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now reached the quarter finals of the

Master Point promotions Gold Cup. Surrey

Master Mr R O’Neill 6 Star Regional Mrs AC Needs Staffs and Shrops SURREY achieved a clean sweep of the

Mr K Plumb Master Master Mrs JP Owen

Dr C Whelan Mr A J Caddick Mrs JP Cahm Mrs JR Stark top three places in the One Day Swiss

County Master Mrs EJ Cleasby Mrs MR Mansell Mr TJ Welsh Staffs/ Teams at Guildford: 1. Jeffrey Allerton,

Mr T Dawn District Master 4 Star Regional Mrs J Wolf

Master Advanced Master CONGRATULATIONS to Tony Leech – Frances Hinden, Peter Lee, Graham

Mrs L Hamblett Mr P Laughlin

Mrs M Kettle Mrs MJ Fellows Mrs PG Davies Pam Booth-Jones on winning the Chester Osborne; 2. Mike and Carrie Eden, Sue

Mr R Stevenson

Mr PM Kettle Area Master Mrs FE Trebble Mrs ML Franklin Bowl. In the Edgar Foster, Malcolm and and Richard Millard; 3. Bernard Pike,

Mr M Lapthorn Mr G Kershaw 3 Star Regional Mrs PM Mackintosh Judy Mitchell were third, closely followed Elizabeth Phillips, Arun Suri, Bob Mc-

Ms E Middleton Mr P Tallon Master Mr RV Shah Robert. Christine Dyer – Denny Wade

Mr AF Beer Mrs TK Tibos

by Keith Shuttleworth – Brian Nichols.

Mr M Stevens Club Master were the highest finishing Surrey pair in

District Master Mrs CS Chevalier Mr J Wills Jason and Justin Hackett won the Silver

Mr NB Drummond the Swiss Pairs in fourth place.

Mr P Barnes Mr ED Louis Master medal in the World Mind Sports Games

Mrs S Brown Suffolk 2 Star Regional Dr PJ Bailey in Beijing. This is the best result England Ken Ford – Ian Swanson playing with

Mr N Cardin Premier Life Master Master Ms M Chahine has ever had in the Open teams. Paul an out of county pair won the Sussex

Area Master Mr CD Bamberger Mrs J Beresiner Mrs VEA Franklin Cup at Bournemouth. Chris Smart, also

Mrs L Murphy Hackett got his revenge in the Buffett Cup,

Mr M Covill Premier National Dr W Russell

1 Star Regional Mr J Troiano by captaining the European side, which playing with an out of county player, was

Dr RPH Gasser Master

Mrs B Barker Master County Master had an excellent victory over the USA. runner up in the Satellite Pairs final.

Prof R Gombrich

Mrs MI Lewis National Master Mr JHM Scalway Mr A Barnett Paul Hackett was in the leading team Diary Dates: Dec 7, Ladies’/Men’s

Mr J Lowen Mr W Tweddell Regional Master Mrs JM Cookson after the first two weekend of the Premier Pairs, Oxshott. Jan 11, County Pairs &

Club Master 6 Star Regional Mr S Foster Mr NG Everingham

Mrs IM J Louis

League when the field breaks into two Plate, Cobham. Note that All County

Mrs SC Abell Master Mrs M Page

Mr NC Morley Mrs P West

divisions. Jason and Justin and Alan DAYTIME events will now start at 1pm.

Dr J Anderson Mr ML Spencer

20 Star Premier Mr P West Mould start off in Div. 2 but should either

Mrs M Bowden 5 Star Premier

Master Master Mrs DM Wild of their teams win the division in the final

Dr JS Deech

Mrs BM Bueno District Master weekend they will be promoted to Div. 1.


