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full of goodies.

Reflecting on the past twelve months,

Bridge Club Live has had a calendar of

events that was packed with variety. Every

type of game and competition was there:

Teams, Pairs, Knockouts, Ladders, Match-

pointed Pairs, IMPs – something for

GREAT happenings in Bridge Club Live In September a group of members gathered everyone. Additional events were held – no

during the past few weeks. in Istanbul for the club’s Annual International prizes – just for the thrill of taking part in a

DIDO took off in style and as a result Reunion (see picture) and once again, the variety of fun competitions, instead of

planning is now under way to incorporate it varied programme – mixing bridge with always striving to win the most OMPs.

into other areas of the club. This automated social and leisure events – created new Software development progressed with the

Drop in Drop out movement has levelled the friendships and wonderful memories for all website and playing arena providing ever

playing field and encouraged more people to who were there. more facilities. We participated in the

play in Match-pointed Pairs every day (with Our next major F2F event will be the Children in Need Sims and offered an online

the possibility of achieving Online Master Annual Hinckley Reunion in Leicestershire, venue for hundreds of players.

Points (OMPs) being an added attraction). January 9-12 2009. All members in good Many of our members across the world

DIDO replicates online, the F2F (face-to-face) standing with the club are cordially invited to have participated in F2F National and Inter-

movement we would play in a local club. join us and full information can be found on national events taking home trophies and

Constructive input from our members, the website. titles. Our worldwide community of Bridge

combined with steady software development Next September will see us in Upper Austria Club Live has grown and is even more vibrant

has enabled further refinements and impro- for a weekend in the hometown of two of our than twelve months ago – proving that you

vements to be almost instantaneous. The most popular members. Erwin and Edith are don’t have to leave home to travel the world!

result is a slick, fast-moving competition that hosting International Reunion 2009 in Wels For more information about items in this

is a firm favourite. and already the programme promises to be article, contact

Supervised Practice for less experienced

players is steady and growing. The two


Monday sessions 12 hours apart, at 9am and

9pm, are supported by some of our top

players – several of whom are bridge teachers.

Usually we manage to have a coach at each

table, giving on-the-spot help. In the Monday clubs and two top diamonds, unblocking the

nine-eight of diamonds from dummy. Then

coaching sessions, our members and guests

you cross to the king of spades and cash the

meet others of a similar ability and play in a Prizes kindly donated by PIATNIK,

king of clubs, discarding a spade.

room where help is on hand to select the makers of playing cards since 1824 If clubs break 3-3, you run the suit,

appropriate bids and analyse the play when making at least one overtrick. In practice,

QUIZ master Julian Pottage gives his view of

the need arises. East shows out on the third round of clubs.

the best line of play in our October com-

We also have several members who have Now, if West has dropped the ten or jack of

petition and awards prizes in three categories.

volunteered to mentor on a one-to-one basis, diamonds on the first two rounds of the suit,

you should finesse the seven of diamonds.

offering their time to play and discuss hands

This gains if West started with 10-x or J-x

with players who have now progressed past ♠ K83

and loses only to J-10-x.

Supervised Practice but are not yet fully ♥ 10 8

What would you do if West showed out on

confident in a competitive situation. This is in ♦ 986

the third round of clubs? In this case, you

♣ K6543

addition to the facility we now offer verified would play for the drop in diamonds. This is

♠ J 10 7 4 ♠ Q9

bridge teachers, to advertise on our website N because West, who would hardly lead a four-

♥ K74 ♥ AJ952

and make use of the teaching facilities. W E card spade suit in preference to a five-card

♦ J2 S ♦ 10 5 4 3

heart suit, would be most unlikely to hold a

♣ J982 ♣ 10 7

doubleton diamond as well as a doubleton

♠ A652


♥ Q63

♦ AKQ7

♣ AQ Congratulations to the winners:

County: John Drummond,

You play in 3NT after an uncontested London NW1

auction. West leads the four of spades. Regional: Michael Toft,

You have eight top tricks. You have Stoke-sub-Hamdon,

chances in all the suits for an extra trick, with Somerset

the best chances in the minors. (Spades are Open: Peter Hawkes,

unlikely to break 3-3 after the lead; also, even Radley, Oxon

From the left: Michael (Huckleberry) Stroud,

if East has the ace-king of hearts, you cannot

Barry Capal, Cagri, our Turkish TD, and Linda easily lead hearts twice from dummy.)

(LindyLou) Quigley, awaiting the results of the You win the initial spade in hand. For the This month’s new

Individual Competition being scored by Fran next four tricks, you cash the ace-queen of Play Quiz is featured on page 49.

(Essex Girl) Bramzel &Tony (Tramp) Philpott.

44 English Bridge December 2008


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