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Cup, restricted teams, CBC. Dec 14, pionship), 11.30am start, YCBC; contact Swiss Pairs event on October 12. They

Master Point Midlands League, Derbyshire, LGS. Jan Sati McKenzie at or have an excellent record in this event

promotions 4, Midlands League, Warwickshire, away.

Jan 14, Joseph’s Bowl R2, CBC. Jan 28,

020 7627 0977. Feb 1, London Cham-

pionship Pairs, 1.00pm, YCBC; contact

having won it more often than not.

The MBC Congress Teams event held

Stanley Trophy R4, Glenfield. Feb 2, Nigel Freake 020 8801 2884 or at at the beginning of September was won

Middlesex Dr H Leigh National pairs heat, LGS. Feb 8, Mid- Feb 22, Palmer by the foursome of Joan Marray, Julian

Mr M Leigh lands League, Staffs/Shrops, LGS. Bayer Trophy (Restricted System Pairs),

Life Master Merrill, David Flacks, Paul Roberts.

Dr N Mehta

Mrs J Cohen

Mr S Parekh 1.00pm, YCBC; contact Chris Duckworth The opening event of the Merseyside

Premier National Mrs B Shah at or

Master Mr D Shah

Lincolnshire 020 7385 3534.

League season was the two-session Swiss

Mr P Hasenson Teams, which was won by the Sutton

Dr SR Vora

National Master Mrs U Vora team. Three teams finished equal second:

Mr R Kane Mrs H Westbury CONGRATULATIONS Manchester Dusty Millers, Peninsula and Phoenix.

Mrs F Liew Club Master to Roy Hughes who has Diary Dates: Dec 6, Waterworth Cup

Mr B Ritacca Ms S Cooper been given a Dimmie (County Pairs), MBC. Dec 14, Mersey-

6 Star Premier Mrs AG de Ayala Fleming award, the first

Regional Master Mr K Depala TWO silver medals in side Cup (Open swiss teams), MBC. Jan

Mrs M Hayman Mr S Desai

one in the county. World Championships 14, BGB Sim Pairs, MBC. Jan 17-18,

4 Star Premier Mrs N Jashapara Drene Brown would like to thank all to report! Well done to Chester Congress, Deva BC. Feb 1,

Regional Master Mr R Jashapara those who have sent their best wishes for Jason and Justin Hackett County Trials, MBC. Feb 8, Jean Keen

Mr D Blaine Mr D Kothari a speedy recovery after her stroke in Trophy (County Women’s Teams), MBC.

Mrs K Kothari

on their silver medal in the World Open

3 Star Premier September, which has affected her sight. Feb 22, Merseyside & Deeside Cup (Pivot

Regional Master Mrs H Kothary Teams in Beijing and to Michael Byrne’s

Mr MP Kothary

There has been no improvement but Under-21 team’s silver. All the Under-21s Teams), MBC. Mar 12, Charity Challenge,

Mrs S Berkovi

Mrs N Kothary early days yet (mid October)! are well known here through their MBC. Mar 15, Eric Howarth Cup (Open

2 Star Premier

Regional Master Mr B Lakhani So far there have been three competi- attendance at the Manchester Congress Swiss Teams), Green Points, Deva BC.

Master SN Shah Mrs P Lakhani tions with entries lower than last year. In

Mrs G Musgrave

and the training sessions in our county.

2 Star Regional the Mixed/Married Pairs Mo Parsons – The team was Ed Jones, Tom Paske, Rob


Mr J Patel

Maurice Ladlow won the Hannon Chal- Middlesex

Mr DL Perridge Myers, Ben Paske, Adam Hickman and

Mrs J Haring lenge Cup, and Bill and Shirley Holmes

Mr S Sheldon Dan Macintosh. Michael Byrne was

Regional Master Mr C Sheth the Dean Trophy.

