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Woodcock on winning the Lancashire Swiss Teams at the Jersey Lambourne Con-

Master Point Knock-out Teams of Four, thus becoming Lincolnshire gress. Also in Jersey in the Swiss Teams

promotions Lancs’ representative in the Pachabo Cup.

Catherine Draper will be running a Mike Fletcher came second. At the

Schapiro Spring Foursomes, Andrew

workshop at Blackburn Bridge Club on THE Annual Champion-

Robson, Tony Forrester and David

Club Master Mr A J Mackriell

Friday, 19th September 2008. ships in May had a

Mrs L A Stone

Bakhshi were losing finalists, and Roger

Mr B Fordham

Madeline Berney Swiss Pairs: 1. Bernard disappointing entry in

Mrs S Harper 1 Star Premier Mapp and Michael Ranis won the

and Rhona Goldenfield. Bolton Swiss the teams. Suggestions/

Mr M S Harrow Master Punchbowl. At the Spring Bank Holiday

Teams: 1. Ewart Evans, Julia and Barry ideas from members are

Mrs B Lavelle Dr C Shah Congress, in the Championship Pairs B

Newall, Brian Ripley. Blackburn Swiss welcome! Please contact the secretary.

Mrs M Maybank Dr S Shah Final, Gordon Rainsford – Paul Martin

Mrs P Sainsbury Pairs: 1. Roger Smith – Linda Yates. Championship Pairs: 1. Sue York – David

5 Star Master were second.

Mr N Shilling Mr G R F Jones Gazette and Herald Trophy: 1. Ewart Stoddard, 2. Mike and Vic Llewellyn;

In recent one-day events, Tim Ryan

Local Master 4 Star Master Evans, Julia and Barrie Newall, Brian First Consolation: 1. Sally and David

won the Hants & IoW Swiss Teams,

Mr B K Smale Prof R O Davies Ripley. Williams; 2. Roy Hughes – Dennis

Richard Harris won the Dorset Swiss

Lancashire 3 Star Master Diary Dates: Aug 10, Preston Pairs; Mellor; Open Pairs: 1. Eileen and Bill

Teams, and Sarah Dunn, David Gold,

Grand Master Mr R Sneddon Aug 30, Northern Bridge League – Herbert. Championship Teams: 1. Stuart

Knox, David Caldow, Nick Hunter, Alan David Ewart, Tom Townsend finished

Mr J J Stevenson

Mrs S Woodcock Round 2; Sept 5-7, Bolton Congress, second in the May Beds Swiss Teams.

Premier Life Mr D B Symonds Millington; Consolation Teams: 1. Glyn

Bolton Bridge Club; Sept 11-14, Isle of Results: Newcomers Day: N/S: 1.

Master 2 Star Master Elwick, Stuart Watson, Mike and Vic

Man Congress, Douglas; Sept 21, LCBA Shelley Evans – Leszek Lubaszewski, 2.

Mrs E A Wattleworth Mr J G Bloodworth Llewellyn; Open Team: 1. John Gaunt,

3 Star Premier Mrs G M Clelland Mixed Pairs, Poulton Bridge Club; Sept Yoshimi Furukawa – Ikugo Sasaki; EW:

27, Northern Bridge League – Round 3; Debbie Burton, Andrew Green, Jonathon

Regional Master Mr R McCulloch

Farmer. The Lucy Osbourne Cup for 1= Jan Holman – Ian Stewart, Mala

Dr L Hoy 1 Star Master Sept 28, Pendle Witch Pairs, Brierfield Lever – Ned Paul. London Trophy: 1.

10 Star Premier Mrs B Farrell Bridge Club. highest placed seniors was won by Mo

Parsons – Maurice Ladlow. The Margaret Oxford & St Georges Old Boys & Girls

Master Dr M C Harrison

Mr R J Parry Briggs Trophy for highest non-expert pair (Cecil Leighton, Alf Wilkins, Monty

Mrs J Hope

3 Star Premier Dr G R Olsson Leicestershire was won by Jonathon Farmer – Chris Job. Krimgoltz, Myrna Woolf); Della Porta

Master Advanced Master Ghost Pairs: N/S was won by Drene Plate: 1. IBM (Simon Cochemé, Peter Saies, Mel Simon, Peter Davies). Home

Mrs A J Bell Mr C W Lander and Alan Brown, Roy Hughes – Keith

THE formal business Counties League: 1. Surrey, 2. London Red.

