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At home, in the Midlands Inter-county Myra Hunter and James Taylor – Roy

Master Point promotions League, the county had good wins Withers.

against Worcs with 14-6, 17-3 and 17-3 At the Dubrovnik Congress, Dick and

6 Star Premier 2 Star Premier Tournament Master 5 Star Master in the three teams. Jane Rutter won the Mixed Pairs and

Master Master Mr I Cain Mr DL Haines News from Moseley BC highlights Paul Hammond – Jimmy Ledger won

Mrs HA Barker Mr P Cotterill 4 Star Master Mr L Stronach

5 Star Premier

Nanette McWhirter, Alan Sant, Paul the Men’s Pairs. Jimmy Ledger, David

5 Star Master Mr DF Price 3 Star Master

Master Mr D Biswas Mr GT Jackson

Cotterill and Tony Cundy as winners of Thomas, Mike Theelke and Graham

Advanced Master

Mrs G Peppercorn Mrs D Foster Mrs G Coltman Mr F Yates the Moseley Bowl, with runners-up Ali Weir won the Leicestershire Swiss Teams.

Mrs DM Strauss Mr RD Timms 2 Star Master Imam, Abul Mostafa, and Libby and In the recent Welsh Foursomes, Steve and


3 Star Premier 4 Star Master Mr RG Bertram Colin Lang. In the Ann Ormond Pairs, Val Kennewell, together with Sue Evans

Mrs A Merrills

Master Mr AL Carr Mrs CA Hall

Area Master Adrian Knight – Leslie Reece were and Denis Loynes, finished third despite

Mr P Hunt 3 Star Master 1 Star Master

1 Star Premier Mrs E Jackson successful, with Ali Imam – Andre Pacek an unscheduled trip to A&E half-way

Mrs RM Brain Mrs BD Binns

Master Mrs J Rowell in second place. through after an accident in the car park!

2 Star Master Mrs MFT Huddleston

Mr S Ackroyd Club Master Diary Dates: Reserve your places for One of our members, Ada Hampton

Mrs J Aiton Mr TL Leech

Mrs VM Howell Mrs J Griffiths Mr JA Kaye the Midlands Counties Congress on Jan is about to reach her 100th birthday and

Mr K Pope

Tournament Master Mrs RM Hardy Mrs MS Turner

Mrs MA Trickett 5-7 at Bransford. Golfers should meet at is still playing bridge, having started in

Mr DE Towell Advanced Master Worcestershire Dr D Trueman West Midlands BC for the Golf Print her 20s. To celebrate, there will be a

5 Star Master Mr A Marks Advanced Master

5 Star Premier Trophy heat at 7.15pm on Wednesday, teams competition against a team from

Mr WB Davies Master Mr JR Angell

Master Jan 14. Later, book your place in the the West Midlands Bridge Club. Jack

4 Star Master Mrs E Bretherton Mr S Elvidge

Miss BM Lee

Mr K R Oliver Mr G W Hudson Mr I Jane Doyle Plate mixed pairs on Sunday Feb Davies, aged 101, will be playing for

Miss W M Packwood

3 Star Master Mr PM Jones

3 Star Premier Mrs IE Newbound 8, 1.45 pm at West Midlands BC. Entries WMBC.

Mrs AD Baker Mr G Lightfoot Master for Warwicks events should be sent to Coming up on November 30th is the


Mrs V Cafferkey Mrs SA New

Ms S Wallbank Mr CF Payne Mrs P A Joseph P. Whitehouse 0121 704 9287. Healey Cup competition. Every club in

Mrs R Elcombe Mrs J Matthews

1 Star Master County Master 2 Star Master the county is welcome to put in one or

Mr JS Mulligan

Mrs K Berger Mrs CA Cooper Mr T Norgrove

Mrs JL Robertson Wiltshire more teams for a fun day’s bridge. More

Advanced Master Mr M Falk 1 Star Master details on

County Master

Mrs J Hardy Mr V S Khorana Mr BJ Bowen Diary Dates: Dec 1, Worcestershire

Mr P Greaves Mrs J Barstead

Mr NJ Levine District Master Mr NL Dapp THE Premier League and Mixed Pairs. Dec 15, Charity Swiss Teams.

