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and Paul Smith (64%); 3. John Griffiths,

Master Point promotions Gloucestershire Sarah Mathews, Sue and Derrick Munday (63%).

1 Star Regional 6 Star Premier Mrs V Potter 4 Star Master The Next Steps Pairs for the Woolhope

Master Master Mrs EA Smith Dr DP Ross PRIDE of place this month goes to Dan Cup was contested by ten pairs. Entries

Mr W Howden Ms A Walters Club Master 2 Star Master McIntosh from Stroud, who was a mem- are confined to players with Master-

3 Star Premier 4 Star Master Mrs J Campfield Mr G Evans ber of the English Under-21 team that point ranking of 1* Master and below:

Master Mrs H Bona Mr AD Friedlander Dr S Wernick progressed all the way to the final of the

Mrs MA Avery 3 Star Master Mrs DG Friedlander 1 Star Master

1. Jean Porter – Judy Kingston (59.7%);

World Mind Sports Games in Beijing, 2. John Crowe – Nannette Annell (57.9%);

Premier Master Mrs VG Seldon Mrs P Hill Mr TC Garvey

Mr V Murrell before losing a close match to France. 3. Sandy Dowle – Sarah Weller (56.5%).

Mrs M Watson 2 Star Master Mrs S Shapland

3 Star Master Local Master Advanced Master

County Results: Pivot Teams: 1. Paul Herefordshire players applaud the con-

Mr RMH Beatty

Mrs G Coomb Mrs P Williams Mr AJ Flaherty Mrs EA Madeley Denning, Nigel and Fred Pitel, Dan tinued progress of the County’s junior

2 Star Master Mrs V Green Mrs AC Wernick McIntosh, Andrew Kambites. Summer

1 Star Master pair, Ben and Tom Paske, who were part

Mrs N Romaine Mrs V Robinson County Master Pairs: 1. Val Constable. Summer Teams: 1.

Mrs JK Hoare of the England Under-21 Team that won

Mrs V Tarling

County Master Dr SJ Steel Mr AA Brewster Mark Rogers. Darke Salver: 1. John Silver in Beijing; We hope their success

Mrs JA Barker Mr G Wilson Gloucestershire Mrs AM Brewster Councer, Lesley Harrison, Mike Lewis,

Mrs H Parr Advanced Master Premier Life Mr BT Rhodes will stimulate a greater interest in bridge

Chris Smith. Walter Jessop: 1. Steve among the young in the County and a

District Master Dame Yvonne Moores Master District Master

Rev. AW Wearmouth Mr D Adams Sasanow – George Barrett. Burry Cup: youth programme is planned.

Mr A Rowe Master

Area Master Mrs EE Braidwood National Master Mr AR Coggle 1. Barbara Janes – Lindsay Stewart. Diary Dates: Jan 16, National Pairs

Mr M Gavigan Mr N Cullerne-Bown Mr IW Hoskins Mr MA Jempson Bredon Vale: 1. Thribb Bridge Club. Qualifying Heat, Bartestree (7pm). Jan

Mr DF Mann Mrs T Mackriell Regional Master Mrs JA Morrow Everett Cup: 1st. Peter Waggett, Jim

Area Master 23, Inter-Club Teams League, Round 2,

Mrs I White County Master Mr MJ Lewis Simons, Joe and Wendy Angseesing. Ledbury (7pm). Jan 30, No Fear teams

Club Master Mrs VJP Cullerne- Mr JM Rogers Mr M Cross

Results in other events: Pam Pearce – for the Queenswood Trophy (only one

Mrs J Allsop Bown 3 Star Premier Mrs RS Needell

Club Master Lindsay Geddesy did very well to reach member of the team may be Advanced

Devon District Master Master

Mr J Nicholls Miss M Glover the final of the EBU’s Women’s Teams. Master or above), Bartestree (7pm). Feb

Mrs AT Pease

Grand Master Mrs A Richardson Local Master Tony Hill – Alan Wearmouth won the

4 Star Master 1, Swiss Pairs for the Bulmer Rose Bowl,

Mrs J Bailey Mr K Gledstone West of England Congress Swiss Pairs.

