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Beijing, and he and bridge partner Jan Div. 1 Northampton A are leading with including current County players. Entry

Master Point Anderson have married. 74 VPs from six matches, with Stamford fee only £3 per player, prizes galore!

promotions Congratulations to Graham Grist –

Christine Buchanan, who won the Senior

A in second place with 48 VPs from

three matches. Towcester A are leading

Congratulations to Ed Jones, a mem-

ber of the U-21 squad that won a world

Pairs Consolation event at Brighton. The Div. 2 with 79 VPs from five matches championship silver medal in Beijing,

Mr JT Scott Local Master

Mrs S Murison

County A team started the season with a with Stamford C 10 points behind. and to Simon Cope, coach of the Open

2 Star Premier

Regional Master big win against Hertfordshire, but the B Northampton C are leading Div. 3 with team that also won silver.


Mrs A Bainbridge and C teams were both beaten. 92 VPs from seven matches but Welling- At the Bedford Congress, Lorraine

1 Star Regional

Mrs S Rodger


The summer season of trophy events borough are on 89 after only six matches Jones, Peter Owen-Smith, Maxine and

Mr H Wells concluded with Neville Hill – Iris Green Only a few of the Broke Cup first- Stuart Henry won the Pilgrim’s Trophy

Mrs Y Dowson

6 Star Regional winning the YMCA trophy. John Massey round matches have been played; the for the highest placed Swiss team con-

12 Star Premier

Master Master – Mike Sabberton, and Peter and Helen teams captained by Maggie Jones, Chris- taining at least two players below the rank

Mr NJ Durie

Mrs J Parsons Gaskin won the last two Open Pairs. tine White and Graham Dolby have won of Regional Master. Maxine and Stuart,

2 Star Regional 4 Star Premier

Master Other event winners were: Robertson their first-round matches. this time with team-mates Andrea and


Mr E Szymczuk Cup: Gabriel and Giles Ip; Allwood Whar- Saturday Winter League 1: 1. Jim Stan Powell, won the B Flight at the Surrey

Mr P Savage

5 Star Premier 2 Star Premier

ton Teams of Eight: Norfolk and Norwich Deacon, Mark Tilley, Ian Clarke, Chris- Green-pointed Flighted Teams event.

Master Master A (Dave Newstead, Roger Amey, John tine White; 2. Chris Heames, Christina Krishan Jalie – Geoff Nicholas won

Mrs A Hauxwell Mrs M Savage Harrison, Neville Hill, Mike and Barbara Brewster, Terry and Mary Knights. the September Seniors Pairs event, with

Dr B Hnyda 1 Star Premier Harnden, Gillian Hall, Iris Green); N&N Saturday Winter League 2: 1. Jim Deacon, Norman Gascoyne – Colin Jones winning

4 Star Premier Master


will represent Norfolk in the next Garden Mark Tilley, Ian Clarke, Christine White; in October. All players are reminded that

Mr IW Roxburgh Cities Trophy. Houston Trophy Swiss 2. Marcus Witt, Trevor Thrower, Mike this series continues throughout the year

Mrs M Baker Premier Master

Premier Master Teams: Roger Amey, Gerard Faulkner, Gore Browne, Bill Chadwick. Wednesday on the second Monday of every month

Dr RJ Atkinson

Mr R Zigmond 5 Star Master

Dave Newstead, Terry Noble. Winter League 1: 1. Mollie Cooke, Jo at Roke.

5 Star Tournament Mr DB Cadwallader Diary Dates: Dec 14, Barclays Bank Henbury, Colin Tuton, Brenda Smith; 2. Diary Dates: Dec 7, OBA Swiss pairs,

Master 1 Star Master Trophy, qualified pairs, Roundwood; Jan Tony Philpott, Brenda Bale, Florence Oxford BC; Dec 11, OBA Management

Mr J Hodgson Mr P Wood 11, Smart Trophy, teams, Bawburgh. Jan Followell, Paula Ollive. Wednesday Winter Committee Meeting, Oxford BC; Dec 14,

