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Hancock, Alan Kay, Dave Walker, Maria

Master Point promotions Herefordshire Budd, Malcolm Harris) just missed out on qualifying for the final of the Garden

Local Master Club Master Local Master 4 Star Premier Cities Trophy by 1VP.

Mrs P M Morrison Mr T Roberts Mr A Davis Regional Master IN recent years, six counties in the Congratulations to Malcolm Harris

Local Master Mrs C Dixon Mrs G E Foster Midlands have all experienced poor and Alan Kay on different teams, who

Essex 2 Star Premier

Mr A Checksfield entries for their own annual invitation will play each other in the semi-finals of

Life Master Herts Regional Master

Mr J N Davis teams events. They therefore decided to the Crockfords Plate. Also to Francis

Mr A Riach Dr J Seddon Grand Master Mrs S C Morgan

pool their efforts into a revived Midland Eddleston, Maria Budd, Rick Irwin,

Mr C Taylor Mr R K Walker Mrs A Flockhart 1 Star Premier

Mrs S Taylor Regional Master

Teams Challenge Bowl annual joint event, Malcolm Harris who are through to the

Mrs R Young National Master

National Master Mr P L Morgan with each county hosting the event in quarter-finals of the Nicko Plate.

Mrs G M Tinsdale

Mr S Moorman Hants and 8 Star Regional rotation. It fell to Herefordshire to be Diary Dates: Sept 28, Green-pointed

1 Star Premier

Premier Regional I.O.W. Regional Master Master hosts this year; each of the six counties Swiss Teams, Club de Havilland, Hatfield

Master Life Master Mrs F Littlewood Dr C J Garrett entered two teams and two neighbouring (details and entry forms: Mike Minting

Mr L Lapszys Prof. A Kelly 5 Star Regional 7 Star Regional counties responded to our invitation to 01442 833247,

2 Star Regional National Master Master Master enter. These, together with four club Oct 10, Club Champions

Master Mrs M Abbott Mrs S Bond Mrs A G Baldwin teams from the host county, made up the

Mrs J Nicholl 5 Star Regional

Cup, Bridge Centre. Oct 24, Mixed Pairs,

Mrs M Rumbold 2 Star Regional eighteen-teams field. The winners were

Regional Master Master Master Bridge Centre.

5 Star Premier one of the Warwickshire teams (Darren

Mr N Bresler Regional Master Mr P C Ellinger Mrs S P Smith

Evetts, Susan Stockdale, Tony Poole, John

21 Star Premier Mrs J Whitehouse Regional Master 3 Star Regional Kent

Master Master Robbins) with a Herefordshire team

3 Star Premier Mr J Leake

Miss K J Parr Regional Master Mrs A S M Jeffery (Richard Croot, Tony Truluck, George

18 Star Premier

13 Star Premier Mr P Aubeck Master 1 Star Regional Barrett, John Griffiths) second. The best THE Green-pointed Butler

Master 5 Star Regional Mr W E Kenney Master result by a Herefordshire Club team was Scored Pairs held in June

Mr G E Wilcox Master 14 Star Premier Mrs J Lawrence that of the Hereford Bridge Club (Sarah was enjoyable and very well

7 Star Premier Mr W D Lewis Master 8 Star Premier Mathews, Peter Watts, Robin Lewis, Paul

Master attended: 1. Jeremy Willans

Master 2 Star Regional Mrs Y D Doyle Smith) who finished 7th. These counties

Mr M Madden Master Mr D T Hudson – Ian Draper (Kent), 2.

7 Star Premier will meet again in a similar Pairs event

Mrs A Morgan Mrs R Spencer 7 Star Premier Colin Wilson – Diana Avis.

Master later this year.