Premier Master Mr R R Patel Stewart runners-up; E/W was won by

Mr D W Briggs Mrs M S Rushton

of the 62nd AGM was

completed speedily. The Andrew Green – Andrew King with

2 Star Tournament Master Mike and Christine Grant runners-up.

Master Mr J F Bee reports of the commit- Manchester

Dr G A Khan tee and of the treasurer At the AGM on 22nd June Alan

Mr C M Haria

5 Star Master Mr G W Haywood were adopted and the elections were un- Andrews was elected the new Chairman,

Mr L Macauley Mr D James contested. The new committee comprises Vice-chairman Glyn Elwick, Drene Brown

AT the MCBA AGM, Jeff

4 Star Master Mr J Stinson chairman Hugh Cairns, vice-chairman Secretary, Mike Llewellyn Treasurer and

Smith retired as chair-

Mr S H Blaiwais Mr J Swift and fixtures secretary Nick Stevens, Stuart Knox Competition Secretary.

man and was presented

3 Star Master County Master immediate past chairman Dick Pathan, Members’ envelopes were given to

Mr C M Allen

with a TomTom in reco-

Mr D Brewer treasurer Henry Cooklin, general secre- club reps at the July meeting, which

Mr E Blount gnition of the excellent work he has done

Mr C B Wood

tary Robert Northage, league secretary contained: (1) calendars for next season,

2 Star Master Dr G Jenkins over the last five years. Kevin Comrie

John Thompson, tournament secretary (2) entry forms for those competitions

Mrs E E Houghton Mrs C Voyce was elected as the new chair. There were

Professor H Yang Steve Wright, membership secretary Pat requiring pre-entry (n.b. Gold, Davey

Master no other changes except the Selection

Mrs K Yang Beasley, webmaster and minutes secre- and League closing date: 1st Sept), (3) re-

Mr R A Pinson Committee which is now Denis Robson,

District Master tary John Wilcox, master point secretary printed constitution. If anyone has not

Mrs H Shaw

yet received their envelope, please contact Bob Cooke, Rhona Goldenfield, Jenny

Mrs D Bowden Neil Beasley; other members: Mike

District Master

the secretary. Morris and Alec Smalley. Gary Hyett was

Ms B Chantler Ayers, Irene Krantz, David Pollard and

Mr S D Brown announced as winner of Manchester

Miss D C Coe Members may like to note that the

Mr I Fowler Pat Watson. Player of the Year and Mike Bell winner

Mrs P Gibb new season will start with the Mixed and

Mrs F Mounsey

Mr W Gibb

The Guest of Honour, Frank Travers, of Intermediate Player of the Year.

Mr I Parkes chairman of the County Bridge Club, Married pairs on Sept 21.

Ms D Kettle Well done to the Manchester players

Area Master Mr I Leaver presented the trophies and prizes to the Sadly Roger Haywood died in April.

Mrs S Pickford He had not been a Lincs member long, involved in the European Championships.

Dr R J Lewis 2007-08 competition winners. The Open team qualified for the second

Mrs I Pinson Mr S Mensley moving from Sussex in 2007 but was a

Final results of last season: Stanley round robin with Paul, Jason and Justin

Club Master Mr R Rees keen player and will be missed. Condo-

Trophy (Butler Pairs) overall: 1. Ian Bruce Hackett and John Holland in the team,

Mr J Vallance Mr P Shah lences to family and friends.

– Mick Mahoney, 2= Hugh Cairns – and Bill Hirst non-playing captain. Alan

Leicester Mr C J Sleigh

Steve Francis, Paul Cross – Anne Mould is non-playing captain of the

Area Master

Life Master Moncrief, 4. George and Mary Brown London

Mrs D M Pennington

Mrs H Hughes Women’s team.

