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competitions continue in alternate The Open section of the Inter-club

Master Point promotions weeks. Pairs competition was won by Michael

Powell – Brian Greenwood, Judy and

Mrs FM Smith Advanced Master Staffs & 2 Star Regional Oxfordshire Robin Belcher were 2nd, Dave Latchem

Mr AR Watson Dr R Haynes Shropshire Master – Bob Warrender 3rd. The section for

Advanced Master Mr AR Patrick those with a rank below National Master

Master 1 Star Premier

Mr H Clarke Mrs DP Crawford 17 Star Premier THERE is still time to was won by Pat and David Hancock,

Regional Master enter Oxfordshire’s Green-

Miss M Danskin Mr SP Crawford Master Donne Hoong – Mike Toft 2nd, Anne

Mrs MA Edwards pointed Congress on 26-27 Harris – Gordon Little 3rd. The section

Mr C Hiller County Master Mr L Hough

1 Star Master June, featuring Swiss Pairs for those below the rank of 2 Star Master

Master Mr J Beeley 16 Star Premier

Mrs CM Joseph and Swiss Teams on was won by Michael Wigmore – May

Prof AC Darnell Ms SC Dawson Master

Mr C Woodbridge Saturday and Sunday res- Archibald; Chris Hogan – John Brown

Mr D Gunn Mr FW Ellis Mr J Neal

Advanced Master pectively. (See advert on page 10 of the were 2nd and Gillian Toogood – Mike

Ms GA Keating Mrs J Moore 15 Star Premier April issue for full details or e-mail

Ms J Rose Readman 3rd.

Mrs F Simpkin Mr P Moore Master The Taunton team of Colin Flood,

County Master Mrs SE Harvey

Mr T Stone Mr MA Shepherd For the second consecutive year, the Tom Gibbard, Chris Jones, David Porter

Mr GG Woodbridge

Mrs J Thompson Mr DJ Woodhouse 14 Star Premier Hertfordshire team of Derek and Celia and Sally Stuttard have reached the fifth

Mr J Ward District Master Master Oram, Vernon Gaskell, Anne Flockhart,

District Master round of the NICKO competition. Dave

Mrs AM Young Mrs MM Alexander Mrs JM Knott won the Beck Cup, Oxfordshire’s pres-

Mr D King Latchem’s team had an excellent win to

Mr P Tallon 10 Star Premier tigious Invitation Teams of Four event reach the fourth round of the Gold Cup.

County Master Club Master

Dr AJ Cornish Area Master Master (photo on next page). Roger Sweet’s team has also reached the

Mr SA Berry

Mrs WS Downs Mrs JM Hargreaves Mr R Bragman Congratulations to OBA President fourth round.

Local Master Evan Harris, playing for the Commons,

Mr A Humble Suffolk Mrs S White Gina Howard – Bill Rowe won the

Kyle Lam on being awarded the Anthony Berry Avon & Wiltshire Green-pointed Swiss

Mrs J Musson 9 Star Premier

Mrs A Norbury 10 Star Premier Memorial Trophy for the best-played Pairs event.

Miss BA Stott Master

Master hand in the recent 2010 Lords v Com- Our AGM and Swiss Teams will be

District Master Oxfordshire Mr LR Springate

Mrs M Scurlock mons match, although this time the held at Oake Village Hall on June 27.

Mr I Gill 1 Star Premier 8 Star Premier

6 Star Premier Lords inflicted their revenge for a sound

Mr AL Jones Regional Master Master

Master beating last year! Staffs and Shrops

Mr PM Jones Mrs LE Swadling Mrs LE Scrivener

Mrs EM Tora Oxfordshire pairs performed extre-

Mr S Reay 8 Star Premier 7 Star Premier mely well in the National Pairs Regional

Mrs A Wayman

Mrs I Simpson Master Master Final at Solihull claiming five out of the

1 Star Tournament JUDY Mitchell, as always,

Area Master Mrs W Claye Mr T Wallace eight available places to the national

Master excellently organized the

Mr R Billinghurst 1 Star Premier 4 Star Premier final. Well clear of the field were Hugh County Congress. There

Mr JV Gagen

Prof P Christensen Master Master Thomson – Trevor Dawe, with Ron was a triple tie for first

2 Star Master

Mr FN Stephenson Mrs S Bliss Mrs AK Hughes Quainton – Peter Russell as runners-up. place between Sue and

Mr J Clement

Club Master Mrs G Weatherley Mr A Moon Alastair Gidman – Lorna Swadling Nick Woodcock, Dodo Georgeovic –

1 Star Master 3 Star Premier finished 4th, with Jean Squires – Roger

Mrs H Jackson 4 Star Master Liam Johnstone and Ross Harper – Paul

Mrs P Deman Master Haycock 7th, and David and Jeremy

Mrs A Lister Mrs B Walker Hackett. One point behind were Mike

Mrs B Dodgson Mr HR Dockrell Bygott 8th.

