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members of other clubs wanting to see June. There is a vacancy for Tournament At the AGM in May, Ted Cockle was

Master Point them in action. Secretary. Terence Treeby would be elected to Tournament Secretary and

promotions Diary Dates: Sept 7, AGM and indi-

vidual championship, Ladock; Sept 20,

pleased to hear from any member

prepared to take this on. Following the

Nicole Cook to Tournament Director.

We wish them the very best of luck in

Falmouth Swiss pairs; Sept 28, One Day meeting, the County Swiss Teams Cham- their new roles.

National Master Master pionship was held with a very disappoin- In Essex competitions, the winners of

Green Point Swiss Teams, Wadebridge

Miss J Watts- Mrs D L Suter

School. ting eleven teams taking part. Results: the Team of Four Trophy were Dennis

Wakeham Mrs O J Webster

Mrs L Williamson County Master

=1. Terry Cannon, Robin Giles, Phil Valtisiaris, Alan Drew, Simon Moorman

Palmer, Jenny Flood; and Carol Ritzen, and Ray Clarke, who beat Roger and Jill

11 Star Premier Mr N H Empson Cumbria Richard Carter, John Boxall, Roger Tattersfield, Alaric Cundy, Chris Megahey,

Regional Master Mr G MacArthur

Mr B L Skiming Mr J Squires Luckham; 3. Ruth Edmondson, Brigid Martin Smith and Ted Cockle in the

2 Star Premier Local Master EDEN Bridge Club staged their annual McElroy, Alison Pollok, Ann Slee. final. The Switch Cup winners were

Regional Master Mrs I White Swiss Teams competition on April 27th: Diary Dates: Sept 20, Devon Pairs. Roger and Jill Tattersfield, Alaric Cundy

Mr P Pitcher Aug 11, Closing date for entries for and Chris Megahey, with Peter Oake,

Devon 1. P. Mollart, J. Halliwell, L. and P. Smith;

1 Star Premier Devon Teams (Western Morning News). Ray Clarke, Ray Cornell, David Clark

Regional Master Premier National 2. A. Robertson, S. Service, A. and N.

Master Watson. runners-up. The League First Division

Mrs G Pitcher

Our last Cumbria Competition of the champions were: West Essex: Waltham

1 Star Premier Ms C Ritzen Dorset Foresters (Tony Verran, Remi Tatur, Phil

Master 5 Star Premier season was the Swiss Pairs, held on May

Regional Master 18th: 1. John Mclachlan – Bruce Mattacks, Andy Barker, Stuart Dunstan);

Mrs S Amy

Premier Master Mr K Wynn Denwood (90 VPs); 2. Babs Matthews – NATIONAL and other South East: Crowstone (Alan Cohen, Bob

Mr D C Babbe 6 Star Regional David Strawbridge (87 VPs); 3. Jim results: Spring Bank Hair, Allan Greenstein, Yvonne Dias,

Mr C Blackstone Master Holiday, Bournemouth: Richard Register, George Wilcox). League

Blackwell – Howard Brown (72 VPs).

Mrs P A Self Mrs S Crowley Qualifiers A Final: Miles Cup winners were Hanley (Rick Hanley,

Club Master Regional Master Cowling – Eddie Lucioni, Janet Smith – Michael Sherer, Jeff Orton, Eric Newman,

Mr D F Waters Mr C Stares Derbyshire Harold Wayne, Martin Brook – Helen Bill Tweddle).

Dr P Wood Ackroyd; Qualifiers B Final: Daphne Winners of the Eve Goblets trophies,

Cornwall 6 Star Premier

Master Philipps – Ann Sharples, John Gardner – for overall results during the year, were:

Life Master THE Mixed Pairs Cham- Margot Wilson, Eugene Sheehan – Mary Ladies: 1. Jill Tattersfield, 2. Margaret

Mr A D Tooley Mrs J Algar

pionship for the Bill Pratt Clews. Swiss Pairs: 10. Paul Bennett – Curtis . 3=. Val Mollison and Sue Taylor.