Tournament Mrs E M Stewart Mr C J Goodban

Master A very successful Green-pointed Brack-

Mr I Galletti

Congratulations to Mike Ralph – John

Master 1 Star Regional eted Teams was held in May. The winners

2 Star Premier Thacker who finished 5th in the Corwen

Mrs F E Drewe Master 5 Star Premier of each bracket were: A: Keith Ashcroft,

Master Trophy. And to Carol and Albert Brown,

5 Star Master Mrs C Mobbs Master John Griffiths, Roland Gronau, Graham

Mr S Agalawatte playing with Ian Plewis – David Schiff,

Mrs G Spindler 5 Star Premier Mrs J Batson

Premier Master Pollack; B: Malcolm Judge, Margery Rum-

4 Star Master Master 8 Star Tournament who finished 6th in the Swiss Teams at

Mr C Holehouse below, Robert Shilling, Linda Radford. C:

Ms B Cagle Mrs D A Rivers Master the Cheltenham Congress.

5 Star Master Mr D E Brown Graham Ford, James Henderson, Richard

Mr S V Pond 4 Star Premier At the Green Point Weekend jointly run


Mr B Muller 1 Star Tournament Bird, Ian Galletti; D: Fred Tedore, Beryl

3 Star Master

Mrs M Steven

by the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire

Mrs J A McMahon Master Tedore, Brian Grimwood, Janne Green;

Mrs L V Moran

2 Star Master CBAs, in the Pairs the Northants pair of

Mr M Tinn Tournament Mrs J G Hogston E: Brigid Lavelle, Susan Brown, Kay Allen,

Ms R Allenby Jim Bainbridge – John Larkin shared first

2 Star Master Master Miss J H Pakeman Michael Harrow.

Dr G Singer Tournament

place with Lindsay Geddes – Wendy

Mr J Sitch Mr AG Poole Metropolitan Cup (Home Counties fun

Advanced Master Master Angseesing from Gloucestershire; Janet

Advanced Master 5 Star Master event): our A team were first out of 7

Mrs C G Andrews Miss R V Ericson Holder – June Homes were the highest

Mr D E Bright Mr D A Goodlake counties, 20 VPs clear of Berks & Bucks;

3 Star Master

Mrs L F Bancroft 4 Star Master placed Herefordshire pair at equal 4th.

Mrs R J Clegg the B team finished second out of 5

Mrs D Cook Mrs E A Mitchell The team of Cathy Smith, Andrew Smith,

Mr C J Ridgwell Mr H J Gasser counties losing to Surrey by only 3 VPs.

Mrs S Ganney 2 Star Master Ralph Smith and Steve Tomlinson from

Mrs E M Williams Mrs V Moules KCBA competition winners: Arnold

Mr D Reid

Master 2 Star Master Mr J R Heckscher Avon won the Swiss Teams; best Here-

Master Ms C Richardson Cup: John Cullingworth, Pat Collins,

Mr K Freitag Mr R Herbert fordshire result was the 12th place of

Mrs S J Barnett Mrs T Sirett Denis O`Donovan, Peter Law, John Short,

Mrs G Sizer Mrs C Parkes

Mrs S Early

Carol and Albert Brown, Pat Jenkins and

County Master Mrs J Reid Mr J A Walker Derek Patterson. Arnold Plate: Graham

Mr M H King Bob Underhill.

Mr R Orange Advanced Master 1 Star Master Foreman, Lyn Forman, Graham Pollack,

Mrs E Martin

Mrs J Pateman Mrs J Herbert Mr R Hoare John Griffiths. Corbett Cup: Chislehurst

Miss M E Mole

District Master County Master Ms J Mumford

Advanced Master Hertfordshire A; Corbett Plate: Farnborough C. Brook

Ms G Smith Mr D Bonner Cdr J A Coleman Shield: the North West Kent League Team

Mrs A V Ramsden

Area Master Mr P N Osborne Mrs J R Thornhill

Mrs E Hardwick of Allan and Gillian Foster, Jennifer Viles,

District Master Mrs M Hellier

Mr M Parry Mr R N Thornhill THE Hertfordshire AGM took place on John Hemington.