Mr M Lister 3 Star Master Amos and Peter Foster. In the teams it

Mr D Sedgwick Advanced Master 2 Star Premier Congratulations to Peter Owen-Smith was a different story with Tim Chanter,

Mrs MLR Johnson – Lorraine Jones on winning the Nat-

Mr JD Davis Master Helen Wildsmith, Sue and Chris Taylor

Local Master 2 Star Master Mr DA Huxtable Mrs SM Brent

ional Masters category at the Ranked

Mrs B Spragg emerging as comfortable winners. 2nd

Mrs EM Crump Masters Pairs.

Master 1 Star Premier were Jackie Davies, Chris Smart and Sue

Northants 1 Star Master Mr RS Emerson Joe Clacey – Emily Middleton won

Master and Richard Milner. Alan Reid, Suzanne

7 Star Premier Mrs E Nutten Mr R Ferris

the Under 25s at the Easter Festival

Mr J Hodges Griffin, Shirley and James Dutton climbed

Regional Master County Master (London) with Alice Kaye and partner

Mr BR Tora 3 Star Tournament into the 3rd spot.

Mrs P Lewis finishing 2nd in the Championship Pairs.

Mr IG Coltman Mrs JM Wood Master Keith Shuttleworth – Roger Bowles

All OBA members are invited to

1 Star Tournament District Master County Master Mr N Collings won the Bearn, with Edward Levy – Paul

attend the forthcoming AGM (7.30pm

Master Dr J Anderson Mr R Barton 2 Star Tournament Monday 14 June at Oxford BC). Bridge Hackett 2nd and Roger Keane – David

Mr DT Tisbury Mrs J Boszormenyi Mrs S Barton Master and refreshments available free of charge. Beavon 3rd. As Roger and Keith are

Advanced Master Mr C Dawe Mr P Whetton Mr RJ Coles Diary Dates: June 13, Mixed Pairs, unavailable for the Corwen, Peter and

Mr JH Maxwell Mrs EA McGivan District Master Mrs BE Money Oxford BC. June 14, AGM, Oxford BC. Helen Lees will be joining the second

Master Miss DM Simon Mrs V Potter June 20, Dawes League vs Lincolnshire and third pair to represent us.

1 Star Tournament

Mr RM Blackmore Club Master (away but played at Leicester). June 26- The final of the Staffs Cup was

Mr I Ward Master

Miss DM Brazier 27, Oxfordshire Congress, Steventon between Geoff Davies, Peter Jones, Geoff

Mrs VM Reed Mr DD Hyams

Surrey Feltbower, John Day and John Sheppee

County Master Mr SG Dijkstra Tournament Master Village Hall.

Premier Life against Dan Crofts, Edward Levy,

Mr J Lewis Miss AM Kaye Mrs IP Jordan

Master Michael Goldsmith and Justin and Paul

District Master Local Master Mrs S Lynes Somerset Hackett. The match was on a knife-edge

Mrs C Blackburn

Mrs S Murison Mr F Illingworth 5 Star Master

Life Master for all of the 48 boards with Dan Crofts’

Local Master Somerset Mrs J Page team just emerging victorious.


Mrs C Beaty 4 Star Master Paul Hackett won the Kings Lynn Pairs

4 Star Premier 11 Star Premier Colin Simcox – Frank Colt-

Mrs JVA Fielder and qualified for the Crockfords Final, as

Notts Regional Master Regional Master man on their win in the

Mrs HM Dodge

3 Star Master County Swiss Pairs; Joe Mel- did Jason and Justin.

5 Star Premier Mrs FM James

Mr P Bohan moth – Joan Pooley were

Master 6 Star Regional 5 Star Premier Mrs W Sirs 2nd, Jette and Alan Bailey 3rd.

Mrs ER Overton Master Regional Master Suffolk

Mrs NE Wilcox Marianne Lewin – Ray Walder won

4 Star Premier Mr FE Coltman Mr R Sugden Mrs EA Wingham the County Mixed Pairs so congratula-

Master 12 Star Premier Premier Regional 2 Star Master tions to them; Sheila Coda – Steve Tom- CONGRATULATIONS to

Mr S Zygadlo Master Master Mrs CJL Eccersley linson were 2nd, Dave Latchem – Diana Jane Moore who (with her

3 Star Premier Mrs M Stodgell Mr S Foster Mrs JR Stark King 3rd. partner Gillian Fawcett)

Master 2 Star Master 7 Star Regional 1 Star Master The Michael Coda Cup is a sim pairs represented England in the

Mrs AR Brookes Mrs JB King Master Mrs PG Davies event run by our county every year in aid Lady Milne competition against the

4 Star Master Master Mrs M Grinter Dr JH Davies of a nominated charity. This year’s home countries (see page 16). County

Mrs D Mairs Mrs DE Beswick Mr RR Munro Mrs CM Holt nominated charity is the EBU Youth and Captain David Price was another Suffolk

2 Star Master Mrs B Brown 3 Star Regional Mrs JS Joseph Education Trust. The competition was player on international duty recently, in

Mr PL Beardsley Area Master Master Mrs AM won by Colin Flood – Chris Jones, the Camrose.

Mr M Craven Mrs PH Bright Mrs TP Scott Sierankowska Malcolm Scard – Sue Gudgeon were 2nd Congratulations also to Elizabeth Tora

and Helen Sealy – Gilliam Toogood 3rd. for being the top-ranked Suffolk player

52 English Bridge June 2010


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