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resulted in a Pairs win for Agnes Blewitt – The President’s Cup was won by Mike Avon team-mates in knocking out a

Master Point Stan Collins; the evening Teams title went Robinson, Rob Procter, Dave Thomas, seeded team to reach the last sixteen of

promotions to Tom Dessain, Dominic Maloney,

Robin Sigmond and Phil Smith.

Richard Hayden, Nathan Piper.

Alison and Peter Jackson, Colin Jones,

the Gold Cup.

Diary Dates: Sept 13, Paul Jones at

Further afield, Clive Owen, Bill March, Malcolm Currie, Adrian Lambe, John Nailsea; Oct 3-5, West of England

Tournament 5 Star Premier

Master Master and Julian and Val Gibson won the EBU Clifford won the Chester Cup. Congress, Weston-super-Mare.

Mr E J Brister Mrs P J Greenhill Silver Plate; Clive Owen, playing with Congratulations to Dinah and Andrew

5 Star Master Mrs A Young three Mancunians (John Holland, Bill Lintott on winning the County Pairs Staffs and Shrops

Mr A J H Metcalf 4 Star Master Hirst and John Hassett), won the Gerard Final, and Erica and Christopher Shep-

4 Star Master Mrs M Edwards Faulkner Salver, and the Durham team of pard, winners of the OBA Sim Pairs.

Mrs K Liversidge 3 Star Master James Ewington, Tom Dessain, Dominic The Seniors Pairs events which conti- Staffs/

Mrs G Pocock Mr R D Hornett Maloney and Robin Sigmond beat nue monthly throughout the year fea- PEARL Evans – Sheila Mudge tied with

Mrs H Tindal Mrs G C Saunders Oxford to win the Portland Bowl, the tured Peter Baxter – Keith Goswell Celia Day – Jane Stirton in the Ladies’

2 Star Master 2 Star Master University Championship. winning in May and Alan Prior – Roy Pairs, but Pearl and Sheila were declared

Mrs S L Chamberlin Mrs P L Gladwin East in June. the winners after splitting the tie. Gillian

Advanced Master 1 Star Master Officers elected at the county AGM Allsop – Pat Poxon finished third. The

Mrs A Blouet Ms J Berry


were: John Slater (Chairman), Mary-Ann Mens’ Pairs had to be cancelled (there

Mrs L Browning Miss C Caldow

Mr R Hill Mr R Meredith Sheehy (Secretary), Lynne Hayes (Trea- was a suggestion that the Champions’

Master Advanced Master AT the AGM, Gordon Fullerton was surer), Stephen Brown (Chief Tourna- League cup final may have been the

Mr D Breese Mr S H Stiles elected President. The existing Officers ment Director), Alan Grunwald (Tourna- cause). Mixed Pairs: 1. Judy and Malcolm

Mr J F Lambert Master and Committee were re-elected. ment Secretary), Maxine Henry (Mem- Mitchell, 2. Annette Lucas – Mike Cornes,

Mr S Lawrence Mr N J Green In the county match v Worcestershire, bership Secretary), Geoff Nicholas (Wessex 3. Pam Allen – John Hartley. Geoff Davies

County Master Mr A Robson the first and second teams lost 6-14 and league, President’s & Chester Cups’ Sec- – John Sheppee were our leading pair in

Mrs M Abel County Master 0-20 respectively, while the third team retary), Nick Smith (Match Secretary), the Corwen with a respectable 53%, with

District Master Mrs M Ball won 12-8. Alison Nicolson (Education Officer) and Paul Cutler – David Moir also in the top

Mr W A Sparrow Mr B Hooper Brenda Harris (Publicity Officer). half of the field.

The Inter-Club Pairs Final was won by

Area Master District Master Dr Evan Harris, OBA President, presented Dan Crofts, Edward Levy, and Justin

Eleanor Gauntley – Catherine Waldron,

Mrs G Dansey-Smith Mr J Panayotidis and Paul Hackett won the Staffs Cup after

representing Phoenix, with Liam Tynan the prizes. Free refreshments plus bridge

Club Master Area Master an exciting final against Geoff Davies,

– Wendy Walker from Woodborough followed.

Mr M Drobny Mr C Carswell

Mrs I Fitzgerald second, and Pat Pickworth – Stuart Diary Dates: Sept 8, OBA Manage- John Sheppee, Anne Jones and John

Northants Mrs P Johnston Wells from Radcliffe-on-Trent third. ment & Wessex league meetings 6.30pm, Seymour. Sadly, due to other commit-

Premier National Club Master Priday Cup: 1. Clive Kaye, 2. John Auld. Oxford BC; Sept 14, Dawes League v ments, the county could not field a team

Master Mrs M G Gilbert Any new team wishing to enter the Staffordshire (away); Sept 27, Green- for the Pachabo.

Mrs G Baron Miss I Green pointed Swiss Teams, Steventon Village The Shrewsbury team of Roger Bowles,

Team-of-Four League should contact

Mr P Dunn Miss J E Marshall Hall. Keith Shuttleworth, John Waller, David

16 Star Premier

Chris Clark 0115 927 4939.