Mrs DOO Lord Mrs EM Tora

Lady Jan Thomson 3 Star Premier 17 Star Premier Mr M Alexander

Master Mrs A Binder

Mr RJ Van Noorden Master

Local Master Dr H Lacey Mrs I Hough Miss AC Price Suffolk FIRST we would like to

Mr C Dawe 1 Star Tournament 16 Star Premier Area Master offer Sussex member Sally

Mr S Fox Master Master Mr M E Emery

Mr L Hough Bugden many congratula-

Mrs EA McGiven Mrs MG Coates Mrs K M K Green THE newly Green-Pointed

15 Star Premier Mrs R Hainsworth

tions and support for being

Mrs G Nancarrow 4 Star Master

Mrs J Wulf Master Mrs J Longrigg Felixstowe Congress this year the first ever lady chair-

Mr PE Tarrant

Mrs MS Dunbar Mr A Longrigg was a resounding success person of the EBU; we wish

Somerset 3 Star Master

12 Star Premier

Mrs P Blatchly Mrs M Margetts with attendance up almost her every success.

Life Master Master Mrs S Moss

Mr KJ Bawdon 2 Star Master 25% on both days. It was good to see so The Autumn Congress was held at

Mr JH McKimmie Mr I Shami

Mr MC Powell Mrs JM Watson

11 Star Premier Mrs F Wallace

many new faces along with the regular Steyning in September: Pivot Teams:

Premier National County Master Master Club Master supporters of this event. Barry Capal 1. Malcolm and Karen Pryor, Duncan

Master Mrs MB Driver Lt. Col. MH Lipscomb Mr B Barnett presented the trophies. Swiss Teams: Curtis, Andy Morris; 2. Roger Poulter,

Mr DG Porter Mrs FCM Moor

8 Star Premier Mrs JR Butters 1. Paul and Val Morrison, Simon and David Sedlickas, Pyers Pennant, Jean Boy-

7 Star Premier Mrs J Price

Master Mr A Gardner Judith Moorman; 2. Peter Sutcliffe, Peter dell. Congress Pairs Main Final: 1. Pyers

Regional Master District Master Mrs DK Beaumont Mr AN Margetts

Mr G Langdale Mr R Barton Gemmell, Chris Chambers, Jim Gobert. Pennant – David Howard Houston;

5 Star Premier Local Master

Mrs S Barton Championship Pairs: 1. John Cullingworth 2. Mike Dancy – Jean Smallwood.

3 Star Premier Master Mrs D Boatman

Mrs C Rickard – David Kendrick; 2. C. Chambers – Jim Secondary Final: 1. Mike Finch – Molly

Regional Master Miss JE Spence Mr R Jones

Mrs S Shuttlewood

Mrs GA Shave Mr P Whetton 4 Star Premier Mr S Reid Gobert. Consolation Pairs: 1. Manny Freeman; 2. Keith and Moira Baker.

Premier Regional Mrs JM Wood Master Mr DC Trendle Marks – Martin Hoffman; 2. Colin Swiss Teams: 1. Mick Carrington, Gerry

Master Mr DJ Harvey Mrs C Urquhart Stanford, Dave Franklin and Richard

Area Master Bamberger – Robert Green. Open Pairs:

Mr L Hewson Mr M Freestone 3 Star Premier Mrs R White

Master 1. Maria Allnutt – Debby Sutcliffe; 2. Neil Fedrick; 2. Pyers Pennant, Jean Boydell,

6 Star Regional Mr G Grochowski Sussex

Master Mr PJ Saies and David Brown. Our next congress Roger Poulter, David Sedlickas.

Mr M Sutherland Life Master

Mr N Starks Club Master 2 Star Premier will be held on October 10 and 11, 2009. Four Sussex members were in the top

Mr K Norman

6 Star Premier Mr JS Gaynor Master Please make a note in your diary. two places in the Surrey Green Point

Mr RE Stevens

Master Mr BW Johnston Mrs EA Hammergren- David Price was a member of the Swiss Pairs, both on 108 IMPs: well done

Smith 6 Star Premier

Mrs S May Ms J Menzies Joy Mayall – Peter Brown (first) and

Mr R G McIntosh Regional Master Seniors team to represent England in the

1 Star Premier Mr N Mortimer

Mr E Wright 1 Star Premier Mrs M Collins 1st World Mind Sports Games in Beijing. Andy Morris – Duncan Curtis (second).

