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Keith Bennett, Jeremy Dhondy) qualified

Master Point promotions Merseyside/Cheshire for the Garden City National Final where they finished second on a split tie.

Further Results of the Middlesex League

5 Star Master 6 Star Premier Mr J Herman Miss C Blake THE Deva BC team were: Div. 2: Susan and David Moss, Gail

Mrs B Bassford Master Mrs A J Hoyle Mr J P Curran were successful in the and Jonathan Hoffman; Div. 3: Charlotte

Mr GP Shaw Dr J M Asher Mr G Kasnicki Mr D B Hill regional final of the Vine, Chris Morren, Brenda and Geoff

4 Star Master 4 Star Premier Mrs B King Mrs A H Hill Garden Cities Trophy Foley; Div. 4: Viv and Derek Proops,

Mrs S Bunton Master Mrs M Lester Mr S O'Brien (club teams of 8). With the top two

Mr T P Lowe Debbie Breslaw, Lynne Daly, Lindsay

Mrs J Clark Mr G Cohen teams going forward, they were in equal

Mrs A B Luke

Middlesex Blair.

3 Star Master 1 Star Premier first place with Hurworth BC, though

Mrs B J Cryer Master Mr D Marks Grand Master Peter Hasenson and Gill Walker were

Mr G M Fink Dr M Mattison Mr W Naqvi had beaten them in the head-to-head elected to the Middlesex Committee.

2 Star Master

Mr K Higgins Mr N P McGrath Premier Life Master match. Sadly prior commitments affected Please consult the country website for

Mr K A Taylor

Premier Master Mrs J Messenger Mr A McIntosh the line-up for the national final and the the autumn schedule, in particular the

Advanced Master Mr P Mott

Mrs I Davies Mr H J Schogger team could only win three of its seven Middlesex Cup entry deadline. Do report

Mr C F J Foster Mr R O’Connor

4 Star Master Life Master matches to finish below average. Well points of interest to

District Master Mr A O’Neill

Mr A Rhodes Mr A P Allfrey done to the team: John Hampson (who

Mr A D Milner Mrs A Taylor

3 Star Master Mr S Cane

Area Master organised everyone), Matt Foster, Bob

Mr D B Haydock

Mr A K Thomson 5 Star Regional Norfolk

Mr L Middleton Club Master Master Pitts, Pete Broster, Chris Pope, Simon

Club Master 2 Star Master Mr K Bennett Edwards, Julian Merrill, Paul Roberts,

Mrs D Stein

Mrs S Keast Mr A A Tranter Mr M Brady 2 Star Regional David Flacks, David Stevenson, Simon AFTER the County A, B

Mrs M M White Miss L Cook

London 1 Star Master

Master Whitehouse. and C teams all suffered

Mrs S E Greensmith Mr A S Perelman

Premier Life Master Mr S Booth The County Mixed Pairs was won by heavy defeats at the hands

Mr B Hart 10 Star Premier

Mr M Clack Advanced Master Mrs P Hegarty Pam and Ralph Churney, with Joan King of Northampton, the three

Master – John Griffith runners up. The annual teams had comfortable

Premier National Mrs H Boydell Mr R Hopton

Mrs J Moss

Master Mrs M E Halstead Mrs M A Jackson Mayday Swiss Pairs was won by Paddy wins over Essex.

4 Star Premier

Mrs E De Mercur Mr J S Halstead Mrs M E Leach

Master Murphy – Barry Jones. The County Ladies’ The County summer programme is

Mr D N Schiff Master Ms D A Lewis Pairs champions for this season are Lyn now in full swing with an Open Pairs

Mr D R Arundel

National Master Mrs S A Archer Mr R Price and/or a Trophy event each week until

2 Star Premier Edge – Lilian Johnson; Nan Stephens

Mr N Boss Mrs E Black Mrs C Riley September. The Norfolk and Norwich

Mr M Sanders

Master and Sheila Grey finished second.