Mrs M Wilson Advanced Master 18, Beccles Swiss Teams, Loddon. League 2: 1. Maggie Jones, Brian Davies, Dawes league v Lincolnshire (away); Jan

1 Star Tournament Mr GB Moore


Correction: winners of the Broke Cup James and Shirley Dutton. 2. Mike 4, Haddenham Swiss Teams, Haddenham;

Master were Richard and Andrea Middleton. Wiggins, Pam Peacher, Len Shulman, Jan 18, Harwell Cup (Teams of Four)

Mrs M Martin Mr T Anderson

4 Star Master Ross Stacey. including Beck Cup heat, Oxford BC;

Mr G Bamforth

Mr G F Young County Master North East Diary Dates: Dec 7, Porch Trophy, Jan 27, Oxfordshire Pro-Am, Oxford BC;

3 Star Master Mr M Edwards Kettering. Dec 13, Winter League N/E 4, Feb 1, County Pairs Semi-final 1, Oxford

Mr S Hetherington Mrs E Hutton Kettering. Dec 17, Winter League S/W 4, BC.

Mr B Myers Mrs G Wilkins OUR season is now well Northampton. Jan10, Winter League N/E

2 Star Master Area Master and truly under way, 5, Kettering. Jan 11, Alastair Brodie

Mr J L Gray Mrs J Tomlinson Somerset

with events for both Memorial Trophy, Kettering. Jan 21,

Mr I Mitrani Club Master

‘experts’ and beginners Winter League S/W 5, Northampton. www.somersetbridge

1 Star Master Mrs B Bell

Mrs D Quick Mrs M Buller having taken place. The WE held our very popular

Mrs M Wilkinson Mr R Buller Swiss Pairs, held at St Nottinghamshire and oversubscribed West of

Advanced Master Mr S Signorini George’s, was won by Ruth Barker – England congress at Weston

Mrs W Beeforth Mrs I Summers John Blackett, and the Senior pairs, also Super Mare in October and

Mrs A Wake Local Master at St George’s, by Fred Dalton – Tony IN the county match v Lincolnshire, the thanks go to Ann Bawdon

Master Mrs K Clayton

Mrs E Jones Jackson. The action moved to Newcastle 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams won 17-3, 17-3 for the marvellous way she

Mr W J Bell

Mrs P Signorini the following week, when Kathy Pike, and 16-4 respectively, while in the match organised this event. Sheena Lanham –

Mrs E Hayden

Mr J L Little Oxfordshire Mary Page, and Inga and webmaster v Leicestershire the 1st team drew 10-10, Sula Turpin won the Ladies’ Pairs,

Dr PJ Lowe Grand Master Neil Aiston won the Newcastle Teams the 2nd won 13-7 but the 3rd lost 1-19. Barbara Biggin – Anne Skinner second.

Mrs A Patterson Mr A Wilson Congress. Further north yet (there is life Summer competitions: Black Cup Roger Sweet – Mike Whittaker won the

Mrs F M Smith north of Newcastle) to Castle Morpeth (mixed pairs): 1. John and Irene Auld, 2. Men’s Pairs, with John Polhill –Nicky

National Master

County Master Mr GO Carroll for the Newcomers’ Teams-of-four where William Crook – Pat Mantle. Farr Cup Ferguson second. Championship Pairs: 1.

Miss C Dutton

2 Star Premier Trevor Stone, Bob Williamson, Dorothy (similar pairs): 1. Rob Sharpe – William Peggy Moss – Gordon Clark, 2. Edward

Mr T Gregory-Smith

Regional Master and Alan Dearing were successful. Crook, 2. Clive Kaye – Graham Lee. The Leatham – Bryan Cross, 3. Lindsay

District Master Mr SE Powell

Dr N Henry Outside our region, Clive Owen – John NCBA Swiss Pairs was cancelled for lack Hewson – Mike Whittaker. Swiss Pairs: 1.

