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Payne and Janice Keast for all that they The GP week-end at Spondon was Browse – Avis Robertson, 21. Ron and

Master Point have done for Cornish bridge. Please very well attended. In the Pairs, Ron Mc- Lynne Heath; Pivot Teams: 11. Jo Whitty

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Ewan – Giles Foster were fourth, with

John Sowter – Amanda Grimsey fifth.

– Pat Savage; Ladies’ Pairs: 11. Avis

Robertson – Maris Sheppard, 12. Pat

A Truro team (Jan and Ken Keast, Ron and Giles joined up with Mary and Savage – Jo Whitty; Men’s Pairs: 1. Alan

Mrs A Williams Master Mick and Mary Robson) won the play- David Marshall to gain second place in Cooke – Brian Browse. Guildford Green

2 Star Master Mr J Taylor

Mrs P Atkinson County Master

off between the two League winners, the Teams event. Point: Swiss Pairs: 8. Ann Sharples –

Ms JL Dunckley Mr JF Evans beating the Liskeard Lot (Colin Pote, Diary Dates: Dec 10, EMBA Christ- Robert Mott; Swiss Teams: 5. Andy

Mrs LA Head Mrs A Lloyd Mike Booth, Janet and Roger Putnam). mas Party, Old School, Spondon. Jan 21, Kittridge, Basil Feilding, Ann Banner

Mrs A Marchetti District Master County Competitions have been National Pairs qualifying round. Jan 24- and Joan Murphy, 12. David Willis, Tim

Mrs TR Tuson Mr J C Fairclough dominated by Jill and David Newton. 25, County Pairs qualifying round, Final Smith, Lesley Lewis and Michael Organ.

1 Star Master Mr H Lockwood They have won the Falmouth Swiss Pairs, and Consolation Final. West of England: Swiss Pairs: 13. Miles

Mrs M Carver Mr D Watts

Mrs EM Clark from Evelyn Knight – Sonia O’Neill, and Cowling – Rob Lawy, 17. Martin Brook –

Area Master

Mrs P Hanson the Marie Gregson Brown Pairs at St Helen Ackroyd; Swiss Teams: 8. Miles

Mrs EM Young

Mrs M Doyle

Austell, from Brian Colvin – John

Devon Cowling Rob Lawy, Stefan Lindfors and

Club Master

Advanced Master Mr T Eckersley- Hardisty. And with Jan and Ken Keast, Jim Grant. Autumn Congress: Two Stars

Mrs B Atkins Waites they won the Penzance Swiss Teams; Jo WARNER and Louise final: 5. Peter Goodman – Mike Pownall,

Mr FT Harling Local Master

Mr C P Head

Brown and Pat Meade’s teams tied for Solomon were second in 15. Janet Smith – Geoff Bailey; Satellite

Miss S O’Connor second place. Peter Coad – Heather the Seniors Pairs and the Final: 7. Chris Stevens – Hilary Brain, 14.

Mr D Lawrence

Mrs G Martin Channel Upton won the Clarke Winmill Mixed Senior Teams at the Sept- Peter Mallett – Hugh Kevill-Davies; Swiss

Mrs BJ Meighen Islands Pairs, from Val Pitman – David Stone, ember Guernsey Congress. Pairs: 2. Eugene Sheehan – Michael Gore,

Mrs M Pike Life Master and the Newtons were third. 7. Ron and Lynne Heath, 8. Miles Cowling

Mr G Watts

Alan and Jette Bailey came second in the

Mr M Allen In the Wadebridge Green-Pointed Swiss Multiple Teams, fourth in the Swiss Pairs – Eddie Lucioni.