2 Star Tournament 2 Star Premier Trophy was won by Roger

Master Chris Denton, 17. Mark Hooper – Jon Men: 1. Roger Tattersfield 2. Ray Clarke

Master and Jennifer Floutier

Mrs A P James

Mr N Massey Holland. A Flight Swiss Teams: 7. Martin 3. Alaric Cundy.

Tournament with David Taylor – Liz Brook, Martyn Hill-Jones, Helen Ackroyd Diary Dates: Sept 3, Autumn Seniors

5 Star Master Hall second. The Derby-

Master and Ann Sharples, 10. Miles Cowling, pairs.

Mrs P J Dodge

Mrs M D Walker

Mrs C Davey shire team of Malcolm Young, Alan Kenny, Eddie Lucioni, Steve Tomlinson and

4 Star Master

5 Star Master Miranda Vinecombe and Gary Watson Steve Turner. B Flight Swiss Teams: 1.

Mr J M Rishworth

Mrs F Lane won the inter-county team of four Eugene Sheehan, Mary Clews, Doris

Hants and IoW

3 Star Master competition at Oxford for the Beck Cup

3 Star Master Hutchinson and Inga-Lill Button.

Mrs A Ewins (photo page 55). David Briggs – Jim

Mrs E A Williams

Dr W R Pickering

County Results: Udall Trophy: 1. THE AGM, held on June

2 Star Master Tomlinson were 4th at the Corwen Martin Brook, Helen Ackroyd, Keith

2 Star Master 15th, was better attended

Mrs J E Fisher Trophy. Bartlett, Ann Sharples. Allendale Trophy:

Mr D L Biscoe than usual, probably due

1 Star Master Mrs R W Davis At the inaugural competition for the 1. John and Marion Howitt, David and to a last minute nomina-

Mr D A Barber Midlands Teams Challenge Bowl, which Isabel Marr.

1 Star Master tion of Keith Palmer to Chairman. The

Mr J N James has replaced Derbyshire’s Macfarlane Cup

Mrs M Vanstone Please note that entries for the County vote was close but the position is retained

Mr M Rowbottom

Advanced Master and the invitation events of several other Teams KO will close on the 14th August by John Carter, who has put a huge am-

Advanced Master

Mr C J Baker Midland’s Counties, Roger and Jennifer and the draw will be made shortly ount of time into his work as Chairman

Mrs C Bishop

Mr G K Baker Floutier, and Arnold and Sandra thereafter. Dates for the Knight Cup

Mr R G S Draycott

Mr P Hartnell

and been scrupulously neutral when

County Master Chandler came third out of an entry of qualifiers will be announced shortly on handling the EBU ‘Pay to Play’ proposal.

Master 18 teams.

Mr W Harris the County website. This proposal had not found approval

Mr P Blatchford

Mrs A L Mitchelmore

Mr G Tompkinson

Diary Dates: Aug 21, Second round Diary Dates: Aug 8-15, EBU Summer with the majority of clubs, and, accord-

Mrs J Vaughan of the Three Counties Teams of 4 Event. Congress at Brighton. Sept 14, Mixed ingly, had been opposed at the EBU’s

Mrs J Tompkinson

District Master Mrs M Waterfield Sept 17, India Cup. Sept 18, Third round Swiss Teams for the Flemmich Cup, EGM where it was, however, accepted.

