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COUNTY NEWS records, the club now has an enthusiastic Cambridge Bridge Club qualified for the

Congratulations to the Avon membership. Bridge coaching/teaching national final of the Garden Cities.

newly promoted sessions will be resuming again at the club Stephen Goodwin – Jonathan Taylor

Congratulations to Steve Tomlinson – in September. won the Clare Swiss Teams.

Premier Grand Master: Diary Dates: Oct 26, Cambs & Hunts

Steve Turner who, with Somerset team Diary Dates: Sept 11, ‘Opening Pairs’

Mr R. Garthwaite, Yorks mates, have reached the last 16 of the at Wilstead (7.30 pm). Sept 13-14, Swiss Teams, New England Complex,

Gold Cup. Also well done to Brian Dyde, Bedford Congress, Towcester Racecourse. Lincoln Road, Peterborough.

Congratulations to the Peter Sherry, Brian Wibberley, Phil

newly promoted Channack, Trevor Ward who have Berks and Bucks Channel Islands

reached the quarter-finals of the NICKO.

Grand Masters: In the National Pairs Final, Duncan

Mrs A. Flockhart, Herts Cairns (with Rob Lawy of Somerset) WE are very appreciative THE County Mixed Pairs

finished in 6th place. In the Garden of the EBU’s decision to Final saw a tie for first place

Mr D.M. Franklin, Sussex with Lynda Mildon – Colin

Cities Trophy South West Regional Final, donate half of this year’s

Mr W. Naqvi, Middx the West of England Club (Robert Covill, licence fees for charity Tostevin from Guernsey

Mike Davies, Tony Gammon, Janine events to Ovarian Cancer sharing the top spot with

Mr G.R. Sadie, Glos Marion Miles – David Hole from Jersey.

Griffiths-Baker, David Jones, Huw Oliver, Action in memory of our much loved

Mrs S. Woodcock, Lancs Aidan Schofield, Andrew Urbanski re- Chairman, Margaret Hatch. At the Lambourne Jersey Festival of

presented Avon and finished second. It was a busy end to the season, starting Bridge, the highest CI placing in the

County Leagues: Div. 1 – 1. Andrew, with the Men’s Pairs won by David Swiss Pairs were Lynda Mildon – Colin

Cathy and Ralph Smith, Steve Tomlinson, Barnes – Nigel Guthrie and the Ladies’ Tostevin (Guernsey) who finished =12th

Steve Turner; Div. 3 – 1. Christine Pairs which Carol Humphreys – Carole out of 98 pairs. The following weekend

Master Point Bickerstaff, Rod Woodford, Ian and Mueller won for the eighth time. Carol saw Lynda and Colin teaming up with

promotions Margaret Mundy. went on to triumph in the Victor Ludorum Robert Plumley – Susie Farnon in the

Swiss Teams and finishing the highest

County Knock-out: 1. Andrew, Cathy by a single point from Ed Scerri – that

and Ralph Smith, and Steve Tomlinson, makes it a mere seven times for Carol! placed CI team in 18th position out of

Avon Mr M Jennings

Advanced Master who will represent Avon in the Pachabo. A lively Berks v Bucks match (won by 44 teams. During the week, the Multiple

Life Master Teams saw thirty entries competing over

Mr M Elliott

Mrs J Grayson Knock-out Plate: 1. Damian Nicholls, Bucks) was followed by the Friendly Pairs,

Mr D Lawrence Gareth Evans, Bernard Mitchell, Richard won by Susan Hegi – Rosyln Foxwell and two nights. The winners were the all-

Premier National Jersey team of Douglas Romain, David

Mrs O M Lewis Farrer. the Swiss Teams which went to Joyce


Master Brian Dyde – Peter Sherry won the Baldock, John Greenhalgh, Graham and Hole, David Friswell and Roz Bavin. The

Mr M L Letts

7 Star Premier

Mrs F E Vickers Senior Swiss Pairs at the Jersey Congress. Anne Lucy. At the AGM, the League of Mid-week Championship Pairs was won

County Master by Marion Miles – Roz Bavin from

Master In the Western League, Avon has had a Four winners, David Perkins, Phil

Mr D Faria Jersey from a field of 50 pairs. The Mixed

Mr I Duncan moderate season finishing in third place Thornton, Carol and Herb Mueller, were

Mr C Panes District Master Pairs Championship saw the Jersey pair

Mr C Cubitt

in the B and C Divisions but a very presented with the Brown Cup and we

2 Star Master disappointing 7th in the A division. acknowledged the huge contribution of Peter and Gill Pitcher finishing 5th

Mrs B Milling Smith

Mr D Beacham

Mr G W Noyes Bristol Bridge Club has been celebra- which David Beever has made to BBCBA out of 63 pairs and winning the Fox Cup

Master as the highest-placed CI pair.

Area Master ting its 50th anniversary with a series of bridge by electing him to Life Member-

Mr K Rayford At District level in Jersey, the Open

Mrs A E Rayner events held in June.The principal event ship.

District Master Pairs championship was won by Douglas

Mrs L M Scott- was a Teams held early in the month An innovation this year was a ‘Slow-

Mr B P Burridge Priestley Romain – Kay Johns. The Restricted Pairs

Dr R J Hardie which was won by Fil and Diane Kurba- motion’ Simultaneous Pairs for the Day-

Mr H Wessel

lija, Peter Goodman, Adrian Thomas, Jill time Clubs – slow motion because clubs upper section was won by David Hole –

Area Master Mrs E S White

Casey. The Swiss Pairs held over the played on their normal afternoons over Marion Miles whilst the lower section

Mr T J A Butler Mrs M Wills

Club Master second weekend was won by Mike Davies a week in May. It was won by Simon was won by John and Fiona Honey.