Ms P Cohen non-playing captain and Alan Shillitoe CONGRATULATIONS to

Mr JK Sheth In the Swiss Teams, after leading for

7 Star Premier Mrs U Sheth coach. As Under-20 Squad manager, Heather Dhondy, Anne

Master most of the competition Bill and Eileen Michael has worked tirelessly with his

Mrs S Varia Rosen, Nevena Senior,

Mrs S Avoth Local Master Herbert with Bill and Shirley Holmes players arranging practice opportunities Nicola Smith and their

5 Star Premier Mrs K Doshi were overtaken by the winning team of as well as training weekends, and deserves


NPC, Martin Jones, for

Mr N Doshi Alan Andrews, Harry Coates, Lo Tolbutt much credit for the success of his team.

Mr DR Arundel Mrs F Frais

winning the Gold Medal

and Ron Moss. England also did well in the Under-

Mr R Murugesu Mr E Hughes-D’Aeth in the Women’s Teams at

The Lincoln IMP was won by Debbie 28s series in Beijing; congratulations to

3 Star Premier Mr N Khajuria the World Mind Sports

Master Mrs J Mehta

Burton, Helen Gillatt, Mary Milnes and Ben Green, Duncan Happer, Fiona Brown Games in Beijing. Congratulations also

Mrs LJ Burns Mrs A Mehta Roger Shelly. and Susan Stockdale, who played in Man- to Artur Malinowski for winning the

Mrs T Gent Mr B Mehta Dairy Dates: Dec 7, Ghost Pairs. Jan chester BC’s 30th Anniversary Teams,

Mr N Mehta silver medal in the WMSG Open Teams.

1 Star Premier 18, Bainton Semi-final. Feb 1, Bainton plus locals Andrew Woodcock and Ollie

Master Mrs P Mehta The Autumn Congress was a successful

Final. Feb 15, Randon Seeded Teams – Burgess. They finished 6th out of 74 tournament for Middlesex: Frances Liew

Mr R Burns Norfolk

Mrs E Nelson Pre-entry essential. teams in the Swiss Teams qualifier; the won the Championship Pairs; Jeremy

5 Star Regional

Premier Master Master top eight teams qualified for the quarter- Dhondy won the Eastbourne Bowl, with

Mrs I Gee Mr R Cortis London finals where our team lost to France. Ian Pagan finishing second, and Frances

Mr DS McDouall We are delighted to report that the

3 Star Regional Liew and John Vos third. At the Guernsey

2 Star Tournament Master International Bridge Press Association

Master Congress, Ian Pagan finished second in

Dr BB Dewhurst VERY many congratula- Award for Defence of the Year went to the Swiss Pairs.

Lady M Yacoub

7 Star Premier Michelle Brunner for her play against

Tournament Master

tions to Nick Sandqvist, In County Events, the Dorset Cup was

Master Tom Townsend, David China in the 2007 World Championship won by Jacqui Tobias – Gary Jones.

Mrs M Dewhurst

Mrs LD Howard

6 Star Premier Gold and NPC Phil King, quarter-finals. Fatima Choglay – Linda Boyd won the

5 Star Master Master all of whom won silver for A good all-round performance in Sep- Beginners’ Pairs. Pratibha Desai – Bhadra

Mr AA Qaiyoom Mrs S Birchall tember resulted in a further increase in

England in the Open series at the recent Mehta won the Newcomers’ Pairs.

4 Star Master 4 Star Master the overall lead in the Northern League C

Mrs F Moshi

World Mind Sports Games, and to Ross Best of luck to the Middlesex Tolle-

Mr P Carruthers Harper – Peter Czerniewski who reached Division. Well done Dave Pennington, mache team: Tony Waterlow – Victor

Dr E Sorrell

3 Star Master Lesley Johnson, Jim Morris, Jenny Morris,

Mr RJ Sorrell the last eight of the Seniors series there. Silverstone, Heather Dhondy – Nevena

Mr DM Thompson Bernard Kaye, Roger Waddington, Ron

2 Star Master London is very proud of you all. Senior, Neil Rosen – Martin Jones,

1 Star Master

Mr AH Wyatt Well done for the following recent Steedman, Reg Bowdler. Jeremy Dhondy – Ian Pagan and Keith

Mrs JM Abbott

1 Star Master Mr DA Ellis good results: Olivia Woo, second in the Diary Dates: Dec 7, 1.00pm Ben Bennett – Richard Hillman.