Mr M Paskins Mrs S Adcock Advanced Master Mrs JB Fleming

Mr S Creasey Mr CR Little

Knock-out competitions Jan 9-11, Midlands Counties Congress.

Master Mrs P R McGraynor

Ms M J Bisson Mr JP Hall Master are now well advanced,

Mrs ML Morton

Mr M Causley Mrs K Lightfoot each having attracted an entry of ten

Mr R Clark Mr M Owen

Mrs SR Wilson Mr DJ Poisson

teams. After two matches, Martin Buck’s


County Master Mr A Tucker

Mrs A Cullen Mrs S Owen

Mr G Ramsay Mrs S Tadman District Master team (Adam Harvey, Roger Bendall and

Mrs HV Friend

Mrs JM Graham-Hyde Mr RG Spencer Area Master Mrs AA Allison Maurice Baker) are ahead in the League. CONGRATULATIONS to Fiona Brown

Mrs JO Holden Area Master Mr R Davey Mr R Bielawski The Corsham Pairs was won by Diane

Ms J Clarkson

– Steve Raine, who won the EBU’s

Mrs J Isaacs Mrs J Atkin Mr P Ford Bishop – Dave Latcham, while the Cliff

Mrs LA Kennedy Mrs K Fort Brighton Congress Mixed Pairs event.

County Master Ms P Booth Sibley Multiple Teams went to Mike

Mrs J Lea Club Master Mr A Foss The autumn bridge season got under

Mr WG Buss Huggins, Irene Robinson, Paul Keightley

Mr AJ Crawford Mr J Lea Mrs D Whitehead Ms K Markert way with three one-day teams events

Mr A Harris Mr LF Smith Mrs B Richardson and Chris Jones. run by local clubs. Winners of the

Mrs L Warburton Mr K Williams Yorkshire Mrs AB Thompson Wiltshire players have cut a swathe Huddersfield Examiner Rose Bowl, by a

District Master Club Master Premier Life Master Area Master through out-of-county events. Phil Ben-

Mrs D Brewin

wide margin, were Geoff Kenyon, June

Mr R Calderwood Mrs F Moses Dr D A Duddell nett, Roger Wilmott, Dave Cooke and

Mr R Hamilton Mr H Moses Mr D Williams Dr J A Cherry Manning, Judith Biles, Stephen Pollard;

Mr B Nash Mr DM Coats John Maggs won the Frome Charity the leading team in the Consolation

Mrs Lyn Harris Life Master

Mr AN Whall Mrs V Pike Mrs P Murphy Mr R Dew Swiss Teams; Katharine Hodgson, Roy Final was Keith Cornish, David Fletcher,

Area Master Mrs P Shakeshaft 5 Star Premier Mr AE Hepton France, Bob Bannister and Andrew Law Raphael Grossman, Roman Gembicki.

Mr J Alldridge Mrs J Smith Regional Master Mr R Jackman won the Oxfordshire Swiss Teams; and

Mr M Wann Mrs ME Jackman

A team of present and former Durham

Mrs W Keech Mrs ME Gerrard Pat Davies – Gwynn Davis teamed up

Mrs DM Sinclair Local Master Mrs C Kaye University students (Adam Dickinson,

Mrs M Barnett

4 Star Premier Mrs K Leeson with Warner and Louise Solomon of Phil Smith, James Ewington, Eve Hat-

Club Master Regional Master

Ms JMG Cooper Mrs J Billinge Mrs PL Macfie Devon to win the West of England field) headed the leader board in the

Mr JA Proctor Mrs P Midgley Congress Swiss Teams. Also out of county,

Miss LA Way Dr A P Fraise 24th annual Garforth Swiss Teams.