Club Master

Mr B Wibberley – Mike Elliott. Galvin – Ken Swarbrick from the Garden In Guernsey, the District Individual

Mr C Collin

Mr C Wilkins Mr C E Dale Room BC. was won by John Seymour with Mike

Mr R Ford Allen in second and Vera Rose third.

Bedfordshire Bedfordshire Congratulations to Tim Rees on

Mrs J E Maul winning the Schapiro Spring Foursomes

2 Star Regional Dr P R Maul and the Championship Pairs at the Spring Cornwall

Master Mr P H Thirkell

Mr C Watson THE BBA held the AGM Bank Holiday congress. Simon Cope won

Local Master

Local Master at Wilstead on 15th May the Swiss Teams and was 4th= in the JAN and Ken Keast, Joe

Mrs J Galvin

Mr R Jones Mr K J Swarbrick during which Val Lawson Pairs. With his partner, Andrew Murphy, Bryant and Wally Heaton

Mrs M P Vint was elected as new Chair- he was second in the Under 28 Trials. won the County Knock-out

Berks & Bucks

man. Richard Chester has We are moving the start time forward final.

Premier Life Cambs &

Hunts taken over as Vice-chair- from 2.30 to 1.30pm and with the use of A very successful Corn-


3 Star Regional

man. New committee members elected Bridgemates we will both finish earlier wall Congress was held for

Mrs J M Baldock

Life Master Master were Gina Dunn (Secretary), Rita Keable and have the results out much sooner. the first time at Falmouth.

Mrs B Vitty Mr P J Somerfield (Treasurer) and Brian Taylor. Good luck Friday Afternoon Pairs: 1.

Premier National 12 Star Premier to the new committee. Nick Grenfell – Derek Griffiths, 2. Roger


Master Winners of the Champions’ Trophy on Cambs and Hunts

Mr J R Leeming

and Janet Putnam. Friday Evening Pairs:

Mr R Bridgen 12th June with a very strong field of local 1. Val Pitman – David Stone, 2. Terry

2 Star Master

1 Star Regional competitors were Kathleen Gilbert – In national events, Chris Jagger’s team Cannon – Phil Palmer. The Championship

Master Mr D R Sayers

Bryden Keenan with a score of 59.60%. won the Spring Foursomes, while Paul Pairs were headed by four Cornish part-

Mrs E Crossley Advanced Master

Mr P R Beavan

Congratulations to them both on their Fegarty, Catherine Curtis, Jonathan nerships: 1. Chris and Sandra Bickerdike,

10 Star Premier achievement.

Master Mrs S Hollingworth Mestel and Catherine Jagger lost narrowly 2. Sue Howley – Stephen Crouch. Fistral

Master Wardown Bridge Club, the premier in the Punchbowl. At the Spring Bank Cup: 1. Ian Hopkins – Sandra Bennett,

Mr S R Barrow

Premier Master Mr G Gardner club in Luton, held a 10-year Anniversary Holiday Congress, Catherine Curtis – Paul 2. Ros Morgan – Joan Chandler. Collings

Mr J Paul County Master evening on 19th May. The event was well Fegarty won the Swiss Pairs, with Roger Cup: 1. Wally Heaton – Wendy Thornton,

1 Star Tournament Mr S R C King attended and the occasion was celebrated Courtney – Robin Cambery ending sixth, 2. Keith and Heidi Law. Swiss Teams:

Master Mr D Newman with a glass or two of champagne as well and in the Swiss Teams Chris Jagger, Ian 1. Richard Lingham, Ann Slee, Brigid

Mrs J Greenstein Area Master as plenty to eat. The club is now flouri- Pagan, Jonathan Mestel, David Kendrick McElroy, Ruth Edmondson; 2. the un-

5 Star Master Mrs A McShane shing with two club bridge evenings per were second. Paul and Catherine were heralded Cornish quartet of Viv Mably,

Mrs H Weatherby Channel week on Mondays and Thursdays, as well also third in the National Pairs final. Celia Bishop, John Harnett, Harry Livesey.

3 Star Master Islands as an ‘Improvers’ session on Tuesday In county events, Geoff Burbidge – Helston held an excellent Swiss Teams

Mr D W Elford Life Master afternoons, all of which are well attended. John Frampton won the Novice Players competition, raising £400 towards build-

Mrs K L Webster Mr H T Basden- An ‘Anniversary Cup’ was presented and tournament; joint winners of the Jubilee ing a children’s Hospice in Cornwall: 1.

2 Star Master Smith will be competed for in May each year. Pairs were Peter Bhagat – John Liebe- John and Pauline Deal, David and Lynda

Mr L Champniss Mr D J Friswell

Mrs M S Mercer The first winners from 23 competing schutz and Gladys Gittins – David Chidell; 2. Rod Bell, Ian Macfarlane,

Premier National

1 Star Master Master pairs were John Neville – Monca Lucy. Carmichael; and Chris and Catherine Owen Prior, Wendy Miller.

Mrs P A Cannon Mr H Walden With the recent addition of Bridgemate Jagger, Julian Wightwick, Jonathan Penzance are the first Cornish club to

Scoring, duplimated boards and hand Mestel retained the County Knock-out. install Bridgemates and would welcome

50 English Bridge August 2008


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