell, 2. Maureen and Peter

Dr GR Jones 2 Star Master Diary Dates: July 24-25, Essex/Herts

Hants & IoW District Master Fields, 3. John Jones – Mac Nurmo-

Master Mrs S Wilson One Day Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams.

Premier Regional Mr S Chilton hamed. Candover Cup: 1.Ron and Elaine

Mr KD Ray Advanced Master Ewins, Barbara and Bill Boswell; 2. Lillian

Master Mrs EM Cox

Mrs R Wilson Mr RA Pinson Gloucestershire Craigen, Sally Wyne, Ann Varrow, Betty

Dr J Chapman MR DAV Edmonds

County Master Master Annamanthado.

8 Star Regional Mrs N Gibbs

Mr A Davis Mr D Ault Diary Dates: June 13, AGM 12 noon,

Master Mr AJ Pinder

Mr J Parry THIS year’s ever popular and Finale Ranked Pairs 2pm. The above

Mrs PM Furse- District Master Mrs BJ Teesdale

Mrs L Wilson Newent Bowl was keenly will be held at Romsey. Entries to Lillian

Roberts Mrs C Jones Club Master

County Master contested with Mike Craigen, ( 02380

4 Star Regional Mrs EM Walker Mr R Girvan Lewis, Malcolm Green,

Mrs L Hepworth 254276.

Master Area Master Mr I Greig Derek Thomas, Graham

Ms J Meredith

District Master

Mr K Emery Mr D Crocker Cope winning the trophy on a split tie

39 Star Premier Mr P Edwards Local Master

Mrs M Hull

from Veronica and Kanwar Rahim, Paul


Mrs I Pinson

Master Mrs VP Rex Mr J McBryde Ford, Guy VanderGucht.

Mr A Skalski

Mr MC Mollart- Mr C Phythian In the Inter-club Team of Eight com-

Hertfordshire Area Master THE Inter-Club Teams League, played

Rogerson Isle of Man petition, Cheltenham BC won the Rank over five rounds, was won by Wyeside B

Grand Master Mrs G Beattie

19 Star Premier Xerox Shield with the team of Eira with 218 VP; the winning team won 13

Mr SVH Harding Club Master Local Master

Master Arkley, Barbara Lloyd, Ashok Kwatra, of their 15 matches. They were followed

Life Master Mrs SE Pile Ms C Thompson

Mr EC Paterson Nicky Mitchell, Norah Allen, Cathy by Hereford A and B with 195 and 191

Mrs M Stothard Mrs R Rodney Kent Leicester Scott, Veronica and Don Chidgey. Win- VP respectively, while Fownhope A were

9 Star Premier 5 Star Premier 8 Star Regional 4 Star Regional ners of the County Knock-out was the 4th with 186 VP.

Master Regional Master Master Master team of Tony Hill, Alan Wearmouth, County competition results: Ace of

Mrs B Bennett Mrs S Bond Mrs N Davis Mr MR Deakin David Jones and Trevor Ward. The Spades (for players with master-point

4 Star Premier 5 Star Regional

Spring Pairs Final saw a very close finish ranking below Advanced Master): 1. A.

5 Star Premier 1 Star Regional

Regional Master Master

with George Barrett – David Atthey win- Durrant – B. Rom (65.5%), 2. K. Ray –

Master Master

Mr E Setty Mrs L Gook

ning by one match-point ahead of Derek J. Winney (62.2%), 3. B. Bayley – M.

Mrs JA McMahon Ms JA Hill

Rue – Richard Butland. Winners of the Green (56.4%). Championship Pairs: 1. D.

3 Star Premier 3 Star Regional 4 Star Regional 11 Star Premier

Consolation Final were Cynthia Moore – Weller – B. Britton (61.8%), 2. C. and A.

Master Master Master Master

Geoffrey Paterson with Patrick Shields – Brown (56.7%), 3. B. Palmer – M Curtis

Mrs A Baker Mr JA Pelley Mr M Schofield Mrs PF Simpson

Jim Simons 2nd. (55.1%). Teams of Eight: 1. Hereford 46

Mr K Carter 14 Star Premier 20 Star Premier 5 Star Master This season’s on-going Swiss Teams VP; 2. Wyeside, 42 VP. Multiple Teams:

Premier Master Master Master Mr C Bancroft ended with John Rookwood, Derek Rue, 1. B. Underhill, I. Murray-Watson,

Mr NJ Craik Mr AR Kaye Mrs R Banister Mr I Walkerdine Keith Stanley, Richard Butland and Jim P. Smith, R. Lewis (66 VP); 2. J. Thaker, June 2010 English Bridge 49


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