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After three days of play, visitors Sue Council meetings whenever possible.

Master Point promotions and Nick Woodcock won the Pairs by a Congratulations go to Catherine

big margin, scoring 206 VPs, an asto- Draper on being in the winning England

Mrs HM Nesbitt Mrs M Robins 2 Star Master Mr M Hopkins nishing 43 ahead of Bill Carr – Stuart Ladies’ team at the Mind Sports Games in

1 Star Master Mr CM Wall Mr SIZ Ashley Mrs K Kontos Clarke in second place. The highest- Beijing, and to Andrew Woodcock and

Mr GJ Butcher Master Mr K Preston Mrs S McKelvie

placed local player was Maureen Curry, Ollie Burgess, members of the U-28 team

Mr RN Quinby Mrs V Brazier Mrs M Williams Mr K Meng

Mr MF Wood Mr CD Derry Advanced Master Ms C Morison third with her partner Bridget Vicker- which reached the quarter-finals.

Advanced Master Mrs HM Derry Mrs A Kind Ms I Sasaki man; 4. John and Maggie Pyner of After three rounds of the Northern

Mrs CS Cameron Mrs CL McNeill Mrs JN Sumaria Manchester Coventry; 5. Malcolm Fyne of Bridge Bridge League, Lancashire A is lying third

Master Mr MJ Trewavas Mr TR Wright Overseas and his wife Madeleine; 6. local out of six counties, Lancashire B fourth

Mr AJ Davis County Master Master Life Master players Erika Slatcher – Paul de Weerd. out of seven, and Lancashire C third out

Mr B Moule Mr MS Collins Ms B Corlett Mr RJ Waddington

In the Teams the winners were the of eight.

County Master Mr JR Cripps Mrs T Daniels Regional Master

Mrs F Diggens Mr K Higgins immensely popular regular visitors Derek Bolton Congress: Ladies’ Pairs: 1. Hilda

Mr D Ellam District Master

Mr B Forty Mrs J Highfield Mr B Hobden Williams, Croz Croswell, Phil Godfrey Williams – Marianne Farr; Men’s Pairs:

District Master

Mrs B Bourne

Mr RC Gibbons Mr T Slater and Gavin Mackay, who achieved a hat- 1. Andrew and Nick Woodcock. Cham-

Mr RK O’Shea Lincolnshire 8 Star Premier trick of victories, 7 VP ahead of Sue and pionship Pairs: 1. Andrew Woodcock –

Ms YV Palmer

Mr A Skelton District Master Premier National Master Nick Woodcock, Bill Carr and Stuart Marie Horlock; Teams: 1. Paul Evans,

Mr I Caplan Master Mrs S Massey

Area Master

Mr FD Heine Mr MV Llewellyn

Clarke. The Manx teams struggled, with Alan Whittam, Mike Nicholson, Des King.

Mrs SM Arnold 4 Star Premier

Dr D Master 4 Star Regional the best placed being John Large, John LCBA Mixed Pairs: 1. Sue Woodcock –

Mr M Ayres Master

Mr N Thomas Master Mr DB Tattersall Karran, John Whillis and Brian Lowe in Stuart Clarke. Pendle Witch Pairs: Experts:

Miss S Chapman

Mrs J Fagan Area Master Mrs C Grant Premier Master seventh place. 1. Brian Irlam – Nihar Mitra. Middle-

Mrs AMI Hay Mr MJ Avery Premier Master Mr J Athey Next year’s congress: 11-13 Sept 2009. Experts: 1. Pam Cox – Ashley Rosen.

Local Master Mrs JE Hall Miss D Burton Non-Experts: 1. Jane Driver – Ann

1 Star Tournament E-mail or 01624

Mr B Hardie 5 Star Master

Mr RE Bambrough Master 660393 for details. Entwistle. Foundation Cup: 1. Barrie

Mr BK Smale Mrs M Gibson

Mrs A Esenbel Mrs EGJ Hadfield Newall, Brian Ripley, Paul Evans, Alan

Club Master 1 Star Master

Isle Of Man 5 Star Master Whittam won on a tie-break from

Mr AW Everitt Mrs M Sergeant

4 Star Premier Mrs H McNeil Local Master

Mr A McKillop Kent Michelle Brunner, John Holland and

Master Mr I Thomas 2 Star Master

Miss WH Kotowska Alan and Kath Nelson.

