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AGM Pairs: 1. Con and Pauline Hanson, In the Green-pointed Swiss Pairs held

Master Point promotions 2. Anne Wilmer – Judy Birley, 3. Claude at Ardingly on May 10, Dave Franklin

Stokes – Norman Less; Mixed Pairs: and Gerry Stanford were first with 117

Mr D Hazeldine Mrs J M Jennings Mr S R M Wilson 5 Star Master 1. Andrew and Jane Moore, 2. Con and VPs, ahead of Ian Hesslewood – Pyers

Mr J C Hobbs Mr I Raynes Club Master Mrs S Feinmesser Pauline Hanson, 3. Malcolm and Pennant.

Mr D King Dr G Wilson Mr A Bignell Mrs J Taylor Barbara Carey. Hastings Basic Bridge competition:

Mr C Pettitt Club Master Mrs M Harris Mr J A Yonge Diary Dates: Sept 14, Ipswich & 1. Christina Backholer – Iris Lee, 2.

Mr S Prince Mrs C Marriott Mr K Willetts 4 Star Master

Club Master

Kesgrave Swiss Pairs, Woodbridge Com- Barbara Herold – David Bacon.

Ms S Pugh Mrs S Willetts Mrs B M Barker

Mrs J H Langworthy Mr P Smitham Local Master Mr AE Bird

munity Centre 2pm (please note change Many teams enjoyed an excellent sup-

Mrs V S Morris Mrs A M Withers Ms R Allison Miss A H Kennell of venue); Sept 24 Men’s / Ladies’ Pairs, per catered by John Porteous at Henfield

Mrs D Pearson Green Mr M Freestone Mr J D Malcolm Needham Market 7.15pm; Oct 5, Club Candles Swiss Teams Event. For the first

Mr G Slade Local Master Ms J Menzies 3 Star Master Teams of 8, Stoke-by-Nayland 2pm; Oct time duplimated boards were used and

Mr S W Wharton Dr J Anderson Mrs E D Ash 11-12 Felixstowe Congress, Pier Leisure this ensured a very smooth running day

Local Master Mrs R Jones


Mrs M G Bowers Centre. For further information on directed by Eddie Williams: 1. Roger Hitt,

Mrs B Bell Mrs D O O Lord Premier National Mrs J A Crabtree Suffolk competitions, please contact the Rosemarie Thompson, Derek Eneas,

Mrs I Brown Mr M Phillips Master Mr H R Dockrell

Mr S Ispahani

Competitions Secretary, Rick Waters, Christine Dyer; 2. Karen and Malcolm

Mrs M Buller Dr M Wilkinson Mr R Lovelace

Mr R Buller Mrs S P Price 01379 870291 or by e-mail rickwtrs@ Pryor, Dave Muller, Andy Morris.

2 Star Master

Ms L Burden Somerset National Master Well done to everyone at the Novice

Mr J W Archer

Mrs P Payne Premier National Mr G Clarke Mr A Cadge Swiss Teams at Keymer on June 8. Please

Mrs J Richardson Master 3 Star Premier come and try some other team events in

Mr S Signorini Mrs J M Baker Regional Master

Mrs C R Gunter Surrey the future – they are all very friendly!

Mrs P M Hunter

Mrs M Waterhouse 5 Star Premier Mr R A Collins Ms P Hutton 1. Hazel Beveridge, David Williams,

Regional Master 7 Star Regional Mr P A Lane Roy Hamilton, David Hewer; 2. Frank

Oxford CONGRATULATIONS to the Mayfield

Dr L Botting Master Mrs F S Morement Howard, Avril Strong, Jill Tickner, David

Life Master 2 Star Regional Mr D V Lofts Mr P Phipps team of Malcolm Pryor, Bill Hodgkiss,

Dr D C Talbot Sean O’Neill, John Frosztega, Peter Lee, Wilkes.