Mrs OM Watts Mr R Brouard

Master Mrs M Case

Teams, the leaders, Colin Pote, Pat Meade, and third in the Swiss Teams. Well done Dairy Date: Jan 12, Swiss teams for

Dr BE Davis 2 Star Premier Andy Tooley and Val Manicom, lost to both pairs The Frost Rose Bowl, Allendale Centre,

Mrs SM Ellis Regional Master their final match and were overtaken by Congratulations to: Joy Pellow – 2pm. Feb 8, Knight Cup Final & Conso-

Mrs PM Francis Mrs G Pitcher Terence Treeby’s team from Torquay. Terence Treeby who won the Devon lation Pairs, Weymouth BC, 2pm. Mar

County Master Regional Master Diary Dates: Dec 7, Men’s & Women’s

Mr S Bunyan

Mixed Pairs on the 20th September; 15, Swiss Teams for the Weymouth Col-

Mr H F Bacon Teams, Ladock; Jan 10, Falmouth Pairs,

Mr R Chantler Mr M C Jones

John and Joy Murray Brown, Joy Pellow lege Trophy, Preston BC, Weymouth, 2pm.

Mrs R Johnstone Falmouth BC; Jan 18, Star Masters & and Terence Treeby who won the

Advanced Master

Mr D Jukes Mrs EM Le Maistre

Tredova Cup, Ladock; Jan 25, Men’s and Cornwall Green-pointed Swiss Teams,

Mr N Oakley

County Master Ladies’ Pairs, Ladock. with Mike Booth, Pat Mead, Andy Essex

Dr MK Osborn

Mr R Stepney Dr R Endean Tooley and Val Manicom second.

District Master District Master Cumbria Congratulations also to the winners

Mrs L Bell


Mr CE Dale of the 2007-2008 section Leagues: East Val Mollison and Nicole

Dr I Haigh Mrs R Lycett

Mr B A Powell

Section – Div. 1, John Edwards; Div. 2, Cook on achieving their

Mrs LD Haigh THE new season started with the IMPs Ruth Edmondson; Div. 3, Nigel Hamlyn.

Mr M Hughes Mrs M S Robilliard County Tournament Dir-

Area Master Pairs Competition: 1. Ken Anderson – South Section – Div. 1, Tim Walton; Div.

Mrs J Rushworth ector’s qualification.

Mr MF Timms Mrs A G Arden Tony Bartlett (48); 2. Babs Matthews – 2, Steve Quinn. North Section – Div. 1, A meeting was held

Mr RK Wilkinson Ms MM Boyd David Strawbridge (33); 3. Mary Edgar – Alison Pollock; Div. 2, Jen Harris.

Local Master

with club representatives to discuss the

Area Master Anne Harrison (31). The Devon Charity Simultaneous

Miss A Anderson new EBU proposals. The evening was

Mrs J Allan The County Autumn Sim Pairs attrac- Pairs was held on 22nd September; five

Mrs I Bakewell Mr B Troy well attended, resulting in a lively dis-

ted an entry of 81 pairs: 1. Peter Steele – clubs participated. Results: 1. J. Clarke – cussion and exchange of views.

Mr A Barker Cornwall Clive Tranter (66.04%); 2. David Straw-

Mr T Brass Mrs B. Miller (Honiton Club); 2. G. National results: in the EBU Scarbo-

7 Star Premier bridge – John Maclachan (65.97%); 3. J.

Mrs J Galvin Master Dodd – Ken Wood (Honiton Club); 3. rough Congress, the team of Val and Paul

Mrs MB MacKenzie

Mrs P Deal Turner – A. Carter (65.95%). Derek Brown – Joy Murray Brown Mollison, and Roger and Jill Tattersfield,

Ross The Pro-Am Teams had an increased

6 Star Premier (Torquay Club). Last season five clubs came joint second in the Teams A Final,

Mr TAM Wayland

Master entry this year. This very enjoyable event and ninety pairs took part and raised, and Roger and Jill finished in joint 11th

Club Master

Mrs AJ Barker was won by Millidge, Baelz, Carter and with donations, approximately £840 for

Mrs GM Clayton place in the Swiss Pairs. In the Brighton

Mrs N Quimson

2 Star Premier Atkinson with 79 points. Mitchell, Mos- the Dame Hannah Rogers Trust. This

Master Summer Congress, Peter Franklin – Alan

Local Master sop, Rogerson and Anderson were second event is held five times during the season; Mayo with their team-mates were 6th

Mrs J Cant

Mrs PC Pennell

Tournament also with 79, having been beaten by the if you wish to support this worthwhile equal in the Brighton Bowl; in the Swiss

Cambs & Hunts Master winners in their match. Turner, Jackson, charity, please contact Paul Ainsworth Pairs, Manny Marks and partner finished