Mr A J Biggs County Master of the Three Counties Teams of 4 Event. 2.00pm, hosted by Dorset CBA at the Congratulations to Chris Kinloch –

Cumbria Mrs D Lomax Sept 21, Atkins Cup. Sept 27-28, Green Allendale Community Centre. Oct 12, Miles Cowling for winning the National

Area Master Point Pairs and Teams Events at Spondon. Swiss Teams for the Hardwick Cup, 2.00 Pairs Championship and to the following

Life Master Mr J M Brown

Mr K Johnston

pm, hosted by Sherborne BC at Digby County event winners: League 1: Brian

Club Master Hall, Sherborne. Please feel free to e- Anderson’s team; League 2: Madeline

5 Star Regional Mrs S B Seymour Devon mail any information of interest for

Master Lawson’s team; League 3: Mark Witham’s

Local Master inclusion to martin.john.brook@google

Mr A Aitken team. Hicko Cup: Swanmore; Basingstoke

Mr P A G Keith

Master CONGRATULATIONS to Cup: Titchfield; Solent Cup: Southamp-

Mrs S Jackson Direct Richard Lingham, Ann ton; Cahalan Cup: Jeremy Baker’s team.

Club Master Area Master Slee, Brigid McElroy and Pottage Cup: 1. Dave Ross – Barry

Mr G C Bramwell Ruth Edmondson on


Mrs M E Cross Mitchell, 2. Sonia Zakrzewski – Gareth

Mrs J C Rostollan winning the Swiss Teams Birdsall. Farley Trophy: 1. Roy Riley – Rick

Derbyshire Local Master at the Cornwall Congress, and to Sandra THE very sad news for Staff, 2. Miles Cowling – Steve Turner.

Life Master Dr B J Gardner Bennett – Ian Hopkins on winning the Essex is the death of Sid Ladies’ Teams: 1. Chris Ray, Christine

Mr B R Elliott

Dorset Fistral Cup for the Secondary Pairs. Prince on 12 June, after a McNiven, Karen Dewar, Eleanor Rice; 2.

2 Star Premier

Regional Master Regional Master In the Spring Bank Holiday Congress long illness. Sid had been Babs Boswell, Celia Carter, Kathy Vaile,

Mr P B Dodson Mr P Caton at Bournemouth, Stefan Lindfors came a long-standing ECBA Lesley Lewis. Hill Head Trophy: 1. John

1 Star Premier Premier Master third in the Championship Pairs playing Committee member and Dakin, Susie Russell, Chris and Richard

Regional Master Mr P Craven with Rob Lawy from Somerset. was Tournament Secretary and Chief Ray; 2. Marilyn and Mike Mollart-

Mrs M A Beale 4 Star Tournament The Devon Teams (Western Morning Tournament Director during the period Rogerson, Philip Clemow, Sheila Clifford.

4 Star Master Master News) was won by Robin and Margaret 1988 -1999. From 1986 to 2008, he was a Finale Pairs winners: Seniors, Pauline

Mrs M Plant Ms L Angus Mardlin, Bill Oke, Julian Foster, who went delegate to the EBU Council and then a Serby – John Moore; Intermediate, Mary

3 Star Master 1 Star Master on to represent Devon in the Pachabo. shareholder. He received the Dimmie Lucas – Sandra Ruffell; Non-experts, Gill

Mr A Skidmore Mr R Burrows The highest placed Devon pair in the Fleming Award for services to bridge in Vaughan and Sharmane Hoey. Congratu-

1 Star Master County Master Corwen Trophy were Carol Ritzen and 2001, and was Eastern Counties captain lations also to this year’s Victor Ludorum

Mrs A Capewell Ms S Fazakerley

Richard Carter in 8th place. for some years. He was a winner of the in the county competitions, a tie this

Advanced Master District Master

The Kevin and Ann Slee Trophy National Seniors Pairs and also the year: Rosemary and David Spencer.

Mrs A P Hobson Mr T Benjamin

(Victor Ludorum) was won jointly by National Seniors Team of Four, the The new season will be starting on

Mrs M Newton Club Master

Mrs M Watson Mr J Holland

Nethie and Geoff White. latter in 2005. He will be very much Sept 7 with the Ladies’ and Men’s Pairs –

The AGM was held at Exeter on 15th missed by us all. meanwhile enjoy the summer break. August 2008 English Bridge 51


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