6 Star Regional Dr J M Braganza

Mr K Taylor-Thomas Mrs M Robertson The new County Open Swiss Pairs was a Bridge Club is also hosting an Open

Master County Master

Local Master 1 Star Tournament huge success: 1. Sid Travers – David Collier Pairs evening on most Wednesdays until

Mr A Gordon Dr B Barry

Master of Manchester; 2. Simon Edwards – Chris September.

Regional Master Mr M Braid Miss C A Boal

Mrs D Okrzeja Trophy Winners: Hudson Cup: 1. Peter

Mr P Mitchell Mr M Clarke Miss L Bonney Pope. Well done to the organisers for

Mr M A Jabbar Mrs V M Godlieb Tournament Master Brett – Peter Cotes, 2. Jill Innes – Stuart

16 Star Premier Mrs G D Hanstead

getting this new event off to a great start.

Master Mr P Jackson Ms F Goode

The winners of this year’s County Langridge. Dereham Trophy: 1. Roger

Mr P J Kenyon Mr D R Higginbottom 5 Star Master Amey – Dave Newstead, 2. Ray and

Mr C Moore Teams Consolation event (Cheshire Salver)

Mrs L J Mollan Mrs M Holloran Mrs O M Stretch

3 Star Premier were Richard Davies, Dave Shaw, Christine Sadd. Harry Hunt Cup

Mr E Rose Ms G J Mealing 3 Star Master

Master (Lowestoft): 1. Phyllis Spratt – Peter

Ms M Warren Mrs A Parkinson Mr I S Anderson Bernard Krasner, Chris Raymond, Stuart

Mr C A Elliott Rowlett, 2. Paul Whittley – David

Premier Master

District Master Mr J M Quinn 2 Star Master Scholes, Steve Downes.

Mr L Abramson Mrs J Richards Mrs S R Anderson Diary Dates: Aug 30, Northern Thompson. Shaw Trophy: 1. Phil Jones –

Mr N Irens Jill Innes, 2. Neville Hill – Alan Hourd.

Mr J Ashcroft Miss H J Schofield 1 Star Master Counties League match 2; Sept 27,

5 Star Master Ms M A Taylor Swaffham Trophy: 1. Paul Darby – Roger

Mr J A Bicknell Mr T Wheatley

Mrs J Arnot match 3; Oct 25, match 4.

Mr K W Boulton Advanced Master Amey, 2. Nawal Fenwick – John Harrison.

2 Star Master Mrs A Brenninkmeijer Merseyside/

Mr A Mallick Open Pairs winners: Graham Grist –

Mr K J Bentley Mr C Brenninkmeijer Cheshire Mr D Margo Middlesex Joe Merz, Roer Amey – Mike Walsh,

Mr R J Cross Mr A I Burnett National Master Master Peter and Margaret Smith, Mike and

1 Star Master Mr J Creer Mrs J V Eakin

Ms B A Bridgen Barbara Harnden, Kitty Cozens – Leslie

Mr Y Sannie-Lamptey Mrs W S Creer 3 Star Regional Mr C E Cohen CONGRATULATIONS to Carver, Nigel Block – Mervyn Scutter.

Master Mr G Currie Master

Mr R Deane

Mr VJ Martin Middlesex members who Diary Dates: Aug 4, Kings Lynn

Mr J Drummond Dr C Whaley District Master represented England in the

County Master Mr J Farnworth

9 Star Premier Trophy for teams, South Wootten Village

Dr J C P Garrett Mrs S Bardwell European Championships:

Mr T Chanter Master Mrs D Golend

Hall; Sept 3, YMCA Trophy, pairs, Girls

Mr G Martin Miss L Goldstein Heather Dhondy, Anne High School, Norwich.

Mr C Nugent Area Master

Mr M Ranis Ms P Gorham

3 Star Premier

Rosen and Nevena Senior

Mr K R Gorton Ms S Newton

Ms H M Wildsmith Master in the Women’s series, Tony

District Master Mr H Gray

Mr R Roberts

Club Master

Waterlow in the Open and North East

Mrs JK Harrison Mr A Bhandari

Mr M Allin Premier Master Victor Silverstone in the Seniors.