Life Master Mr JV Deal Edgar and Harrison (73) were third. 01803 752846. in fourth place. In the National Pairs

Mrs EAC Howard 3 Star Master The Murray League has started with Diary Dates: Dec 14, Torquay Swiss final, Cecil Leighton – Jacek Lapszys

Premier National Mrs J Doyle an encouraging entry of 19 teams and is


Pairs, Torquay Bridge Club. Jan 10-11, were the highest-placed Essex pair, in

2 Star Master being run by Mike Dunstan this year.

Mrs S Sheasby Mr RJ Harrison John Woolcott Weekend, ISCA Centre 17th place; in the National Newcomers

National Master Mrs JM Stone Exeter. Jan 13, National Pairs Heat, Pairs, Rick Westover – Veronica O’Brien

Mrs C Bull Master Derbyshire Kingsbridge Regal Bridge Club. Feb 7-8, were the highest-placed Essex pair,

4 Star Premier Mrs J Vaughan Petit Congress (Torquay Bridge Club). finishing in 20th place.

Regional Master County Master The Hertfordshire Green Pointed Swiss

Mr T E D Shaw Mr AJ Biggs Teams was won by Alan Mayo, Peter

THE India Cup for

1 Star Premier Cumbria Teams of Four was

Dorset Franklin, Michael Grounds and team

Regional Master

Mr P Last 3 Star Premier narrowly won by Ron mate. In the Surrey One Day Events,

Regional Master Michael Wren – Richard Perryman were

10 Star Regional McEwan, Stephen Lally, COUNTY Results: Flem-

Mr D Mullany

Master Howard Melbourne and mich Cup (7 teams): 1. third in the Swiss Pairs, and Ray Clarke,

Mr P Morgan 1 Star Premier

Master Giles Foster. They were Martin Brook, Helen Bernie Hunt, Ray Cornell and David

13 Star Premier only 1 IMP ahead of Paul Madden, David Ackroyd, Frank and Clark were seventh in the Swiss Teams.

Mrs S Rogerson

Master Winners of recent Essex events:

Mr K Jackson 4 Star Master Briggs, Steve Cave, Derek Brooks. Shirley Groome; 2. Miles Cowling, Bob

1 Star Premier

Mrs A Carter Derbyshire teams were the overall McRobert, Phil and Jo Norman. George Curtis Swiss Teams: 1. Michael

Master 3 Star Master winners of the Three Counties event Hardwick Cup (14 teams): 1. Martin Watson, Jacek Lapszys, Phil Collier, Peter

Mr J H Brown Brook, Helen Ackroyd, Ann Sharples Scotting; 2. Sandy Riach, Rob Elliott,

Ms V Flawn against teams from Nottinghamshire and

Mrs C Parker Advanced Master Ann and Terry Clark; 3. Patrick O’Gara,

Leicestershire. and Daphne Philipps; 2. Laurie and

3 Star Master Mr RA Bradbury

Mr C Hamilton Liz Hall, David Taylor, Annice and Mary Gordon, and John and Shirley Sue French, Wendy Coldham, Pat Watson.

Mr P Lefort Autumn Seniors: 1. Allan Greenstein –

Mrs W Lefort Derbyshire Howard Morton, Ken and Fay Stanyon, Durrant.

Ron McEwan and David Marshall repre- National Results: EBU Sim Pairs 15th Yvonne Dias; 2. Alan Green – Frank

2 Star Master 2 Star Regional

Mr IG Hill sented Derbyshire in the Edgar Foster September (1826 pairs): 16. Martin Brook Morrison; 3. Peter Oake – Ray Cornell.


Advanced Master Mr R Floutier Cup Pairs Competition at the Stafford- – Helen Ackroyd; 16th September (2334 Diary Dates: Feb 22, Helliar Trophy;

Mr IW Davies Mr A Kenny shire Showground. Their joint cumulative pairs): 30. Peter Stockton – Mike Caruana. Mar 11, Essex Spring Seniors; Mar 27,

score put them in first place as a team. Guernsey Congress: Swiss Pairs: 18. Brian Gwen Herga Trophies. December 2008 English Bridge 51


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