Master 2 Star Premier

Mrs MR Lewin Mr RG Wright Master The team reached the quarter-finals and Congratulations to Eddie Lucioni who

Mrs SM Brent Regional Master with Nawal Fenwick, John Harrison and

1 Star Master Surrey unfortunately were knocked out by

Ms A Haring-Pedrocchi Mrs A Burgess Mike Walsh, won the Pivot Teams at the

Mr KA Crago

Grand Master Mr M Skelly 1 Star Premier Japan, the event winners.

Advanced Master Mr IP Gordon 3 Star Tournament Regional Master Congratulations to Paddy and Norma Dubrovnik Congress.

Mr DW Payne Mr R James Master Mr WJ Nicolle Shannahan of Bury St Edmunds Bridge Well done Chris Jepson – David

Master Premier Life Master Mr TH Gough Premier Regional Club, who came fourth in the BGB Au- Clifton, who were third in the Satellite

Mr SA Oldham Mr A Dutton 2 Star Tournament Master Pairs at the EBU Autumn Congress.

Mr J Tidball Mr D Howard-Houston

tumn Simultaneous Pairs.

Mrs WA Miller Master

Area Master Mr N Collings 8 Star Regional Results: Ipswich & Kesgrave Swiss Pairs:

Life Master

Mrs J Begg Mrs HB Beattie 1 Star Tournament Master 1. Ralph Parish – Robert Green; 2. Rick Warwickshire

Staffs & Mr S J Bourton Master Mr DA Witcomb Hanley – Jeff Orton. Ladies’ Pairs: 1. Jacky

Shropshire Premier National Mr CI Lambe 5 Star Regional Driver – Fleur Waters; 2. Maria Allnutt –

Master Tournament Master Master Debby Sutcliffe. Men’s Pairs: 1. Colin

Premier Regional HEARTY congratulations

Mrs J A Allard Mrs S Cohen Mr JW Hunt

Master Bamberger – Robert Green; 2. Alan Green to Martin Jones, NPC of

Mrs SM Barrett Mr MJ Mulligan 4 Star Regional

Mr J Vickers – Roger Tattersfield. Club Teams of Eight: the gold-winning England

Mr DI Nastaszczuk 4 Star Master Master

5 Star Premier Mrs B Rangarajan Mr KR Baker 1. Frinton; 2. Colchester. Ladies team, and to Susan

Master Mrs G Jones

Mr G Rangarajan 3 Star Master Mrs CM Watson Diary Dates: Dec 7, Suffolk Cham- Stockdale in the Under-28

Mr RG Leland Mr B J Themis Mrs PJ Bleakley 3 Star Regional pionship Teams, 2pm. Jan 11, Mid Anglia team after their fine per-

3 Star Premier 5 Star Premier Master

Mr DC Doyle Pairs, 2pm, both at Stoke by Nayland. formances at the Beijing World Mind

Master Regional Master Mrs MD Jones

Mr D Lampert

Miss L Lewis Mr KK Law Ms E Stewart 1 Star Regional Jan 15, Open Heat Suffolk Pairs, Sports Games. Also, congratulations to

2 Star Premier 4 Star Premier 2 Star Master Master Kesgrave 7pm. Jan 29, National Pairs Dodo Georgevic – Sue Goldman who

Master Regional Master Mrs M Etherington Qualifier, Kesgrave, 7pm. Feb 8, Bury St took third place in the Great Northern

Mrs AFE Buckingham

Mrs JS Stevenson Mrs AM Kolbe Mrs S Hankin 14 Star Premier Edmunds Swiss Teams, 2pm. Swiss Pairs.

3 Star Master 3 Star Premier Dr G Lloyd Master

Mrs EA Berrisford Regional Master Mrs BA Lockwood Mrs VM Redman

1 Star Master Mr J Beresiner Mr KRR Williams 9 Star Premier

Mrs JCS Mayer

Advanced Master

8 Star Regional


1 Star Master

Mrs BG Alexander


Mrs A Hone

1 + 2 Tables at home

Mrs PM Davies Mr P Thorpe Mr H Klocek Mr EL Rivett info see

56 English Bridge December 2008


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