Mr JG Francis Franks Trophy, Manchester Bridge Club.

Mrs A Mace

Advanced Master Pre-Congress Pairs at the Guernsey Con- Diary Dates: Dec 7, Ladies’ and

Mr DV Mithani

Mrs PA Seligman gress; Mike and Carrie Eden, second in Dec 21, 2.00pm, Santa Claus Pairs MBC. Gentleman’s Pairs, Eastman’s, 12:00pm.

Advanced Master District Master the Surrey One-Day Swiss Teams; Dom Jan 3-4 2009, Manchester Congress, Jan 18, Ranked Master Pairs, Oshwal

Mr B Drobny Renaissance Hotel, Deansgate. Bridge Club, 2:00pm. There are a multi-

Mrs M Shah Goodwin who won the Two Stars Pairs

Mr RH Spiro Club Master

and was third in the Eastbourne Bowl at tude of qualifying heats scheduled for

Mrs M Tager Ms H Cao

Local Master the Autumn Congress. Also in East- Merseyside/Cheshire the National Pairs, the Middlesex Mixed

County Master Pairs, and the Middlesex Championship

Mrs S Bardwell Mr SL Parsonson bourne, Paul Martin was third in the

Two Stars, Tim Gauld was third in the Pairs. An extensive competitions calendar

Mrs EM Hyde North East

Mrs A Lakhani Eastbourne Bowl, and Mary Gordon- THE County lost one can be found on the County website.

Grand Master

Mr SD Mehta

Mrs JV Gibson Smith, Fiona Hutchison and Guy Hart of its stalwarts recently Do report points of interest to

Mrs AJ Shah with the sudden death

Life Master where third in the Burlington Cup.

Mr J Shah

Mr DG Hassan Results: Mixed Pairs: 1. Ursula Harper of Val Eakin. She was a

Mr R Shah

Mr J Stamatov 13 Star Premier – Martin Hoffman; 2 Espen and Helen regular at most of the Norfolk

District Master Regional Master Erichsen; 3. Justin Wickens – Carol events in the county for many years, and

Mrs R Doshi Mr J Wooton until April this year was the steadying

Regulski; 4. Jackie Fairclough – Graham

Mr J Jacobs 12 Star Premier hand as Chairman of the Merseyside

Regional Master Orsmond. Champions’ Cup: 1. Surrey A WELL-deserved Dimmie

Mrs U Jobanputra League. At the table she accepted good

Mrs K Lester Mr D Benison –≠Home Counties League (Tony Eastgate, Fleming award has been

Mrs G Sheth 4 Star Premier Bob James, Penny Macleod, Richard fortune and bad with equanimity, and her made to Roger Amey for

Mr R Spencer Regional Master Currie); 2. London League (Rob Cliffe, gentle sense of humour will be missed his long-term services to

Area Master Mrs J Springett Nick Boss, Brian Callaghan, Michael by all those who knew her. (There is a county and country bridge.

Mrs K Gadani 3 Star Premier Ranis). full obituary on the County website.) Martin Pooley has much

Mr R Gadani Regional Master

Mrs E Purvis

Diary Dates: Jan 11, Ian Gardiner Well done to Ted Reveley and Bill to celebrate: daughter Emma won a

Mrs SN Khajuria

Trophy (London Teams of Four Cham- Niccol who won the NWBA Autumn silver medal in the cycling time trial at

54 English Bridge December 2008


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