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I AUGUST 2008 The premier

8-17 Brighton Summer Congress British


11-13 Really Easy Summer teams



11-14 Seniors Congress by Addis Page

Brighton Closing date for

29-31 Junior Teach-in AT its March meeting, the the hotel up to scratch? The this year’s competition:

Loughborough University EBU Tournament Committee good news is the 2008 ratings 22nd September 2008

I SEPTEMBER 2008 recommended that the Swiss were sharply up on previous

1-5 WBU Autumn Sim Pairs Teams Congress be removed years; the overall ambience was Entry fee: £17 per player

Clubs from the calendar if there were rated at 92% v 73% in 2007; (£5 for Juniors & U-25s)

5-7 National Women's Teams fewer than seventy teams at the value for money was up from


next event (17th-18th January 13% to 62.5%. Concerns about First-round losers

5-7 Premier League

Royal National, London 2009 at Hinckley). slow check-in and staff availa- enter the Silver Plate

11-14 Isle of Man Congress You may have noticed a new bility before play started are free of charge


13-14 Bedford Congress Blog on various competition being taken up with the hotel.

Enquiries to Sandra Claridge

Towcester topics at If the amenities are now

15-16 EBU Autumn Sim Pairs

Specifically on this Congress, loads better, what about the

Clubs or download an entry form

which moved this year from format of the bridge? An over-

19-28 Guernsey Congress and from

Seniors Congress Kettering to Hinckley, the TC whelming majority considered

Guernsey are very interested in why you thirteen 7-board matches to be

20-21 U25 Junior Camrose Trials do or don’t play in it, and any about right. Even so, when,


22 BGB Gold Cup suggestions you have to make after eight matches, you’re

Closing Date it more attractive. sitting on 50%, there may not GUERNSEY

Matches played privately Here are some thoughts seem to be a lot to play for;

27 One-day events CONGRESS

Cornwall, Derbyshire,

from me, hopefully to get you could we sustain your excite-

thinking, maybe even going. ment by offering round prizes St Martins, Guernsey

Oxfordshire, Surrey

28 One-day events Over the last seven Swiss or prizes by rank (highest score 19th-28th September 2008

Cornwall, Derbyshire Teams Congresses, numbers by a full team below XX

Hertfordshire, Surrey Entries: Competitions Dept

have declined from 104 to 72 Master)? No promises! 01296 317203

I OCTOBER 2008 tables, yet in each year at least If not the hotel or bridge

3-5 West of England Congress 20% of the field played for the format, what else? Ah, yes, the

Weston-super-Mare first time or for the first time in opponents! Happily, incidents

3-17 1st World Mind Sport

three or more years. So, is the of rule-book merchants nastily JUNIOR TEACH-IN


Beijing reason for falling numbers a intent on their pound of flesh WEEKEND

4-5 Great Northern Swiss Pairs lack of desire on the part of and indifferent to our enjoy- 29th – 31st August 2008

Warrington Loughborough University

6 NICKO Closing Date

many to play again, and if so, ment are few, thanks to Best

Matches played privately what might change that Behaviour at Bridge. The rea-

8-9 BGB Autumn Sim Pairs sentiment? lity is that your opponents are All levels catered for,

Clubs If your motivation is simply less likely to be your mates

9-14 Mercian/EBU Dubrovnik

from absolute beginners to

Congress accumulating Green Points, from the next town, and more junior experts (ages 7 – 21)

Dubrovnik then, compared to County likely to be rather good players

13 Portland Bowl Closing Date Swiss Teams, an average of one from other counties – it’s their

Matches played privately

17-19 Autumn Congress

more Green Point, at the cost skill versus yours – but no less

Bournemouth of one night in a hotel and a reason to make a social

24-26 Premier League extra travel distance, may not occasion of your match!

West Midlands BC appeal. The Swiss Teams Congress is

25-26 U25 European Trials

This year may have been a prestigious event, and

Only £105per student


25-26 Malvern Congress affected by the confusion over quite different from any other Inclusive of all meals, two

Bransford the event format. The TC Swiss Teams, bar perhaps nights’ accommodation,

activities and bridge fees

I NOVEMBER 2008 apologise for the late decision Brighton. The decision on

1-2 Lederer Memorial Trophy to switch back from bracket- whether it survives is yours.

Young Chelsea, London ing to the normal format, and Don’t like Blogs? Write to Accompanying

1-2 Lancashire Autumn assure you that 2009 will be me at the EBU, Broadfields, adults welcome

Congress (£120 each)

Brierfield Swiss Teams modified only by Bicester Road, Aylesbury

7-9 Seniors Congress any proposals that you send in HP19 8AZ, or e-mail me

Daventry and are accepted. c/o the editor at elena@ebu. Entries 01296 317217/8

Maybe you haven’t found

30 English Bridge August 2008


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