Area Master Mr NH Grieve Tarrington (10.30am). Feb 20, Mixed Pairs

Premier National Mr RD Williamson 3 Star Master Herefordshire for the Ray Paul Salver, Bartestree, (7pm).


Club Master Mr IP Francis

Ms V Peters

Mr C J Horwood 1 Star Master

National Master Hants and IoW Feb 28, Club teams of 8 for the Chadd

4 Star Regional Mrs JA Shadforth Shield, Tarrington (2pm).

Master Local Master Mrs MM Munday

2 Star Premier

Mrs A Allerston Mrs CA Sadie Regional Master

Mr EEG Boucher HIOW MEMBERS made

Advanced Master Hertfordshire

1 Star Regional Essex Wg.Cdr N Shorrick their presence felt at the

Master Mr MS Chance Premier Regional

Premier National Ms S Watson recent West of England

Mr S Dooley Master Master

Dr P Wood County Master Mr CG Chowney Congress at Weston-super- CONGRATULATIONS to

Mr E Marks Mrs B Lloyd

11 Star Premier 2 Star Regional mare: Pauline Serby, John Stan Harding, on gaining

National Master District Master


Mrs ME Homer

Master Moore, Mike Hinkin and Ken Benjamin a well deserved Dimmie

Mr D Davey Mr G Carter Mr G Barrett

6 Star Premier came second in the Teams event, and Sula Fleming award for his

10 Star Premier Mr AD Pritchard 5 Star Premier

Regional Master Area Master

Turpin and recent HIOW member contribution to club and

Master Master

Mr A Drew Mr M Siejka Sheena Lanham won the Ladies’ competi- county bridge. Also well done to Malcolm

Mr B Elberg Mrs J Baker

5 Star Premier

10 Star Premier Local Master 3 Star Master

tion. Christine and Richard Ray’s team Harris on winning the Crockfords Plate,

Master Mr NA Crawshaw won second place in the Seniors’ Team in

Master Mrs D Robertson and to Malcolm Harris, Francis Eddleston,

Mr R Webb Guernsey.

Mr M Smith Hants and 1 Star Master Maria Budd and Rick Irwin who narrowly

8 Star Premier

3 Star Premier I.O.W. Mrs J Eaton County Results: Ladies’ Pairs: 1. Helen lost in the final of the NICKO Plate.


Master Advanced Master Ackroyd – Ann Sharples, 2. Christine

Mrs G Wiseman

Mrs CA Fallon Grand Master At the Autumn Congress in Bourne-

7 Star Premier Mr JH Jones Mrs ED Richards McNiven – Christine Ray. Men’s Pairs:

2 Star Premier mouth Alan Kay nearly did the double by

Master Premier Life District Master 1=. Barry Johnston – Roy Green and

Master Mrs IMF Edge winning the Eastbourne Bowl and coming

Mrs AM Rastin Master John Jones – Mac Nurmohamed. Sim-

Miss NJ Sandom

Mrs R Concanon Mr PE Landau second in the Two Stars Pairs. Rick Irwin

Tournament 4 Star Premier mons Trophy: 1. Elaine and Ron Ewins, 2.

Master Mrs CR Parsons Area Master – Julie Abley were 9th in the Satellite Pairs

Master Mrs J Knipe Clare and Ian Fearon. Simmons Plate: 1. final. In the Great Northern Swiss Pairs

Mrs E Langley Mr M Krimgoltz Life Master

1 Star Premier Mr RG Crawford Club Master Chrissie Mobbs – Keith Jerram, 2. Lesley Francis Eddleston – Julie Abley were fifth.

2 Star Master Mr A Davis Lewis – Dave Willis. Harrop Swiss Teams:

Mr BH Warne

Master Premier National An enjoyable time was had by a

Mrs J A Moorman Master Mrs CJ Winney 1. Chistine and Richard Ray, Dave Hale,

1 Star Master number of Hertfordshire players in the

2 Star Tournament Ms J Bellinger Local Master Dave Huggett; 2. Tracey Adams, Steve

Mr HG Crossman Mr RL Manuel

Dubrovnik Congress with Mandie Camp-

Master Mr AW Bennett Tearle, Steve Howell, Keith Bennett.

