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M. Ralph, B. Britton, D. Weller (65 VP), Andrew’s Lincoln team.

Master Point 3. S. Mathews, P. Watts, G. Barrett, Leicestershire Championship results in the next issue.

promotions J. Griffiths (55 VP).

Diary Dates: Sept 25, HBA and GCBA Diary Dates: June 13, Charles Hew-

ard Trophy; restrictions: captain any


Green Point Swiss Pairs, 1pm. Sept 26, matches in the Mid - rank, other three below Advanced Master

4 Star Master Area Master up to 7,500 master points. June 27,

HBA and GCBA Green Point Swiss land League were com-

Mr PN Price C Dean AGM; free bridge afterwards.

Teams, 11am – both at the Larruperz plet ed in February.

3 Star Master Mr N Dean Centre, Ross-on-Wye.

Mr RA Kilborn

With all other matches

Mrs D Pickup

Mrs M Williams Mrs A Roos

now complete, the final standings are: London

Kent 1st team (Dawes League), 8th place; 2nd

2 Star Master Karlsson

team (Porter Cup), 3rd place; 3rd team

Mr AO Norman Club Master (Markham Trophy), 2nd place, and Leices- CONGRATULATIONS to

1 Star Master Mr M Evans tershire is 5th in the overall merit table.

WE are very sad to report Susanna Gross, Chris

Mr P Dalloway Mr M Malysa Congratulations to Lesley McKemey

the death of Denis Duck worth and Nicole

Ms J Hand Mr ND Payne O’Donovan (obituary on – Lindsay Sherriff, who won the Leicester Cook who were members

Mr L Stone page 39) who had been Mercury Trophy for first and second year

Advanced Master of the winning EBU Lady

Mr JF Bee Local Master selected to represent Eng- bridge students; Kate Smith – Gill Beagley Milne team. Also to Ross Harper who

Master M Marinescu land in this year’s Seniors were runners-up. won the Swiss Pairs at the Harrogate

Mr KI Hubbard Manchester Camrose together with John Short and After six rounds, Ian Bruce – Mick Spring Congress and the Shrewsbury Con-

Patrick Collins – Malcolm Lewis. Mahoney lead the Stanley Trophy (Butler gress; to Tim Chanter – Helen Wildsmith

Mr PT Simpson Premier National

At the London Easter Congress, Rhys Pairs Championship), with Brian and who won the Swiss Teams in Shrewsbury;

County Master Master

Horlock (with Alex Mitchell) won the Sheila Stockdale in 2nd place. and to Gordon Rainsford – Dom

Mrs BM Chantler Mr NG Clarke The Annual Charity Swiss Teams

Under 19 Pairs. Jeremy Willans – Jill Goodwin who came 3rd in the Premier

Mrs IA Grindey 3 Star Premier organised by Barkby Bridge Club on

Skinner were 2nd in the Mixed Pairs. Life Masters Pairs and 2nd in the London

Mrs AJ Nichols Regional Master March 28 was won again by last year’s

Well done! Easter Festival Swiss Pairs. Also at Easter,

District Master Mr H Stubbings winners Mick Mahoney, Ian Bruce, Win David Gold won the Mixed Pairs with

Writing in the Times, Andrew Robson

Ms K Nash Regional Master recently named Kent’s Derek Patterson Stocker and Katie Bruce, with Bharat Fiona Hutchison in 3rd place, Alice Kaye

Club Master Miss S Richmond and Peter Crouch as the best English pair Thakrar, Linda Stone, Anne Wright, Jenny came 2nd in the Championship Pairs,

Mr A Omar 1 Star Premier in the past twelve months. A deserved Grant in 2nd place. Graham Orsmond and Jackie Fairclough

Master accolade! The Joseph’s Bowl (teams of four were 2nd in the Swiss Teams.


Ms K Reissmann Congratulations also to the winners knock-out) will be between Langley and Results: London Championship Pairs:

3 Star Premier Odams. The final of the corresponding 1. John Pemberton – Steve Popham,

Mr C Skelton of 2010 Kent competitions: the Premier

Regional Master plate competition, the Butterworth Trophy 2. Gavin Essex – Dudley Leigh,

1 Star Kent Pairs Championship, played for the

Mr SE Knox will be between Bee and Nuttall. 3. Heather Bakhshi – Laura Macdougall.