3 Star Regional

Mr A Lancaster Master Atthey were runners-up in the Great of support. Tony Hill – Alan Wearmouth, 2. Roger

Mrs C Lancaster Northern Swiss Pairs, and Clive, playing Diary Dates: On Sundays the County Sweet – Colin Juneman, 3. Barbara Biggin

Mr P W Finbow

Mr G Turner with son Chris, joined up with Charles – Di Bishop. Louise and Warner Solomon,

Mr S Watson

1 Star Regional Swiss Teams Championship will be on

Mrs D Wimpenny

Master and Violet Outred to win the teams at Dec 7, the Mixed Pairs Championship Pat Davies and Gwynn Davis won the

Mr S Woodward Mrs M Henry the Peebles Autumn Congress. on Jan 11, and the Team of Four Swiss Teams, with John Moore, Pauline

Area Master Regional Master Congratulations to all our winners, Championship Heat on Jan 25. Enquiries Serby, David Hinkin, Kenneth Benjamin

Mr NS Henry

Mr D Brook

Mr A Murphy

and apologies to Margaret McCabe – and entries to Graham Brindley 0115 second. Congratulations to all.

Mrs M Lydon Marion Curran, the Cramlington Congress 923 2186. On Wednesdays the Christmas Congratulations to Graham Heal,

Mr C Smith 5 Star Premier

Master winners, and not as reported in the last Party is on Dec 17, after which the David and Gina Howard and Eric

Local Master

Mr GT Cockburn

Mrs M Sheppard edition. Mea Culpa. The crystal claret NCBA Bridge restarts on Jan 7 with the Cummings on winning the Paul Jones.

Mr I Gill 4 Star Premier jug in memory of Ian Spoors, awarded Spring Event, consisting of 8 Wednesday A mixed start for Somerset in the

Mrs S Harrison Master to the winners of the Northern Swiss sessions, interrupted by the BGB Sim Western League. Against East Wales the A

Mrs P Z Perry Pairs, will be on display at the Congress.

Northants Pairs on Jan 14 and the National Pairs team of Colin Simcox, Frank Coltman,

Mr P Perry

Premier National 2 Star Premier

Diary Dates: Dec 7, Niman-Israel pivot Heat on Feb 25. Mike Whittaker and Roger Sweet won

Master Master teams. Jan 4, St Georges Congress. Jan 14-6, the B team of Joe and Daphne

Mr IM Clarke Mrs L Swadling 11, Deane Salver. Jan 25, King Cup. Oxfordshire Patrick, Sheena Lanham and Tony Russ

1 Star Premier Premier Master Details on the website. won 11-9. Against Hereford, the B team

Regional Master Mr J A Clacey of Russell Day, Ernie Sutton, Ray Walder

Mr J Josephs Miss H Erfan-Ahmed

Northamptonshire OXFORDSHIRE’S Pro-Am and Peter Gurman had a very good 16-4

5 Star Regional Mr M Lucas

Master Mrs A Potter will be held on Tuesday win and the C team of Jane Clark, Ken

Mr B Alston 4 Star Tournament 27 January at 7.15 for a Nicholl, Holly Quinn and Barry Morrison

4 Star Regional Master ON Sunday January 11 we shall be hold- 7.30pm start at Oxford BC. had an excellent 19-1 win.

Master Mrs JE Alden ing the Alastair Brodie Memorial Trophy. Last year’s event, heavily It has been very good to see Dave

Mr P Double 5 Star Master It will be pairs in the afternoon with oversubscribed, was hailed Latchem back at the bridge table. With

3 Star Regional Mr CJ Pavelin teams in the evening, your team-mates as the highlight of the year. You are Di Bishop he won the Corsham Pairs and

Master Advanced Master

Mr G Dolby

determined by your position in the pairs. advised to arrive early to guarantee your with Colin Juneman came second nation-

Mr E Berkeley

Regional Master Mr KD Smith O.B.E. A substantial two course meal will be place. ‘Ams’ are restricted to holding ally in the BGB Autumn Sim Pairs.

Mr M Trask Mr D Wright provided. Tickets: £12 per player. fewer than 5000 MPs and will partner Colin Juneman and Roger Sweet with

Inter-club Teams of Eight Leagues: in more experienced players up to and Steve Turner and Steve Tomlinson have December 2008 English Bridge 55


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