Mr RB Wilkinson Mrs HK Kinloch Mrs D Martin bell – Sonia Griffiths winning the Pre-

Mr RA Jones Petersfield Swiss Teams: 1. Helen Kinloch,

Master Miss MP Rowledge Congress Pairs. Tara and Stan Harding were

Mrs BJ Payne

5 Star Master Herts Madeline Lawson, Sula Turpin, Tony Page;

Mr MJ Harbour National Master third in the Mixed Pairs, and Chris Cook

Mr EA Treharne National Master 2. Chris Kinloch, Miles Cowling, John

Mrs CM Love Mr KS Benjamin

Mrs P C Hobson

– Andy Fenn were part of the team

County Master Mrs N Yew Dakin, Richard Harris.

Mr D Ross finishing fifth in the Swiss Teams.

Mrs A Devonport 16 Star Premier 8 Star Premier

3 Star Master Regional Master Diary Dates: Dec 1-5, Charity Dupli- In the Hertfordshire Green Point event

District Master Regional Master

Mr TJ Marett Mr TG Banks cate Pairs (Clubs). Dec 14, Yuletide Mini- in September Mike Hancock, Anne Flock-

Mrs J Cullum Mrs BJ Boswell

Mr NPA Goode 1 Star Master 3 Star Regional Swiss Teams. Jan 4, Lincoln Mixed Pairs. hart, Dave Dickson and Iain Roberts

Ms W Logan Premier Regional

Mr R Williams Master Master Jan 18, Midwinter Mini-Swiss Pairs (no were in the team finishing third.

Area Master Advanced Master Mrs VJ Harlow

Mrs C Mobbs plated tea). Jan 25, Candlestick Open Local Results: Champions Cup: 1. David

Mr APN Cordrey Mrs E Dukes 2 Star Regional

Mr BE Kempster 2 Star Regional Pairs (1pm). Feb 8, Valentine Mini-Swiss Tookey – Rodger White; 2. Amanda Barnes

Mrs WS Cordrey Master Master

Miss JR Martin Teams (no plated tea). – John Hirons; 3. Vee and Humphrey

Club Master Mrs EC Bevan Mr WA Linton

Mrs DA Stones All the above wll be held in Romsey Harlow.

Mrs S Lyons Mrs DA Rivers 1 Star Regional

Mr A Norman County Master Master and start at 2pm, unless otherwise noted. Diary Dates: Dec 7, Humble Cup

Mrs L Morris 38 Star Premier

Mrs K Young Master Mr G Conrad Entries (if possible at least five days in Quali-final, Bridge Centre WGC, 1pm.

Mr J Murray

Local Master Mr MC Mollart- 7 Star Premier advance) to Lillian Craigen 02380 Jan 11, Championship Pairs Semifinal,

Mrs G Stevens District Master Master

Rogerson 254276 or Bridge Centre WGC, 1pm. Jan 23, Cadet

Mrs L Hall Mr SA Mossey

Direct Mrs SA Mitchell 4 Star Premier Pairs Final, Bridge Centre WGC, 7.30pm.

Master Mr KA Sheridan

County Master Mr R Perera

Mrs J Chaney Mrs B Roberts Mrs M Gale 5 Star Premier Herefordshire

Mr M Songhurst 3 Star Premier Master Isle of Man

District Master Mr MH Sint

Mr T Todman Master

Mr M Ellison

Mr M Vandome Mrs MA Rubra 4 Star Master THE annual teams event for the Avocet MORE than eighty players from the

Dorset Premier Master Mr GM Forsythe

Area Master Pools Cup was run this year in Swiss Island, the UK and even Canada took

National Master Mr R Bingham Mrs D Harvey 3 Star Master

format and a close competition was won part in the Isle of Man Bridge Congress,

Mr EK Bathgate Mrs RV Buchanan Tournament Mr DJ Sparkes

Regional Master Master 2 Star Master

by Ben Britton, George Richardson, John sponsored by Bridge Overseas. The

Mr A Cartwright

Dr J Askew Mrs LL Pinner Mr A Beavis Mrs DM Barry Thacker and Cathy England with 68%; 2. visitors saw the Island at its best on a

Carol and Albert Brown, Robin Lewis glorious weekend.

52 English Bridge December 2008


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