Master 5 Star Regional 1 Star Master

9 Star Premier Mrs J Wigley Master Bob Rowlands, Liz Phillips and Roger Diary Dates: Sept 19–20, SCCBA

Mr I W Cameron

Regional Master 3 Star Master Mrs M Lundqvist Mrs M D Johnstone Morton for reaching the Garden Cities Autumn Congress (entry forms from

Mr A Parker Mrs B Wolseley 2 Star Regional Mrs J B Morrin Trophy final. Sadly they finished 7th in Carol Watson), Steyning Village Hall,

3 Star Premier Advanced Master Master Mr E A S Porter Swiss and Pivot Teams and pairs events.

Regional Master

the final itself.

Mr J H Lamb Mr I Robertson Mrs J Porter Oct 12, BUPA Swiss Teams at Bexhill.

Mrs E Sheppard However, three members of the

Master 1 Star Regional Advanced Master

1 Star Premier Mayfield team, Peter Lee, Liz Phillips

Dr A Atkinson Master Mrs I A Ayshford

Regional Master

Mr G Little Mrs N Buxton Mrs J M Bromwich

and Bob Rowlands, playing with Bob Warwickshire

Mr C A Gidman

26 Star Premier Mr G N Brown McRobert, won the Lady Rose Cup in the

District Master

Premier Regional

Mr D S Brooke Master Mr T J Kearns final match from the holders in a very

Master Mr G J Wells Mrs J Low exciting final. Congratulations also to CONGRATULATIONS to

Club Master

Mrs L Jones Mrs S M McDaniel Norma and Bill Macmillan, Derek Eneas,

Mrs M Allfrey 22 Star Premier Coventry’s Steve Green,

Mr P Owen-Smith Master Roger Hitt and John Ward for winning

Mr J Kimber Master Graham Link, Rob Helle,

2 Star Regional Mr R W Guille Mrs M E S Bogue the Lady Rose Plate.

Master Roger Bryant, David Jones,

Staffs & 15 Star Premier Mr G S Gill Tim Cook, Liz Phillips, Sean O’Neill

Mrs A M Powell Mrs B S Maccarthy

Gary Watson, George

Shropshire Master and Bill Hodgkiss won the Affiliated Cuthbertson, and Gareth

11 Star Premier Mrs J V Samson

2 Star Premier Mr R K Boothman League Division 1 final. Jane Morton,

Master Ms L Swales Roberts on winning the National Final

Mr D B Marsh Regional Master 11 Star Premier Mac and Varda Derwig, and Richard of the Garden Cities. Rob Helle with

County Master

Mr J R Hartley Master Currie came first in the Affiliated League

8 Star Premier Mrs M J Brindle Dutch team-members won the Hamilton

Master Advanced Master Mrs S Hayter

Mr. D Maysey Divisions 2 and 3 finals. Ed Girdler, Jackie Cup at the Schapiro Spring Fours and

Mr I Mellor Mrs P J Wells

Mrs C A Wadsworth Mr Z Niznik Pooley, Cindy and Mark Gregory came Susan Stockdale, Darren Evetts, Tony

5 Star Premier Master 9 Star Premier Mrs A Troiano

Master first in the Newcomers Teams. Cindy Poole, John Robbins succeeded in the new

Master Mr A Davis District Master

Mr C M Penrice Ms G Hanna Gregory and Ed Girdler also won the Midland Counties Challenge Bowl. The

Mrs R Todd Ms V J Parker

County Master Mrs S Young Newcomers Pairs. Michael Hill and Mike Goodman Cup winners were Roger Bryant,

4 Star Premier Mrs J Wilson

Master Mr J Pugh 8 Star Premier Clack won the Surrey Golf Bridge. In Club Rob Helle, Steve Green, Graham Link,

Area Master

Mrs M Henry Area Master Master representative events, Walton & Hersham with runners-up Graham Lightfoot, Alan

Mr M Alexander

2 Star Premier Mr T G Lees Mr J R Balson

Mr D C W Careswell won the Mary Edwards Pairs Cup, and Webb, David and Julie Ashford.

Master Miss P Palm Miss H C Barnes Farnham won the Wanborough Teams Warwcks finished the Inter-Counties

Mr E Greenhalgh

Mr N S Henry Club Master Mr J Derwig Trophy.