Tournament Larsky Cup, was won by Gerald Soper –

4 Star Premier Terry Goldsmith; Tony Price – Steve Diary Dates: June 16, LCBA AGM & Green-pointed Swiss Pairs: 1. Ian Budden

Master Presentations, Rothley Centre. June 20,

Master Burton came 2nd. In the Kent Inter-club – Ted Booth, 2 Lindsay Geddes –

Mrs HHL Murray Midland League v Notts (away). July 17,

Miss SB York Teams competition final: the Premier Graham Sadie, 3. Andrew Bannock –

4 Star Master Green Point Pairs, Spondon. July 18,

Tournament Division, playing for the Corbett Cup, David Arundel. Green-pointed Swiss

Mr DJ Bakewell Green Point Teams, Spondon. July 26, Teams: 1 Ian Pagan, Martin Pope, Andre

Master was won by Chislehurst A. Div. 2,

Mr D Raddish

1 Star Master BGB Simultaneous Pairs, County Bridge Gubbay, Geoff Lederman; 2= Graham

playing for the Corbett Plate, was won by

Mrs SR Eastwick Club and Grantham. Pollack, Paul Chapman, Tim Chanter,

5 Star Master Beckenham. Div. 3, playing for the Mit-

Mr DG Fearn

Advanced Master chell Salver, was won by Farnborough C. Helen Wildsmith and Mike Davis,

Mr GW Holmes

Mr MA Jabbar Please note that the 25 July green- Lincolnshire Anthony Moon, Tricia Gilham, Helen

Mrs SH Holmes Master pointed event has been cancelled. This Beattie. Fox Shammon Senior Pairs: 1. David Sellman – Steve Eginton,

Mrs MB Bisset one-day green-pointed licence has been

3 Star Master

Mr S Green successfully transferred to the Kent Con- THE AGM is on Sunday 2. Malcolm Morris – Susi Behrmann,

Mr PJ Harland June 27 at Dunholme. 3. Bryan and Sheila Peers. Café Bridge

Mrs A Walker gress in October.

Mr JS Hill The AGM agenda, min- Drive: 1. Rex Goad – Mike Daniels (in

Mr KA Taylor County Master Diary Dates: June 20, Phillimore Cup

(match-pointed Swiss Teams), Tunbridge utes for last year’s AGM, the photo below), 2. Camilla Hull –

Mr ADC Mrs D Azariah

Wells, 11am. June 22, Brook Shield (area copy of the new consti- Richard Turner, 3. Wendy Hombersley –

Underwood Mrs W Joyce

leagues team play-off), Tunbridge Wells, tution as approved by the EBU, and Kate Woodruff.

Miss M Skinner

2 Star Master hopefully the balance sheet have been Diary Dates: June 20, London Trophy

District Master 11am.

Mrs D Law sent to club reps and computer oper- Pairs Championship, RAC Club, 2.00

Mr KA Ward ators for circulation to club members. pm; contact Cecil Leighton ( 020 8500


Mrs M McLeod Area Master Lancashire Four teams entered the Garden Cities 0700. July 15, Annual General Meeting

Mr M Pelham Heat on March 7. The winners were Alan Young Chelsea BC, 7.00pm.

County Master

Mrs EM Donaldson Merseyside/ CONGRATULATIONS go

London Cheshire to Southport A on winning

Premier Life 2 Star Regional Div. 1 of the Fylde & Dis-

Master trict Bridge League. Divs 2,


Mr R Wallwork 3 and 4 were won by

Mr G Hallberg

2 Star Premier Lancaster B, Preston B and Preston C

1 Star Premier

Master respectively.

Regional Master Congratulations also go to Nick and

Mr S Gerrard

Miss CM Girardin Sue Woodcock, who finished 2nd in the

7 Star Premier Premier Master

Mrs G Jones

Pairs at the Buxton Easter Congress. They

Master also finished 2nd in the Swiss Teams

Mr RS Ralph

Miss VE Dugdale playing with John Halliwell and Peter

1 Star Premier Area Master


Master F Cooke

Master LCBA Teams of Eight: 1. Bolton BC.

Mrs JE Downie

Mrs PJ Reiss Hector Barker Pivot Teams: 1. Catherine

Dr BE Robinson

5 Star Master Draper, Andrew Woodcock, Ollie Burgess

Club Master and Dave Debbage.

Ms RE Stanley

Mr I Bates Diary Dates: June 12, Northern Bridge


Photo: Chris Duckworth

Mr M Cutbill League – Round 1. June 27, Cumbria v

Mr RK Harris

Mr M Sanvitale Middlesex Lancashire, Barrow Bridge Club. July 3,

Northern Bridge League – Round 2. July

County Master 3 Star Regional

17-18, President’s Cup, Carlisle Bridge Rex Goad (left) and Mike Daniels with Norma Spence, representative

Mr C Nelson Master of Age Concern Wandsworth, who presented the prizes to the winners

Club. July 25, Manchester One Day

Ms A C Nichols Ms AM Gayfer of the first-ever London Cafè Bridge Drive

Green Point Event, Altrincham.

50 English Bridge June 2010


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