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English Bridge ’Tis the season

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to be jolly

is published every two months by the


Broadfields, Bicester Road,

Aylesbury HP19 8AZ

01296 317200 Fax: 01296 317220 ENGLAND sent five teams to take part in competitions). Although the World Team

the bridge championships at the 1st World Championships have stricter entry criteria,

Web site:

Mind Sports Games. Three came back with as they are open only to teams that have


medals (see front cover) and the other two, qualified in their respective zonal Cham-

Editor: Elena Jeronimidis the Under 28s and the Seniors, reached the pionships (the European, in England’s case),

23 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR quarter-finals of their respective categories. bridge at the WMSG was an equally serious

0118 926 2602

How good a result is that? Wave the flag and test. It was also a much more exciting event for

sing the anthem, folks, England has made a the spectator than the World Series, where

Editorial Board BIG impression on the bridge world stage! anyone of reasonable standard can enter and,

Sally Bugden (Chairman),

Jeremy Dhondy and Elena Jeronimidis Our reporters will bring you a detailed now, pick partners and team-mates regardless

________________ account of all the excitement (pages 37-43). It of nationality: rooting for Team England has

might also help put England’s achievement in to be more satisfying than rooting for ‘Team

Advertising Manager perspective if you know what sort of event the Bloggs’ – and Team England’s performance at

Harpreet Gill at Loud Group

Unit 90, Milton Park, Abingdon OX14 4RY

World Mind Sports Games (WMSG) was. The the WMSG was a supporter’s dream.

01235 834277 fax: 01235 820338 brainchild of the International Mind Sports Difficult as it was for our players to do as Association, co-founded by the world autho- well as they did, getting the national media

________________ rities of Bridge, Chess, Drafts and Go, the interested in their achievements proved to be

WMSG are intended to take place after the even harder. As the lack of coverage of past

Printing: St Ives (Andover) plc end of each Olympic Games at the venue international successes testifies, bridge has

where the latter took place. This year they only ever made the headlines because of

were held, for the first time, in Beijing, and cheating scandals, so the EBU can be proud of

made the most of the fantastic setting and achieving some success in publicising the

INSIDE GUIDE organisation China had laid out for the Sports England medals not just in the press and on

Olympics and Paralympics. The organisers radio, but also on TV. ITV Senior Corres-

Duplicate pairs tips 5 were also able to attract big sponsorship pondent James Mates announced the Beijing

Bridge fiction 6-7 (mainly from Air China and Sodium Group), results at the evening news on the last day of

Heather’s hints NEW 9 which enabled young players to enjoy free play, and it is not an exaggeration to say that in

Christmas Quiz 11 travel and accommodation. This, in turn, so doing he made bridge history. Let us hope

Useful conventions NEW 13 ensured a bigger field than might have been that future successes will be more easily

Director, please! 15 attracted otherwise: as far as bridge was recognised and celebrated by the nation.

Fine-tuning 17 concerned, ninety-five World Bridge Federa- The EBU team responsible for this coup

Bridge in the Channel Islands 19 tion member countries out of a total of one was headed by our new Chairman, Sally

Bidding quiz 20-21 hundred and seven were represented, each Bugden, so this is a good opportunity to pay

Letters to the editor 23-25 nation being allowed to enter only one team in tribute to her hard work and wish her all the

EBU problems 27 each category (the exception being the Trans- best in her new job – while also thanking

Local News 28 national Teams event where teams could enter Peter Stocken, whom Sally has replaced, for

EBU news and diary 29-32 directly and nominate their own players). his contribution to the Union.

Bidding for the Future Pull-out The bridge series at the WMSG replaces the What with all the good news that Autumn

Really Easy Bridge 33

bridge Olympiads, which also were held every has brought, and Christmas and the New Year

leap year. They are not to be confused with almost upon us, this is truly a time to be

Dubrovnik Congress 34

the World Team Championships held every jolly. On behalf of the EBU, may I wish all

Around and About 35-36

odd-numbered year for the prestigious Ber- members the compliments of the season and

Beijing reports 37-43

muda Bowl (for Open Teams) and Venice Cup take this opportunity to thank everybody –

On-line bridge 44

(for Women’s Teams), nor with the World readers, writers, advertisers and all those

Prize play quiz solution 44

Series, held in even-numbered years excluding who supply county and club news – for their

Standard English 45 leap years (which includes teams and pairs contribution to English Bridge.

The debate 46-47

Competitive Bidding 48-49


County news 50-57 Instruction EBU News Features On-line Bridge Reports

A day in the life and Top Tip 58

Front cover photos: Ron Tacchi December 2008 English Bridge 3


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