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COUNTY NEWS Mixed and Open Pairs competition. County Plate Final, Haslegrave beat May.

Congratulations to the Avon At the Guernsey Congress, Alan Cooke Former Cambs & Hunts member

newly promoted – Brian Browse won the Men’s Pairs, Philip Wraight has won a Dimmie

Brian and Maureen Stairs won the Mixed Fleming Award for contributions to

Premier Grand Masters: MANY congratulations to Steve Turner

and Open Pairs and Alan Cooke, Maris bridge. We thank him again for his

– Steve Tomlinson for reaching the

I.M. Draper, Kent quarter-finals of the Gold Cup ( playing Sheppard, Brian and Maureen Stairs won service on the C&H Committee.

S. Green, Warwickshire with Somerset team mates). Well done the Multiple Teams event. Quite a success Diary Dates: Jan 18, County Individual

also to Steve Tomlinson and Cathy, Ralph story! Final; Feb 8, County Pairs Final; Mar 14,

Mrs D.D. Lindon, Berks & The County congratulates Alan Novice Pairs Tournament; Apr 19, Garden

and Andrew Smith for winning the Welsh

Bucks Shillitoe for his part as coach to the Cities qualifier; Apr 26, Jubilee Swiss Pairs.

Foursomes in September.

At the EBU Autumn Congress, David England Under-21 team who were

Congratulations to the Jones finished second in the Teams final runners-up in their category at the Channel Islands

newly promoted and fourth in the Two Star Pairs final. recent World Mind Sports Games.

Diary Dates: Dec 10, a new Seniors’

Grand Masters: Duncan Cairns was in the winning team

Teams event, Wilstead, 2pm. Jan 29, 1 THE main event in the

in the Secondary Teams final.

Mrs J. Bailey, Devon Star Pairs, at Renhold Village Hall for the Channel Islands has been

Bristol Bridge Club’s Premier Pairs

Mrs J.J. Gibson, North East second year. the Guernsey Congress, which

was won in August by David Hamper –

is the subject of an article

I.P. Gordon, Surrey Chris Melluish, and in September by

by Mike Newman on page

R. James, Surrey

Cathy and Andy Smith. Berks and Bucks 19, so we will just list the main good

Avon has selected the team to repre-

J.H. Jones, Hants & IoW performances by local players. In the Swiss

sent it in the Tollemache: Mike Elliott,

OUR first two events at Pairs Robert Brouard – Jackie Rumball

A Wilson, Oxon Tim Brierley, Andrew and Cathy Smith,

the earlier start time of (Jersey) were third and Guernsey’s Don

David Jones, Duncan Cairns, Graham

1.30pm had increased at- and Anne Babbe won the Non-expert

Hartley, Trevor Ward, Jeremy Rickard and

tendances – and everybody prize. Mid-week events: Pivot Teams: 5.

Robert Glass, with Mike Short as non-

remembered to come early Brian Youd, Sue Rankin, Norman Le

playing captain.

Master Point The entry for the County Leagues is 21 – many thanks to all! Cocq and Rosemary Pallot; Men’s Pairs:

3. Martin Jones – Hugh Bacon; Multiple

promotions teams; 16 teams have entered the County Congratulations to David Owen, Mary

Hughes, Barry Read and Alan Brown Teams: 5. Robert Plumley, Susie Farnon,


Premier National who won the Jarrett Cup for mixed Richard and Christie.The Senior Teams

Avon At the Somerset Congress held over the

Master multiple teams, and to David Owen was won outright by Jersey’s Howard

Premier Life first weekend of October in Weston-

Master Mr S Lee (again) and Charles Chisnall, winners of Basden-Smith, Meredith Case, Robert

super-Mare, the two principal events

Mr AI Gammon National Master the Swiss pairs for the Denys Jenkins Brouard and Marion Miles. In the Swiss

Mr KM Goswell attracted an entry of 82 tables each and

Premier National Trophy. Teams, Guernsey resident Rune Hague,

12 Star Premier the best results by Avon pairs were

Master Many congratulations to Sally Brock, who had brought over his international

Mr WF Maddox Regional Master achieved in the Swiss Pairs by Duncan

a member of the victorious (by 1 IMP!) Norwegian team, won the event. The top

2 Star Regional Mr CJ Harris Cairns – David Jones (6th out of 164

6 Star Premier Women’s team in the World Mind Sports C.I. team in 10th spot were John and

Master pairs) and in the Swiss Teams by Colin

Regional Master Games and to Simon Cope, coach to the Fiona Honey, and Peter and Gill Pitcher

Mrs CE Walker Cheek, Dan Lewis, John Doran and Hugh

Regional Master Mrs M Hughes Open team who got the Silver Medal – from Jersey. The prize for the best local

Thomson, third equal with Cathy and

Mrs S O’Hara 3 Star Premier both in very strong international fields. performance in the two Swiss Events was

Regional Master Andrew Smith, Steve Tomlinson and

1 Star Premier Other achievements nationally include won by Margaret Allen and Gill Morgan

Mrs J Griffiths Steve Turner, while Jeremy Rickard,

Master Tim Rees, in the winning team in the from Guernsey.