Mr D Tomlinson Small, Mike and Seb Jones, and Judy and

Master Mr G Turner Diary Dates: On Wednesdays the Black

Malcolm Mitchell represented the county

Mr B M McKenzie Dr W M Walker and Farr Cups continue in alternate Somerset in the Garden Cities semi-final at Brad-

3 Star Premier Local Master weeks. The President’s Cup will recom- www.somersetbridge

Master mence on Oct 1 and there will be a BGB ford, but could not quite squeeze into

Mr M Bird

Mrs J Swannell

THE Charity Teams event in the finals.

Miss J Spear Simultaneous Pairs on Oct 8. The dates

Tournament memory of Paul Wickham Edward Levy, Jason, Justin and Paul

Notts of the new season’s Sunday events,

Master (obituary on page 25) raised did a double by winning the Warwick-

commencing with the NCBA Swiss Pairs

Mrs M J Binley National Master £900 to be shared between shire League and the Handicap. The next

on Sept 8, are on the website.

Mrs E Mayes Mrs E L Bagley Motor Neurone Disease and weekend Paul was in the winning En-

Mr J W Mayes Mr R W Bonnello the Wivey Link. The winners gland Team in the Seniors Camrose. Paul,

2 Star Master 11 Star Premier Oxfordshire were Marjorie and John Dilworth playing Jason and Justin represented England in

Mrs M L Jerome Master with Janet and Chris Jones. the European Championships at Pau where

Advanced Master Mrs C D Waldron

ALL EBU members are Percentage Pairs final: 1. Sheila Coda – they ended 12th out of the final 38th.

Mr R Griffiths 5 Star Premier

Master invited to enter Oxford- Marjorie Dilworth, 2. Colin Simcox – Diary Dates: Nov 2, Multiple Teams

Mrs W Steer

Mrs J Jacques shire’s Green-Pointed Swiss Frank Coltman. County Sims Pairs: (open only to county members).

County Master

3 Star Premier Teams event on Sept 27 1. John and Gweneth Bellinger, 2. Bob

Mr W Simpson

Master (see advert on page 10). and Pam Hooper.

District Master Suffolk

Mrs M Griew Somerset’s ‘A’ team had a very strong

Mr H Williams Oxfordshire’s meeting

5 Star Master finish in the Western League, beating

with its clubs and EBU Board / MDAG

North East Mr D R Ball both Avon and Wiltshire 20-0. This resul-

Mrs K Wills member John Carter was very well-

Premier Life ted in Somerset winning the A Division SUFFOLK is going Green!

3 Star Master attended. A lively debate demonstrated a

Master for the second year running. The ‘C’ At the Felixstowe Congress

Mrs J Hardwick clear majority approving the EBU strategy

Mr S Payne team also had a successful year, finishing this year ‘Green Pointed’

Mr D Quinton proposals. Free refreshments plus bridge

12 Star Premier second in the C League. This resulted in Pairs will be played on the

1 Star Master followed.

Regional Master Somerset finishing second in the overall Saturday. The dates to put in your diary

Mrs E Eldridge Congratulations to Alan Wilson on

Mr J Wooton title for A, B and C Leagues combined. are 11-12 October. Please support this

Advanced Master capturing the coveted Premiership award,

2 Star Premier

Mr D B Adderley Congratulations to the Somerset annual event to ensure its continuity.

Regional Master having won the Tuesday Pairs and Butler-

Mrs M Ball Pachabo team of David Howard, Graham Entries and enquiries to Jeff Orton jeff

Mr B Rodger scored Ladder plus the Tuesday Champion-

Mrs J Severn Heal, Gina Howard and Sheila Coda on 01206 861729.

1 Star Premier ship together with Stuart McPhee. Geoff

Master coming 9th in a very strong field, and Entry forms are available on the Suffolk

Regional Master Nicholas, and Dinah and Andrew Lintott,

Mrs M Bradley also to Colin Juneman, Roger Sweet and website.

Mrs P M Owen jointly won the Tuesday Teams Ladder.

Mrs S Rodger

Mrs T K Down At the AGM Claude Stokes resigned

Mr K Harding as Chairman. Claude has served on the

13 Star Regional County Master

Master committee for several years in different

Mr M J Parkes offices. Andrew Moore was elected as the

Dr I N Gordon Mrs B M Richardson

3 Star Regional Mr E R Rowland

new Chairman. He gave a vote of thanks

Master Mr J J Watson to Claude and presented him with a

Mrs A Bell Mrs V R Watson print in recognition of his service to

13 Star Premier District Master bridge in Suffolk.

Photo: Oxon CBA

Master Mr D C Ball Results: Congratulation to Andrew and

Mrs V Webster Mrs S Harding Jane Moore who came third in the Seniors

9 Star Premier Mr M C Parker Pairs and also in the Swiss Teams (with

Master Mr V A Savidge Roz Bavin – Paul Martin) at the Jersey

Mr D Jolly Mrs P D Scott

Lambourne Congress. Clare Swiss Pairs:

6 Star Premier Area Master

Dr Evan Harris, President of Oxfordshire Bridge Association (centre) presented the 1. Jonathan Taylor – Stephen Goodwin,

Master Mrs D J Abbott

Mr B A Pacey Dr D H Dunford county’s prestigious Beck Cup (Invitation Teams of Four) to the Derbyshire winners: 2. Chris Chambers – Julian Lang, 3.

(left to right) Gary Watson, Malcolm Young, Miranda Vinecombe and Alan Kenny Norman Denny – Rosmarie Mascall; August 2008 English Bridge 55


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