Mrs W Lancaster

Mrs A Hereward League 2nd, 2nd and 3rd= in the Dawes,

1 Star Premier Mrs J M Hargreaves Mrs B Humphrey If you are a parent or grandparent of Porter and Markham events. Paul Cotterill

Master Mr M A McCartney Mrs L G Leake

Mr A M Wild an aspiring young bridge player, please – David Hulston won the County Men’s

Mrs L Swadling Mr A Martelli

Club Master put the following date in your diary. On Pairs, Carolyn Fisher – Jane Hall took

1 Star Tournament Suffolk 7 Star Premier

Mrs M Margetts Sunday, 21st September a one-day Junior

Master 5 Star Regional Master the Ladies’ Pairs, and Jane and Peter

Mr P Ross

Mr V J Doherty Master Mrs D K Beaumont Teach-in has been organised at Charter- Nicholds succeeded in the Mixed Pairs.

Local Master

3 Star Master Mr J A Standley Mr J F Flower house School in Godalming with guest Dodo Georgevic – Graham Sherlock-

Mr B Barnett

21 Star Premier Mr S Whiteside teachers conducting morning seminars Brown led the Cock o’ County Pairs, and

Mr M Shepherd Mr A Gardner

Mr D E Simms Master 6 Star Premier and competitions in the afternoon. Chris Adams – Geoff Cooper won the

Mr D E Hudson

2 Star Master Mr M Malin Master Parents and grandparents are invited to

Mr J Lee County Sim Pairs. The Frank Cup winners

Mr J Bowen 10 Star Premier Mr P Devon Mr A N Margetts attend. Further details from Bomi were Steve Byrne, Margaret Wort, Terry

1 Star Master Master 5 Star Premier Kavarana (CYO) on 01737 812767 or

Master Sussex Ramwell, Graham Weir.

Mr D A Del Nevo Mr M J Bailey

Mrs L Murphy Successful teams in the Warwickshire

Advanced Master 3 Star Master Grand Master

Mrs J L S Jones 2 Star Premier League were Moseley A (Div. I, P. Hackett),

Mrs P Rixon Mr D M Franklin

1 Star Master Master Sussex Harborne (Div. II, N. McWhirter) and

Master Life Master

Mr C A Lee Mrs J Easton Mrs J Jones Mrs K R Bell

Sutton E (Div. III, K. Crane).

4 Star Tournament In the IPs, George Cuthbertson – Ian

Mrs J Whelan Advanced Master Mr P J Wright

County Master Mr N Farr Master 8 Star Premier EASTBOURNE Club hosted Handley won the Premier, Steve Byrne –

Mr A Webb Mr J M Leigh Mrs M S Dunbar Regional Master the Kremer Dersch Trophy Guy Kendall led Birmingham I, Norman

Mrs C Wright Mr R Ling 2 Star Tournament Mrs B Tolhurst for club committee teams: Sutton – John Walter won Birmingham

District Master Mrs J Morley Master 4 Star Premier 1. Eastbourne Club (John II, and Val Cooper – Dorothy Foster won

Mr H Arnes Master Dr J A Davis Regional Master Tostdevine, Ann Hall, Winnie at Coventry.

Mrs J B Green Mrs M J A Heath 1 Star Tournament Mr M A Rounds Perry, Hugh Ball); 2. Lewes The Coventry Pairs were again closely

Mr R King Mr D A Huxtable Master Premier Regional Club (Richard Burnett, Mike contested: Div. I, 1 John Collin – Mike

Mrs G Krall County Master Mr R J Coles Master

Mr A W Filkins Mr A Lea

Keeping, Di Johnstone, Janet Cattermole). Leese; Div. II, 1. George Cuthbertson –

Area Master Mr R Ferris

Dr K Collingham Mrs G Winkworth Mrs J Vandenbergh 11 Star Regional

In the Mid-week Teams at the Jersey Ian Handley; Div. III, 1. Sue Goldman –

Mrs E M Coxhill District Master Tournament Master Master Congress, Viv Fielding and Christina Julian Wernick; Div. IV, 1. Pat Watson –

Mr A E German Mrs M J Wilson Mr J G Hayter Mrs J Pells Backholer, with Bernard Themis and Ian Woodward; and Div. V, 1. Graham

Chrissie Mobbs came third. Cope – Malcolm Green.

56 English Bridge August 2008


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