Mrs DC White Mrs JC Vening Mrs D Lyons

London Mr R Mercer THE competition season Diary Dates: Dec 7, Lytham Rose

3 Star Master Local Master

Mrs EA Stephenson Mrs GA Collins Premier Life Advanced Master started with the Dyer Smith Bowl, Lytham Bridge Club. Dec 28-30,

Area Master Dr D Firth Master Mrs A Hampton Mixed Pairs Championship EBU Year End Congress, Hilton Hotel,

Mrs MA Kean Mr RF Markwick Mr GP Orsmond Master which was won by Ian Blackpool. Jan 3-4, Manchester Congress,

Local Master Mr HF Preece Mr G Rainsford Mrs Y Walker Renaissance Hotel, Manchester. Jan 10,

Premier National

Draper – Gwyneth Davies.

Mrs J Lobley Lancashire County Master LCBA Butler Pairs, Brierfield Bridge Club.

Master Mr B Beever

The Hunter Cup for the

Mrs S Lynch Premier National Jan 25, Lancashire Evening Post Pairs,

Mr R Johnson Mr E Thornton-Chan highest placed married couple was won

Kent Master National Master by Philip and Kate Morgan. Preston. Feb 1, LCBA Championship

Mrs B Heaton Area Master

Premier Grand Mr JE Clarke Pairs, Blackburn Bridge Club.

Mrs A Wilkins Mrs JA Birchall Kent Congress: Championship Pairs:

Master Mr S Pollack

Mr IM Draper National Master Club Master 1. David Davenport – Giles Hargreaves, 2.

Mr CH Washbrook

Life Master Mr H Walker Premier Regional

Mrs JR Owen Marion Robertson – Ian Pagan (Mixed Leicestershire

Mr D McVey 2 Star Premier Local Master Pairs winners); Swiss Teams: 1. Gerald


Mrs JM Skinner Regional Master Miss W Burton

Mr M Graham Soper, Terry Goldsmith, Brian Ransley,

Premier National Mrs I Walker Miss HS Skinner SADLY we report the

Regional Master Brian McGuire, 2. Doreen Charteris,

Master 4 Star Regional Miss A Kaye Merseyside/ death of Ramnik

Master Marie Horlock, John Amor, Eddie

Dr AJ Conway Ms E Morris Cheshire Samani, who was a Life

National Master Mrs DE Slater Richart (best non-expert team: Mark

2 Star Premier member of the LCBA

Mr D Body 3 Star Premier Master Life Master Rixon, David Grilli, Tony Wells, Douglas

Mrs JS Fishleigh Master Mr T Pearson Smith); Ray White Trophy (for bridge and recipient of a

Mrs MT Wiehe

Mr PJ Fishleigh Mr JB Warner 3 Star Master 4 Star Premier students): 1. Jackie and Ivan Dozin, 2. Dimmie Fleming award. Ramnik had

1 Star Premier 5 Star Master Mr RL Page Regional Master Chris Bond – Tony Tribe. been a tireless supporter of Bridge in

Regional Master Dr D Goodison Mr KW Ramsey Leicestershire for many years, serving as

2 Star Master The Corbett Cup, Corbett Plate and

Mrs J Kendall 2 Star Master Mrs M Harrison 10 Star Premier

Master Mitchell Salver now all come under the Tournament Secretary and establishing

Premier Regional Mrs YA Dickinson M.B.E.

Master Mrs SC Clark umbrella of the Inter-club Competition the Leicester Bridge Centre in 1983, and

1 Star Master 1 Star Master

Mrs K Morgan Mr JW Mercer Mrs E de Courcy

Mr F Salt which will be played in February. This will be much missed.