Mrs J M Hunt (winners of the final heat). Joyce Mixed Congratulations to Paul Hackett and

Mr R Pennington Pivot Teams: 1. Jenny Grant, Gerry

Mr P F Hunt John Holland, who won the inaugural

Premier Regional Bucciero, Bob Parker, Bharat Thakrar;

Mr D Mobbs CONGRATULATIONS to Seniors Camrose, and to John Hassett,


Mrs A Moxon 2. Joan and Ben Gibson, Christina Gunnar Hallberg and Ross

Dr Y Haider

Mr B K Smith

Bill Hirst and John Holland, who won

5 Star Regional

Brewster, Chris Heames; 3. Irene Krantz, Harper, members of the

Mrs B Stead the Gerard Faulkner Salver.

Master Bill Gray, Peter Halford, Tony Odams. winning England team in

Club Master Manchester were represented in the

Mr R C Cook Hyman Crammer (Club Pairs): 1 Gary the inaugural Seniors Cam-

Mr P Anderson Garden Cities Regional Final by Bramhall

Mr D Nutt Duddle – Simon Stokes (Clarendon), rose, and to Bernard Teltscher, Tony

Mr R Ford BC (Rod Franks, Kevin Higgins, Howard

4 Star Regional Mr D M Legg 2. Ben Gibson – Mike Osborne (Melton), Priday and Robert Sheehan, members of

Master Stubbings, Dhun Daji, Jim Morris, Jenny

Mrs R Legg 3. Tim Glover – Peter Neville (Glenfield). the second-placed Patron’s team. Well

Mr R C Parker Morris, Bill White, Joyce White) who

Mr G Normand Diary Dates: Aug 15, Summer Knock- done also David Bakhshi, Tony Forre-

10 Star Premier finished fifth. In the Spring Bank Holiday

Mrs T Rowe Out Cup and Plate, semi-finals play- ster and Andrew Robson, Crockfords Cup

Master Dr D Steeple Congress at Bournemouth, Michael Byrne

by date. Aug 21, Three Counties 2 winners, and David Gold and Susanna

Mr G Bucciero Mrs E Turner was a member of the young winning

9 Star Premier

(Spondon). Sept 4, League Meeting and Gross who won the Corwen Trophy.

team. Well done also to Mike Bell and Ed

Master Lincolnshire LCBA Committee Meeting (LGS). Sept Apologies to those London players

Levy, who won the secondary event, the

Mr F G Maccabee 4 Star Regional 5, Summer Knock-Out Cup and Plate, whose achievements in the Ranked Masters

Punch Bowl, at the Stratford Spring Fours.

5 Star Premier Master finals play-by date. Sept 10, Stanley I omitted to mention last time: Rob Cliffe,

Master Mr E W Parsons Trophy Heat 1 (Glenfield); Sept 14, who won the Premier Grand Masters, Diary Dates: Manchester Bridge Club

Mr G Brown 2 Star Premier Midlands League v Worcestershire, away. Gordon Rainsford – Dom Goodwin who celebrate 30 years at Palatine Road with

4 Star Premier Master Sept 18, Three Counties 3 (Spondon); won the Premier Life Masters, Nick Boss a Teams Event and Party over the

Master Mr P D Ison Sept 24, LCBA League season first – Richard Johnson who won the National weekend of the 23rd and 24th August

Mr R Ferguson Miss S B York 2008. All MCBA members, and past and

matches. Sept 27-28, Green Point week- Masters, and Mark Gurney who came

2 Star Premier 3 Star Tournament present members of the Club are invited

end (Spondon). Oct 1, Otto and Edith second in the National Masters.

Master Master

Mr P D Cross Mr D C Cross

Bowl, Mixed Pairs incorporating Midland Well done to Alan and Olivia Woo, to attend. Information from Jeff Morris

Flitch qualifier, (County Club). who won both the Swiss Pairs and the 0161 445 3712. August 2008 English Bridge 53


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