2 Star Premier Mrs CM Powne

Local Master Westmorland Chris Dixon was a member of the Eng- The Sheffield team of David Waxman,

Regional Master Mrs W Shaw

Mr M G Clarke 8 Star Premier Mr DH Goodyear land Seniors team that qualified through Richard Pike, Tom Gisborne and Sandy

Mrs Z Clewer Mr D Venables

Master Mrs JP Powell Mrs S Venables the round-robin stage at the World Mind Davies were victorious in the second edi-

Mr P Janes Mr A Williams

Mrs J Mason 1 Star Regional Mr R Wagner Sports Games in Beijing before losing in tion of the relaunched Leeds Swiss Teams.

1 Star Master Master Mr PM Witty the quarter-final to Japan.

Warwickshire Mr CJ Banks

287 pairs took part in the Kath

Mrs M Laycock Mr A Woods Diary Dates: Dec 7, Championship

Premier Grand Advanced Master Club Master

Grimoldby Simultaneous Pairs, won by

Regional Master Pairs Q. Jan 4, Butler Pairs. Jan 18,

Master Mr RH Gregory Miss F Brown Mr G Bak Steve Blackburn – Gill Copeland of

Mr S Green County Master Mrs S Dickinson

Mixed Pairs. All at the Nursteed Centre. Bradford.

Mrs A Kimberley

Premier Life Master Mr EG Fall 11 Star Premier Mrs J M Firth Yorkshire players featured strongly in

Miss R Coubrough Club Master Master Mr AJ Kauf the EBU’s Dubrovnik Congress. Janet and

Premier National Mr R Brazier Mrs D Marshall


Mrs R Scriven Ted Latham won the Swiss Pairs. Janet

Master Miss A Ford Mrs E Ricketts

10 Star Premier then joined forces with Heather Hobson

Mrs C Brown Mrs IM Shaw Mrs HM Terry


1 Star Premier Local Master Mrs M Tinker CONGRATULATIONS to to win the Ladies’ Pairs. Agnes Blewitt –

Mrs P Cox

Regional Master Mrs J Mitchell 9 Star Premier

Local Master our members on their Stan Collins were members of the vic-

Mr PJ Nicholds Mrs J Wilkinson Mr J Footman various recent successes: torious team in the Swiss Teams.


2 Star Regional Mrs J D Ford the County Men’s Pairs Much-travelled Janet and Agnes also


Wiltshire Mrs HJ Gardiner

Mr DF Fricker

Mr A Bond Premier National 8 Star Premier Mr A Green

was won by Mike Theelke won the Ladies Pairs at the Guernsey

Mrs M Bond Master Master Mrs P Grieve – Grahame Weir. The County Ladies’ Congress. Phil Godfrey was in the winning

Mrs GB Latham Mr J Maggs Mr I Johnson Mr M C Hurley Pairs was won by Monica Parker and team in the Isle of Man Congress.

1 Star Regional Regional Master 6 Star Premier Mrs D Shaw Myra Hunter. The recent inter-county Diary Dates: Dec 7, Yorkshire League

Master Mr J Treble Master Mrs AK Thornton Edgar Foster Cup was won by Richard (round 3). Dec 21, Mixed Pivot teams

Mrs DM Thorne Mr R Williams Mr M Lindley Mrs G Vriesendorp

3 Star Premier 5 Star Premier

Jephcott – John Samson. Our non-expert (New Earswick). Jan 4, Yorkshire League

3 Star Premier Mrs J Walker

Master Master Master Mrs MP Whitehouse competition, the Irene Allen, took place (round 4); Jan 11, Yorkshire Pairs (New

Prof RJ Stacey Mrs S Stevens Mr M Lunn Mr C Wood recently: it was won by Andy O’Hare – Earswick). Feb 1, Yorkshire League

David Heard from Wendy Packwood – (round 5).

DECEMBER 21 is the closing date for the submission of county reports for the next issue of English Bridge.

Please e-mail: December 2008 English Bridge 57


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