3 Star Regional Master Advanced Master Premier Master change in the format will be watched Leicestershire were first in Div. 3 of the

Master Mr D Broadbent Dr C Simpson with interest. Three Counties competition. Ashby

Mr DJ Moseley

Mr RH Bird Mr J Mortimer 5 Star Tournament topped the table, supported by Westcotes

Mr I Galletti

Master The same Kent team (Jeremy Willans –

County Master Master (3rd) and Barkby (4th). In Div. 1 and 2,

Mrs K Hashizume Ian Draper, Gerald and Stuart Tredinnick,

12 Star Premier Mrs DJ Ault Mr W Newbigging

Master County Master Derek Patterson – Pat Collins, Denis Leicestershire finished third, despite

Mr D Ault Ms S Bennett

4 Star Tournament

Mr AJ Recaldin Mrs EJ Jones Master O`Donovan – Peter Law) that won the County B’s second place in Div 2.

Mr T Booth County results: Sept 14 vs Worcester-

10 Star Premier Mr PA Smethurst Mrs D Hislop 2008 Inter-County Tollemache Cup will

Mr PG Chapman

Master Mrs L Wilson 3 Star Master shire: 1st team won 16-4, 2nd team won

Mrs CJ Whyman

Mrs M Gordon-Smith start the defence of the title on November

District Master Mr MJ Heaney Mr MC Buckley 29-30 in Hinckley. 16-4, 3rd team won 18-2. Oct 12 vs

1 Star Premier Mrs L Hitchen Mr N Solomon 1 Star Master Nottinghamshire, 1st team 10-10, 2nd

Master Area Master District Master Mr JB Harrison Diary Dates: Jan 4, Hunter Homines

Dr S Goldwin team lost 7-13, 3rd team won 19-1.

Mr A Pollitt Mrs M Rice Advanced Master (Men’s Pairs) and Fleming Femina

Premier Master Mrs C Walne

The Otto & Edith Bowl (Mixed Pairs)

Mr P Willis Mrs EM Goodwin (Ladies’ Pairs), Tunbridge Wells, 11am.

Mr AF Taylor Club Master was won by Anne Wright – Tim Glover,

Area Master Master Feb 7, Inter-club Competition (Teams of

Tournament Ms K Higson Mr J Clarke

with Marjorie Boyd – John Lawson

Master Mr JW Dawe 8) Preliminary, Kingshill, 2.30pm. Feb 8,

Leicester Ms H Fukushige Mr P Swarbrick

winning the ‘non-expert’ prize. The

Mr AM Ricketts Mrs A Geser

George Griffiths (Senior Pairs), Tun- Midland Flitch qualifiers are Ian and Katie

5 Star Master Regional Master County Master bridge Wells, 11am. Feb 21, Inter-club

Mrs S Komine Bruce, and Brian and Sheila Stockdale.

Mrs JM Hargraves Mr A Edwards Mr TE Jones

Ms CL McKenna Competition Final, Kingshill, 2.30pm. Clarendon (Paul Bowyer, Jim Mason,

Mrs V Harrison 16 Star Premier Mr TR Murphy Area Master

Mr O Saeed Master Dr A Riviere Mr R Barlow Tony Odams, Duncan Happer) beat

Mrs AA Treen Mrs K Lindley J Saab Mr H Brueckel Lancashire County B in the Summer Knock-out final.

3 Star Master 13 Star Premier Ms P Saunders Mrs CM Johnson After two rounds Bill Hood – Nick

Mr JM London Master Mr J Vogl Mr B Wennell Stevens lead the Stanley Trophy.

Mr DN Parkinson Mr J Steele Club Master Club Master IT is my sad duty to Ben Green, Duncan Happer and Susan

Mrs GV Weston Mr S Williams Mr R Eardley Miss C Blake

Mr J P Curran

report the death of Betty Stockdale were members of the England

2 Star Master 6 Star Premier Mr JD Harris C.B.E.

Mrs RJ Doel Master Ms P Maunsell Local Master McNamara, the President of U28 team that reached the quarter-finals

Advanced Master Mrs J Gibson Local Master Mrs G Clarkson the Lancashire Contract of the WMSG U28 Teams event.

Miss N Cahour 3 Star Master Mr M R Baker Dr GM Thelwall Bridge Association, after a Diary Dates: Dec 6, EBU Club Dir-

Mrs M Levinson Mrs J Tuppen Mrs S Holbourne Jones long illness. Betty always took a keen ector Course – Assessment, CBC; Dec 10,

interest in Lancashire bridge and attended Stanley Trophy R3, LGS. Dec10, Wilde December 2008 English Bridge 53


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