Mr J Plumpton

Club Master Mr M Beer Mrs S Welsh 18th May. Mike Hancock, after four years, At national level, Denis O’Donovan,

Mr G Stark

Mr M Morris Mr J Clark County Master stood down as president. We would like John Short, John Cullingworth, Pat

Mr L E White

Mrs V Potter Mr J Whitcher Ms G Parry

Master to thank Mike for all his hard work as Collins, Peter Law were runners up in

Club Master Mr J Pople

Gloucestershire Mr G E Clements president; he continues on the committee both the Gerald Faulkner Salver and the

Mrs S K Russell Mrs S H Usher-Smith

Grand Master Mr A Young

Mrs K Graves as Membership Secretary. The HBA now Pachabo Cup.

Local Master

Mr G R Sadie Mr W J Marle has a new president in Bernard Eddleston, Cheltenham Congress: the Evesham Cup

Mr M Cross District Master Mr J K McCall

Premier Life Mr M Hayden Mrs S Ford our former treasurer; a new secretary, was won by Kent’s Marie Horlock, John

Master Mr K L Monk

Mrs VF Hulatt following the untimely death of Freda Amor and their team.

Mr I Constable Herefordshire Mrs S Percival

Diary Dates: Sept 5-7, Tunbridge Wells

Mr T McWalter Mrs G Rapley Warner, in Bob Turnham; and a new

Regional Master National Master treasurer in Bill Blackman. We wish them Open Congress. Oct 5, Dyer Smith-

Area Master County Master

Mr M A Rogers Mr D Weller Ms L A Chester Mrs K Davidson success in their new roles. Following a Hunter Cup Mixed Pairs, Tunbridge Wells,

5 Star Premier Regional Master Mrs M Craig Mrs C P Lohan very lively AGM, the Mixed Pivot Teams 11am. Oct 25, Kent Congress Swiss Pairs,

Master Mr M Green Mrs J Evans Mrs A M Warwick was won by Gila Tiplady, Mike Robson, Tunbridge Wells, 1pm; Oct 26, Kent Con-

Mr R G Dalgleish Mr T F Paske Mrs H Fricker District Master gress Swiss Teams, Tunbridge Wells, 11am.

Mrs J Rowley 8 Star Premier Paddy Dymoke and John Marmery.

2 Star Premier Club Master Mr R C Baker

Master In National Competition, well done to

Master Mr K Lawler Mrs J S Baron

Mrs L Boddington Alan Kay, playing with Tim Rees, on win- Lancashire

Mrs D Vowles C Cagney

2 Star Master Kent ning the Pairs A Final at the Spring Bank

1 Star Master Mr M S Collins

Mr R Rossi National Master Holiday Congress in Bournemouth.

Mrs C Lewis Mr R K O'Shea

Mr B Snell Mrs M M Rumbelow Mr C Owen In the Bedfordshire Green Pointed Swiss AT the Annual General


Mrs E S Armstrong-

1 Star Master Mr D W Steele Mr C Sawyer Teams, Hertfordshire players filled the first Meeting in May, Jacqueline

Buisseret Mrs J Baker Mrs M A White Mr T Sherwen three places: 1. Sheila Evans, Bill Black- Wright took over from

Dr D Fairmaner Master 12 Star Premier Mr P Willis man, David Stimson, Roger Edmonds; Andrew Petrie as Tourna-

Mrs J V Hughes Mrs J C Brenchley Regional Master Area Master ment Secretary. A volunteer

2. Barbara and Derrick Kime, with Celia

County Master District Master Mrs D Servante Mr J Bryan and Derek Oram; 3. Dave Dickson, Iain is needed to update the calendar and

Mr C R Fox Mr A T Shadforth 6 Star Premier Mrs J C Newcomb

Roberts, David Ould, Dave Walker. produce the handbook in 2009.

Mr M McWilliam Club Master Regional Master Mr R Payne

Mrs E A Roberts Mrs C Jones Mr L Harris Mrs C E Plumpton

The Hertfordshire team (Peter Clark, Congratulations go to Nick and Sue

Vernon Gaskell, Anne Flockhart, Mike Woodcock, Catherine Draper and Andrew

52 English Bridge August 2008


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