Mr F H Hayes Mr W Curtis

Mr T Booth Ms E Hatfield Well done to Alexander Allfrey for IT is with great sadness

Mr T I Hempstock Mr I D Iwi

Mrs M Gordon-Smith

Dr R Hill 5 Star Master Mr N Shah winning the Crockfords Cup and fini- that we report the death

Mrs D Grimston

Mr L Lubaszewski Mr E J Hutton Mrs K E Schneider Mr D Sheth shing second together with Glyn Liggins of Ian Spoors, who

Mr R Mapp Mrs M Jabbar 3 Star Master Mrs J Sheth at the Shapiro Spring Foursomes. Andrew worked tirelessly for

Mrs C Kramer Mrs M E Foster Mrs H Westbury McIntosh and Liggins finished second in both NEBA and the EBU

Mrs C R M Panis

Mr M L Lockey Mrs J R Greasley Mrs S L Winton

Area Master the Crockfords Cup final. over many years (see

Mr D E O'Connor 2 Star Master Local Master

Mr T Ryan At the Spring Bank Holiday Congress, obituary on page 25).

Mr NP Pearce Mr A Sheridan Mr J Y Jim

Club Master

Mrs G Riley Mrs J Livingstone

Brian Senior won the B Pairs Final and At the end of April, Brian Smith, Bill

Mr G Sokolowski Master

Mrs A Turner Mrs R Mann Ian Pagan was second in the Swiss Teams. Dixon, Ken Pattinson and Peter Allen,

Mrs E Loughrey

Local Master Mrs L Vincent Mr S Sheldon Dafydd Jones won the Hants & IoW representing Darlington, won the Cham-

Mrs J Milliken County Master

Dr M Wadsworth Mr S Everitt Mrs M Verrier Swiss Teams. Uday Hegde, Richard Bow- pion Club Teams, and in May Renee

Manchester Mrs G Watmore Mr M Greatbatch dery, Jerry Harouni and Ray Robinson McMahon – Margaret Gilbert won the

Mr P Wilkinson


Life Master Mr J Roberts won the South of Ireland Teams at the Club Champion Pairs competition. The

Mrs L F Wright Premier Life Master

Mrs J A Morris District Master Killarney Congress. Kempson Cup (knock-out teams of four)

Area Master Mr M J Hill

Mr J F Morris Mr I Blackhurst 12 Star Premier Middlesex Championship Pairs: 1. Jill was won for the second year running by

Mr R A Bennett

Premier National Area Master Master Feldman – Neil Rosen, 2. Ernest Glanville Clive Owen, Malcolm Oliver, Bill March,

Mrs I Buxton

Master Mrs E H Campbell Mrs A C Lowe Mrs B Howlett – Alan Gradus. Middlesex Committee Damian Hassan, Martin Kane and Dave

Mr N J K Thomas Mr N Catterall Mr G Roberts Mr P Howlett Cup: 1. Charlotte Vine, Greta King, Harry Broadhead, and Bo Hnyda’s team collec-

6 Star Regional Mrs J Roberts 11 Star Premier

Mrs J Dodson Ashar, Ron Adam. The Middlesex Cup ted the Plate.

Master Miss M M Essayan Club Master Master Final (Tobias v Vine) was won by Jacqui At the AGM the Executive Committee

Mrs E J Roe Miss L H Frampton Mr R Barlow Mr D W C Thompson

Mr G A Charlesworth

Tobias, Uday Hegde, Gary Jones, Noorul were re-elected unopposed, Damian

4 Star Regional Mrs A Gibbons Mr P E Whittley

Master Mr E R Illingworth Malik. Richard Bowdery replaced Malik Hassan was declared the Sun Player of

Mrs M Giles 2 Star Tournament

Mr D N Daji Mr J Glass Local Master Master at the Pachabo, where they finished sixth. the Year, and Morpeth won the John

Mr S Mattinson Mr P Greene Mr A Bailey Mr D J Macro The Ace of Clubs (Neil Rosen, Peter Clarke Salver as Club of the Year.

Kaufmann, Ivor Miller, Catherine Seale, The Hurworth ‘Fun Day’ Congress

54 English Bridge August 2008


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