Mrs AG Rossiter 2 Star Premier Robert Glass, Tony Gammon and Huw

1 Star Master

Regional Master Oliver finished in fifth place in the field Autumn Congress, with good perfor-

Mr B Dury

Mrs H Duff of 82 teams. mances from Ed Scerri – Chris Burley,

1 Star Premier The West of England Bridge Club’s 11th in the final of the Two Stars and 5th


Regional Master in the Teams Final with Richard Palmer

Mr DT Lewis

Dr E Brennan

Pairs Championship has been won by

County Master Mary McKenzie – Gerry Gowling. – Dick Davey. Ed, Richard and Dick, with

2 Star Regional

Miss C May Bristol Bridge Club’s Curtis Trophy has Steve Moss, are the proud winners of the


Mrs R Staddon Nicko Plate – to complete the set having

Mrs A Banner been won by Margaret Harris – Colin

District Master won the Nicko itself three years earlier.

Regional Master Cheek after two strong final rounds.

Mr JG Boulton

Area Master

Mr CE Owen And good luck to John Howard whose

Mr TB Randall team, which includes Mike Perkins and

Ms M Robathan Bedfordshire

14 Star Premier Ian Reissmann, is in third place after the

Mr B Wibberley Master

Club Master Mrs CE Moir first weekend of the Premier League. In domestic competitions, James Fattorini

Mr A Millichamp Diary Dates: Dec 21, Mixed Swiss

9 Star Premier THE County season (in the picture), having recently celebrated

Bedfordshire Master kicked off with the Teams, Windsor, 11am start – with a glass his 90th birthday, had a further triumph

National Master Mr PR Wells Opening Pairs held at of wine at the break! Jan 11, County when he won the County Individual title.

Mrs VA Lawson 8 Star Premier Pairs Qualifier, Windsor; Feb 1, Friendly


Wilstead on 11th Sep- Second was Anne Babbe and third Andy

Regional Master Swiss Pairs, SBBC. Feb 8, County Pairs

Mr NBL Drapkin tember, won by Ron Hall (all from Guernsey).

Mr G D Robertson Final & Plate. All at 1.30 pm apart from

4 Star Premier 6 Star Premier Davis – Alan Oddie with Finally an apology to Margaret Allen

Master Master 60.98%. This event was soon followed by the 21 December event. for an error in our last report. It was

Mrs W Audsley Mrs IM Lovell the Bedford Congress, held again at the Margaret and not husband Mike who

5 Star Premier prestigious venue of Towcester Race-

1 Star Premier


Cambs and Hunts won the Restricted Pairs event in partner-

Master course. Runners-up in the Teams event ship with Alistair Kent. Sorry, Margaret!

Mr C Challinor Mrs JM Richardson

2 Star Premier

were the Bedfordshire team of Alan

5 Star Master

Master Oddie, Graeme Robertson, Iain Roberts CONGRATULATIONS to Catherine Cornwall

Mr B J Parkins

County Master Mrs A Chamberlain and Ron Davis. Jon Williams – Ron Curtis and Paul Fegarty for several good

Mr PJ Dredge Mrs U Henzell Davis won the Swiss Pairs event at results since the last news round-up: 1st

Area Master 1 Star Premier Wilstead on 12th October with 96 VPs. at the Great Northern Swiss Pairs, 9th at MANY congratulations

Master Well done to all concerned. the Autumn Congress Pairs, 4th at the to Bill Collings and Eileen

Ms J Membre

Mr M Ramzy

Berks & Bucks Successes nationally for Bedfordshire Autumn Congress Teams and 6th in the Wilkinson, who were mar-

5 Star Master

Premier Grand Mr PJ Lee players include: Chris Challinor – Herts One-Day event. They have also ried, quietly, in Newquay,

Master Mrs U A Sidaway Malcolm Lunn won the Derbyshire Swiss reached the semi-finals of the Silver in October. They can now

Mrs D D Lindon 4 Star Master Pairs while Ron Davis – Bill Hood came Plate. Catherine Jagger won the National look forward together to

Premier Life Mr ED Bond second. Ron also came third partnering Women’s Teams, and finished 4th in the Bill’s 100th birthday, in

Master Mr S Mian Paul Martin in the prestigious Two Stars Autumn Congress Pairs ahead of husband January.

Mr AW Boothroyd Mrs M Stewart

Mr TCS Northover Mrs JM Turpie

final at the Bournemouth Autumn Con- Chris in 8th place. Together they finished Congratulations also to Chris Nichols,

Mr AJ Page Mrs RP Warren gress. Jon Williams – Tim Pryor were 2nd in the Autumn Congress Teams. who has qualified as a County Director.

Life Master 3 Star Master third equal in the Great Northern Swiss In the Cambs and Hunts League, Div. Geoff Warren has taken over as

Mr N Lancaster Mr D Burbidge Pairs. Paul Habershon – Pamela Smith 2 was won by North Cambridge 1 and County Chairman and Chris Bickerdike

came fourth in the recent Isle of Man Div. 3 was won by Huntingdon 3. In the as Secretary. Many thanks to Harold

50 English Bridge December 2008


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